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let's talk about last week...

As you know, I was overly excited to see my cycle appear, but then it wouldn't slow down.

It started on Tuesday, 7/20, full force.

Wednesday it didn't slow down.

And then came Thursday, still at the same speed.  Filling a pad every couple of hours and sometimes sooner than that.  It was unbelievable.  Not to mention the cramping that lasted all three days.

I knew going into this cycle that it would be "different" or "not a normal" cycle, but I wasn't sure how different.

So after much discomfort, I decided to go home early on Thursday and on my way home, I called the dr.  I knew that something was wrong, just wasn't sure if it was something my dr. would also think was wrong.

Come to find out, she was right on track with me.

It was too much blood too fast.

So, after a quick run to the hospital for a blood draw to check my iron levels and 4 trips to 2 pharmacy's, I got my prescription to slow/stop the flow.

After just a few days, we were all dried …

guest blogger: Betsey at (almost) ginger

This is a little more unique than the others I've posted.  I don't know (almost) ginger, nor have I ever read her blog, but after a few emails back and forth and a visit to her site, I thought she'd be a great addition and REALLY.... I'm interetsed in finding out how your got your name, so why not include this great blog, right?

So, up next, my 5th guest blogger.... (almost) ginger...

First, with a little introduction...

Hi Jill,

Well, I'm originally from Ohio, but live in North Carolina now. I teach literacy part-time to kindergarten and first grade students. I've been married for almost a year, and my hubs and I are insanely happy.

Truthfully, I started blogging because I needed a distraction from CONSTANT thoughts of baby-making. My husband and I were trying to conceive, and it was making me crazy! I, of course, thought it would happen the first month, and I was more than ready for it then! But lo and behold, it did not (who ARE these people who get pregnant…


If you remember back a few weeks, I announced that on 1/6/2011, we'd be expecting a little bundle of joy.  And then, almost 2 weeks later or 9 weeks in our minds, we had to turn around and announce that our little bundle of joy wasn't going to be joining us this time around.

Well, a few weeks later, I was searching for a gift for a friend who is expecting their bundle of joy.  I went round and round with ideas, hoping to find something creative, meaningful and maybe even personalized.  I found a number of things on etsy that fit into that category, but ended up going with this:

It fit all of my needs for the gift requirements and Alyson (and Dave) both loved it!
But, to my point.  When I was searching for this gift, I came across this necklace....

At the time and even now, this necklace just means a lot to me.  While I don't think that I would personalize the circle underneath with a name or anything and there would only be 1 stone to represent spud, the whole thing just t…

guest blogger: JAMIE

From the words of my 4th GUEST BLOGGER, Jamie.

Please be aware that there is a word in this post that is more offensive to me than it might be to you.  It's just a word that I refuse to have in vocabulary/house.  It's not used in an offensive way, it's just her story.  I wanted to say this before you proceed to you were aware...

dun dun dun... i saw your post and was hesitant to write in because the story of my name is somewhat scandalous. but i'll let you have it!

why, why am i the grumbles? and what is a 'grumbles and grunts'?

a few years back i took to reading about cockney dialect, a fascinating sort of rhyming slang from a certain part of london. words rhyme with other words and then you drop the rhyme. for example, the phrase, "let's get down to brass tacks" is cockney. somehow it was incorporated into the american lexicon but originally 'brass tacks' rhymes with 'facts', it's cockney, you see. or another one of my favori…

Christmas In July....

I don't normally mention this, but I was reading a post earlier this week and thought that I would post about it because it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (which is what I wrote to this person in her comment...).

Look at this? 

Don't you just LOVE this room?
Okay, now, head over and check out all of the pictures on Ashley's blog AND think about all of the warm memories that you get from just looking at these pictures!

And since we're talking about it... I'd love to have you share your favorite thing about the holidays and what you look forward to the most?

My response would be...

My most favorite thing about the holidays is the time that we get to spend with family and with each other.  I usually take the time between Christmas and New Years off and in doing that, we get to spend more time visiting with family and friends.  And sometime it's with people that we don't get to see much throughout the year, if at all through the year.  It's a time t…

the "curl down"

The other day, I was thinking, "there has got to be something else that I can do with my hair!  AND if I don't figure it out soon, I'm going to cut it off again.

Remember in 2006, I went from hair like this...

To about this length, however the correct picture is still in hiding.  For now this will work...

Don't worry though, folks.  I'm not cutting my hair, I'm just thinking about it.
Honestly though, I don't think that I would ACTUALLY cut it at this point, especially since I haven't reached my goal yet, with the length.  Still a few more inches yet and we'll be there...
So anyway, when I was really talking myself out of cutting it a few weeks ago, I knew there would HAVE to be something out there to help me!
Then....... Erin posted this link.
That lead me to this WONDERFUL link.
And now, I LOVE MY HAIR and the CURL DOWN look!
This was my second attempt at it today and yesterday, it looked better.  But just to prove to you that I did it and it loo…

guest blogger: tatortots & jello

In the words of Jennifer at Tatortots & Jello... my 3rd guest blogger!

This one I seeked out Jen to do it... How nice of her to respond so quickly!

Hi Jill,

You are so sweet to ask me. I checked out your blog and it sounds like you just want to know why I chose my blog name. I hope that is right. I would be glad to answer any other questions too.

