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craft question

It was asked of one of my readers a few days ago, if I had a list somewhere of all of the craft blogs that I follow because I find the "BEST stuff".  Well, after some thought and a little tinkering with my reader... I was able to create a blog roll of not only some of my most favorite crafts that others have created and blogged about, but also of blogs that I follow that are just so darn creative.

As you notice at the top, along with some other tabs, there is a new tab that says "blog roll".  In there you will find a grouping of blogs that you're more than welcome to look through.  But in there you will also find some of the blogs that I follow that have that crafty skill.  That's where I find these treasures...

Hope that helps!

just because..

These make me happy...

Love you, babe.

sad day

Three years ago today, we said goodbye to our beloved cat, Oscar.

Today, I remember what a great life we gave him, what joy he brought to our house and how much we love {and still love} him.

We love and miss you, Love.

best feeling

I could be totally wrong, but I feel like my cycle is about to appear!  Seriously, I never thought I'd be so joyful about this feeling, but it's there and that means we can really crank it up again!  :) 

Yee haw! 

I'll confirm later this weekend if that is the case!

Foto Fun Friday Part 1

I know a lot of bloggers do Wordless Wednesday.  I've tried to do this, once, maybe and it just didn't work out for me.  And the other day, I thought, "well, I have a lot of pictures on my phone that I have taken randomly, maybe I should start something with those."

So, I'm going to do a short series on "Foto Fun Friday" with photos from my phone.  I'm not sure how long this will last, but it's worth a try.

Today, the first "foto" for the series...

Me and a female duck from my farm visit a few weeks ago.

assumptions suck

I'm really struggling with something lately.

It's a subject that is sort of touchy-feely, but I want to discuss it because it's what's happening and I want to document it.  Plus, I want you all to confirm that I'm not alone here.

So, after my miscarriage, a few friends and acquaintance became pregnant.  While the "knee jerk response" is to be jealous (as the previous comments suggested) or to think about where I would've been (with them) had the miscarriage not happened.  It still stings when they walk around pretending that what happened to us, didn't happen.  And even more when they try to protect me or us, when they don't even know what's going on with us.

The reason I say this?

Well, most of the people that seem worried about me are people that don't know how I'm feeling.  They don't ask me what's going on.  They hear it from the gossip train.  They don't care enough to ask me how I'm feeling or how I'm doin…


How can you NOT love these?
They are just darling and add just a little flar to a simple onesie.
You can find them here at Three Love's Shop...

dreaming of Vermont...

You know, through reading my blog, that we visited Vermont 2 times in the last 4 years.  It's absolutely beautiful up there and just breath taking.  Not only that, but the people that live and visit there are just so mellow.

I've been thinking about fall approaching and how it would be so wonderful to take a month long vacation to Vermont again, just to drink good Vermont beers, eat as much cheese as we would want and take in the views.

And then I think, why a month?  Why not just move there?

Look at this house...

And this view...

Now, check out the rest of the house on this virtual tour...
Could you imagine?
There is so much worth looking at in this house.  From the architecture, to the location, to the scenery, to the kitchen, to the fireplace.... love it.
Now, if I only had $2,690,000.00!

I MUST have this...

Or make it, for lack of a better term.

I read about it HERE, first.

Then I went right to the source and found out how easy it is...  Over HERE.

I'm in love.

The End.


This quarter is kicking my butt. 

This summer class that I thought would be fairly easy, entertaining and fun (from a learning perspective).  Is actually a lot of work, sweat, anxiety, and I'm just hoping for a B at this point.

Next quarter, I hope to have a break from all of this crap.

2 week wait

Or am I still waiting to ovulate?

I have no idea.

It's a very weird feeling because I literally don't have a CLUE where I am in my cycle.

I don't know if my excessive bleeding was my period.  Or if the progesterone induced bleeding was my cycle.

I thought the unknown of trying was hard.  Then the unknown of when my cycle would appear after my d&c was hard.  Now, not knowing ANYTHING is even worse.

I just want to go back to normal, when I can worry about my 2 week wait. 


what worked

Please read: I'm not a dr.  I'm not trying to be a dr.  I don't want to be a dr.  This is just what I've read and what worked for us.  Please do not hold me accountable for this process, it's just what we did and what I researched to know more about.  It may not work for you or the next person, it's just what worked for us and that's all we cared about.

