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what worked

Please read: I'm not a dr.  I'm not trying to be a dr.  I don't want to be a dr.  This is just what I've read and what worked for us.  Please do not hold me accountable for this process, it's just what we did and what I researched to know more about.  It may not work for you or the next person, it's just what worked for us and that's all we cared about.

This something that I had written to a friend after we found out that we were pregnant.  She was on the verge or thinking she had some issues and she wanted to know what we had done to make it all work.

I'm not really editing this email much because it's got everything I want to share, so just act as though I sent this to you to help you with getting pregnant!

This is EXACTLY what I did the time that everything clicked:

Each day, on top of whatever I'm doing below, I was also taking a prenatals. Make sure they have folic acid in them.

Day 1 - Period started/first day of full flow (gross) (at this point you should start taking Evening Primrose Oil. It says 1500mg to 3000mg a day. I didn't but they recommend that and I didn't find this out until I was already pass this point)
Day 2 - Evening primrose oil.
Day 3 - Evening primrose oil.
Day 4 - 160 mg Soy Isoflavones & Evening primrose oil.
Day 5 - 160 mg Soy Isoflavones & Evening primrose oil.
Day 6 - 160 mg Soy Isoflavones & Evening primrose oil.
Day 7 - 160 mg Soy Isoflavones & Evening primrose oil.
Day 8 - 160 mg Soy Isoflavones & Evening primrose oil (start getting "deposits made" aka "baby making").
Day 9 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 10 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 11 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 12 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 13 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 14 - Evening primrose oil (deposit). According to the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, I ovulated this day, however, I felt light cramps a little later (like Day 18). So continue practicing until you believe you have really felt the cramps... Once you have felt the cramps FOR SURE, switch from Evening Primrose Oil to Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 15 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 16 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 17 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 18 - Evening primrose oil (deposit).
Day 19 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice (2000mg per day of Flaxseed Oil 1-1000mg in AM, 1-1000mg at night) (Juice, I drank a cup or 2 a day)
Day 19 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 20 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 21 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 22 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 23 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 24 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 25 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice. (On this day for me, I had some blood pass and some spotting of old blood. I thought I was starting my period and even had a few cramps that felt just like period cramps. However, they were really implantation bleeding. So just be aware that that could happen.)
Day 26 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 27 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 28 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 29 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.
Day 30 - Flaxseed Oil & Pomegranet juice.

(If you haven't received your cycle by now, you should try and test!)

(If you start your cycle, then start this process over again.)

Because you are taking 160mg of Soy, you should feel the cramping a bit more than what you might normally experience around ovulation.

Also, I read where instead of just lying flat on your back (after receiving your deposit), you could lay on your left or right sides and maybe alternate them because sometimes that helps the swimmers swim to the appropriate spots. That and I really did do handstands to help them flow upward.  Oh and that bit about two pillows under your rear and all that... my dr said that can actually prevent them from moving upward, so don't do that either.

Hope this helps!

End email.

I wanted to document this because while it worked for us, it might help someone else too.  Remember, I'm not a doctor. This is just what we did and what worked.


Josey said…
Thanks Jill!!

I'll keep this in my log of "things to try" :-)

Hopefully it works again for you this cycle!
Krystie said…
I'm not sure if you have addressed this, but just curious to know, if both you and your husband have been tested for fertility issues?
I was diagnosed with PCOS but C hasn't been tested, I think we're going to look into that after our Halloween season.
Jill said…
Krystie, Yes, we've both been tested. First me, then him. All test showed that we really have nothing standing in our way. It's a weird feeling. For a while, I wanted SOMETHING to show up on the tests so we could proceed knowing what was wrong. But in the same since, I'm glad there wasn't anything.
ms_jasmine07 said…
We are trying this but doing it a little differently.
I take a prenatal everyday.
Starting of cycle day 1 I took 3 1000mg evening primrose oil,along w/80mg of soy isoflavones(b/c I DO ovulate,just not like I should)
Day 2:same
Day 3:same
Day 4:same with everything BUT the soy isoflavones!now it goes up to 120mg!
Day 5:same,except now soy isoflavones bumps up to 160mg!

Day 6-14th:still take prenatals&evening primrose oil.Stop taking soy isoflavones.and have "adult time" everyday up till the 18 or 19th cycle day.I guess we'll see what happens :) this is our first cycle trying these methods...wish us luck!

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