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And then...

I drove myself to the ER.

A statement that my husband feels terrible hearing, but it's just how it had to happen.  (He was out of town at a bachelor party.  It really wasn't that big of a deal but he's my rock that is always with me and I didn't want to go alone.)

A WARNING:  I'm going to say wipe, blood and talk about my va-jay-jay in this post.  Just wanted to warn you.

On Thursday, 7/29, I called my dr. to tell them I'm done take the medicine, I'm not bleeding and I would like to know what to expect next.  At that point, I was reminded that I actually had an appointment on Friday the week prior that I had missed.  It was my fault but it was because I was having excessive bleeding and dealing with all of that, that I simply forgot.

At that point, the nurse told me, "if you have any bleeding between now and when a normal cycle would start, you need to call the office and be seen" period.

On Friday, 7/30, I was at a friend's house having some drinks and felt something weird, like I had felt days prior.  It was a like a gush of liquid was about to escape and I needed to go to the bathroom.  So, I went to the bathroom.  When I wiped, there was blood.  Like bright red.  Blood.  I started to freak out but because I was at my friend's house with people I had just met, I played it cool.

I thought, it was a fluke.  I'll have a snack and then go check again.

I went to the bathroom about 10 minutes later and it was still the same outcome.

So I quickly and quietly told my friend that I needed to leave and figure out what I needed to do.

I went home and called the hospital to have them contact my on-call dr.  They said that they would actually like for me to come into the ER and if they need to call the on-call dr. for my dr's office, they'll do that.  But that they wanted to check me out first.

I told the nurse what was going on:

I had a d&c on 6/17 (as a result of a miscarriage).

I started my cycle on 7/20, only to have excessive bleeding for three days, to the point that I was bleeding through a pad every 2 hours.

My dr. did blood work and put my on this medicine to slow down and stop my bleeding.  I was given the medicine on Thursday 7/22 and took my last dose on 7/28.  I stopped bleeding on 7/24.

(still talking to the nurse) When I spoke called my dr. on 7/28 to tell them I was done bleeding and wanted to know what to do next, they said, "if you have any bleeding between now and the time you would normally expect a cycle, you need to call the office and be seen."
So, about an hour ago, I started bleeding again.  I called the hospital to call the on-call dr. and they told me to come here.

End conversation.

The nurse asks me to get in a gown, give her a urine sample and sit back down to wait for a dr.

I wait for about 5 minutes.

The dr. comes in and asks, "so what seems to be the problem?" 

*rolls my eyes*

::internal voice:: You've got to be kidding me?  Why didn't you just walk in with the nurse?  I just freaking told her what I'm about to tell you and now, with my eyebrow raised, I'm going to tell you.  Not only could you have heard it the first time, but you could probably read it on my chart since she just typed it up for you too.  ::end internal voice::

So I repeated the above statements that I had JUST told the nurse.

She said that based on her experience with the medicine I was given, it's common and typical for you to take this to "re-start" your cycle.  So 3 to 5 days after you stop taking it, your cycle will re-start and you should be expecting it.  She said, "I'm going to look this up, just to be sure.  But this has always been my experience with it."

I (still with my eye brow raised) respond with, "Wow.  Well, that's not what I was told and if I were told that, I wouldn't be here.  Like I had said, my nurse/dr. had indicated that if I have ANY bleeding between when I stop taking the meds and a normal cycle that I needed to be seen.  If I thought otherwise, I wouldn't have come."

So the dr. proceeds to do an internal exam and from her perspective, everything looks normal with a little blood floating around.  She looks at me after the exam and I'm getting back in place on the bed.  She says again her thoughts on that medicine and wonders why I'm all emotional.  She says to me, "Is there something else going on?  Why are you so upset?"

My response is that basically, I don't want to be here.  The fact that I'm here alone, really sucks.  The fact that you're telling me that I'm a looney toon for thinking what I was thinking, based on what my dr. had told me and now you're just going to send me home because I'm having my period.  Not to mention the fact that I'm really upset because all I really want is to have a normal period so we can start to try again.  And instead of being back to normal, I'm back in the f-ing hospital talking to you about something that you obviously don't know much about.  AND it's 12:30am on a Friday night.  I didn't want to be there, period.  Who would!?!  So stop looking at me like that you jerk.

She leaves and says that they'll be back with the results of my urine exam.  Basically, confirming that I'm not pregnant, which I KNOW is not the case.

After about 15 minutes, the nurse comes in and tells me that it will be a few more minutes on the test and then she'll come back, share the results, and give me my discharge papers because at this time there is nothing they can do.  In their minds this is normal and I'm just having a normal cycle.  In their minds, I came to the ER because I started my period.  I'm not 12 and this is my first time!  I'm 28 and I want my body back to f-ing normal.  Is that really too much to ask?


So, I leave and go home, thinking I've started my cycle.  Again.

Monday arrives and I can't wait to get in touch with my dr.  So immediately, I call and leave a VM.  I hear back from them by VM.  It's the nurse calling and stating, "it says right her in your chart from our last conversation that if you have any bleeding between when you stop taking the meds and your next expected cycle, that you need to call the office and be seen."

Seriously!  That f-ing ER dr can SHOVE IT!

So I call them back because they want to see me, duh!

I go on Monday 8/2 for blood work.

And I'm going on Thursday for an ultrasound (to make sure there isn't anything in there that they can see that might be causing the bleeding) and dr.'s appointment (to talk about what happens next).  We'll see what comes of it, but seriously, how much longer is this going to be before my body goes back to normal?  I mean, all I want is a regular cycle.  A cycle where it shows up when it's supposed to and it leaves when it's supposed to and doesn't return until the following month.  This isn't too much to ask.

I'll have more answers Thursday (tomorrow), hopefully.


So, now it's Thursday and this post didn't post when I wrote it last night, so I'm just going to update it and post it again, hopefully.

The ultrasound was great.  The tech said that everything looked normal.

My dr. confirmed that everything looked great.  My uterine lining was not too thin and not too thick.  She said that I might have some spotted here and there until I get a cycle.  The medicine was a progesterone so that's why my body was bleeding because it was having withdrawals.  But I should get a normal cycle here in the next weeks (once I ovulate) and from there I could start tracking again.  Because right now, we don't know what's going on.  And she didn't either.

We're keeping my annual appointment for December and we're hoping that before then, we have some sign of a pregnancy, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  As of right now, we basically don't know what's going on and there's no way to really know.  She said that we'll talk about it in December if nothing is working and if my cycles are still not on track, we'll get them regulated with birth control and other meds.

So, back to my waiting game...  It sort of sucks but at the same time, there is nothing we can do.  Just keep practicing, which at this point, we're pretty good at... ha!

P.S. I'm setting this to post on Friday since I already posted today!


Whitney said…
Ho-lee crap! Sometimes I cannot even believe the things you endure!!! Sending you a hug via blogger comments right now...
Jeannie said…
I hate ER docs! I feel as though they are just trying to find you the simple answer and move you along...

I'm sorry that had to happen, but so glad that it wasn't anything serious.

Have a great weekend!
I'm with Whitney. You deserve SO many gold medals.

I'm sorry you have to endure all of this.

JJ said…
Good grief! So sorry you had to go through that--can I pour you a margarita? :)

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