This something that I had written to a friend after we found out that we were pregnant.  She was on the verge or thinking she had some issues and she wanted to know what we had done to make it all work.

I'm not really editing this email much because it's got everything I want to share, so just act as though I sent this to you to help you with getting pregnant!

This is EXACTLY what I did the time that everything clicked:

Each day, on top of whatever I'm doing below, I was also taking a prenatals. Make sure they have folic acid in them.

Day 1 - Period started/first day of full flow (gross) (at this…

A Day of Hope, August 19th

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I now know that this precious day exists for those that have experience loss, whether it was you, your sister, your friend or your daughter, this is a day remember those that were lost.  Thanks to A Day of Hope, for documenting this day, providing the support and the beautiful picture above.
Today, I remember my baby.
A child that we worked so hard to conceive.
A baby that we wanted so badly to meet.
A child that we will never watch grow up.
A baby that I am no longer bearing.
A child that we will never get the chance to hold or kiss.
A baby that was ours for a short time.
A child that we miss every day.
We suffered a miscarriage.  We had no control over the situation.  We are sad for our loss and while it's hard for some to understand, we do appreciate those that ask and care about what we've been through.  Not a day goes by that we don't think about our baby.  Like Leah said, we haven't forgotten.  And we won't forget.  The pain is ge…

i wanna be a farm girl

For our vacations this year, we broke them out into long weekends... basically all in the month of July.  We went to a state park lodge for boating and family fun with my family, we went to a friend's parent's cabin another weekend and then we went to Virginia to visit Mr. Hope's family.
This is that trip...
My sister-in-law's brother lives on a farm that spans about 600 acers.  It has a main farm house that is owned my the family that owns the land.  There are 5 siblings that split it and use it as a family vacation house, however it's not visited too often.
My sister-in-law's brother lives in the guest house of the farm, with his wife and two dogs.  It's a pretty big house for a guest house and serves their purposes very well.  They have access to the main house's pool, area for their own garden and their own chicken coop as well.  It's a really great set up but takes a lot of work to maintain just the parts that they are in charge of. 
There is…


I've been eye balling these for a while now and while I love the mustard ones, I think that I would prefer the reds ones.  Only because red is my signature color!

I'll show you both...


Aren't they just so cute!  I love them and really these could go with anything!  Dress them up or down and either way, your ears will look FABULOUS!

Find them here at Allora Homemade's shop and fall in love, as I have done...

allie & noah...

I've talked about my love for photography before and after looking at this link, I realized that I should probably talk about it a bit more.

I don't know that I've mentioned this before, but one of my movie loves is The Notebook and whenever it is on tv, I try very hard to watch as much as I can.  I actually just watched it 2 weekends ago when my husband was out of town.  That's a movie that he just doesn't care to watch.

So, to combine these two loves...
I was going through my reader the other day, catching up on some photography type blogs that I hadn't looked at in a while, and I came across this post.  It was about these engagement pictures that were taken with The Notebook in mind.  They were breath taking!
For instance, this is the couple from the engagement pictures...

And this is the same sort of shot from the movie...

Almost identical and so so so cute!
Then they had this picture taken...

Which to me resembles the truck that Noah would drive and his o…

put it in a can...

... and save it.

Canning has been something that is so fascinating to me lately.  When we went on our trip to VA and stayed on my sister in laws brother's farm, he canned like 6 jars of salsa in one afternoon.  He had like 10 cans of corn, green bean, pickles and tomato sauce above his kitchen cabinets just sitting waiting for ripeness.  It was amazing!  I thought, how cool would that be to be so efficient that you could grow, can and eat all of your own produce, year round! 


And then, all of these blogs started talking about canning.  Like they knew I had an interest and would want to read about it... So I'm going to link a few for you to enjoy too!

Alyssa at My Husband's Watching TV - posted about dill pickles she canned.

Cheryl at A Pretty Cool Life - posted about her dill pickles that she canned too.

Kim at NewlyWoodwards - posted about her dill pickles as well.

And Kim also posted about the pizza sauce that she made as well!

Here is Kim's link to all of …


This summer, my husband and I visited a farm.  We had a lot more fun visiting with everyone and meeting the animals than we ever hoped.  
More on this in a few days...