My sister Wenderful {Wendy} had a blog a couple of years ago and she was really into the blog world. She kept telling me how much fun it was and that I really needed to start a blog. I resisted because I'm not a great writer and I didn't feel that I had anything to say. Then one day I was having a bad day with my then 12 year old daughter and I started the blog on a whim as a way of expressing myself. My first blog post was titled "Moms are people too". It's funny about the blog name. I always had "Tatertots & Jello" in the back of my mind. It was so easy. I guess I thought my blog would be mostly about…


And just when I was getting ready to post this post....

It's almost 5 weeks post d&c and I still haven't seen af yet.

She's starting to piss me off.

I want it to just be here so I know what's going on.

But I can't just make that happen.

I know that I still have about 4 more weeks until I have to tell my dr. that it didn't arrive.

I'm hoping I don't get to that point either.

I just want her here.


Can you believe that those words are even coming out of my mouth?

That I actually WANT af to arrive?  I mean, that's crazy talk.

But I do.

And I hope it's sooner than later dadgummit!


On July 19th she gave me a little tease and I thought, "OH NO, implantation bleeding!"  But I was wrong because on July 20th, she came full blown with cramps and everything!  I was thinking how I wonder how she would arrive this time around, but she's just as fierce as ever!

Although it sucks and it was nice to be without her for almost 3 month…


Another cute wedding idea that could double as a gift and a useful wedding guest book... You can find these here at the... Adriel Original's shop.

guest blogger: TRINA

In the words of my 2nd GUEST  BLOGGER, Trina

hello- ok here's the story- short & sweet. i married a man with the last name: Bird.

in my church, whenever someone gets married my pastor gives them a verse that is dedeicated to them & their new life together. what verse did he pick for us? Matthew 6:26 of course!

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6:36

at our wedding, after greeting everyone he stared at us (while we stood at the alter) and very seriously said- "i have a verse i've picked for the 2 of you..." then after a giant pause he boomed out "LOOK AT THE BIRDS...!"

everyone thought it was hilariously appropriate & i thought it was the perfect name for a blog!

so there you have it :)


Visit her blog and send her love at

Thank you TRINA, for participating and sharin…

arrival, finally

So, I know this a little bitter sweet, but I'm still stoked about this arrival.
But, it's finally here and we love it!

The boxes & T-dog.

The carry-cot & leg warmer accessory.

Mid assembly.

Stroller with rain guard.

It all together.  Carry-cot and everything.  Beautiful!
Talking about this arrival with some friends and my family, they are all worried that I should be upset about this arrival.  While it is sort of a shot in the foot, I'm dealing with it just fine.  I won a free $400.00 stroller, who wouldn't be happy about that?  I've put it in the potential nursery closet and we'll wait to fill it one day.
We're still going full speed ahead at this point and focusing on the positive.  I'm reminding myself time and time again, that I didn't do anything to make this happen and we couldn't plan for this to have not happened, it's just out of our control.
We're awaiting a lot of "unknown" right now and waiting for my cycle…


First, let me apologize for this post.  Not only are those legs (not far off from what mine look like, but they are just) large and in charge.  Not to mention the feet of this person.  Yikes!

I wanted bring mention to my thunder thighs.  Again, NO, these aren't my legs, but seriously it's pretty close to what they do look like.  My mom said that it's her family/gene's fault that they look the way that they do. 
Last year, about this time, I really didn't mind their size because they had shrunk a bit.  Now, however, I've gained some weight back and it just goes straight for my legs.
Not only does this make it hard to walk/run but it makes it hard to buy clothes.  No one makes pants for girls with smaller waists and larger thighs.  It's troubling but there's nothing I can really do except wear more skirts.
I'm working on running these babies off but seriously, at times it can be very painful and embarrassing. 
Bottom line though, I know it's a…


Loosing touch stings.

More on this soon.


With my sister getting married next year, I've become more and more aware of more unique wedding details.  Not only that, but we're invited to 12 weddings this year and were invited to 9 last years, so it's a little bit of wedding on the brain. 
Anyway, I thought this was cute, even though it's probably not what my sister would want to use...  Still cute and unique though!
You can find it here at.... Concarta's Shop.  Cute, right?

Guest Blogger: WENDY

In the words of my 1st Guest Blogger, Wendy.

I do indeed have a blog and an Etsy shop. I had my blog first, then shortly after that started my Etsy shop.

My blog is named A Couple More Hours. When I started my blog in September of 07, my twin girls were just about to turn three years old. They were out of the baby stage of needing constant attention by then and I had a little bit of extra time on my hands. A little bit, but not enough. In the evenings (I work full-time so my free time always comes after 5 p.m. and on the weekends!) while the girls were playing independently I had a chance to sit on the couch and do a craft project while watching them. I found myself always thinking that I could finish projects sooner if I just had a couple more hours to complete them. If my evenings were a couple hours longer, then I'd be able to start and finish something in one day. I still have that sentiment today! The girls are older and much more independent, but daily life gets in the way o…

Old Farm House LOVE

You know that house you pass every once in a while that just catches your eye because it's just so stunning?  You know that one that is just totally out of your price range and will probably never go up for sale but you still dream about it at night?  You know that one that you wish you could just go up to and knock on the door and ask for a tour?  You know that one?

Well, today, I saw a post for some decorating blog and it was about a farm house... Which reminds me of all the houses that fit into those questions above.

So, I wanted to share a couple of them with you...

Jaw dropping.

Needs some love and paint, but still beautiful, right?

Up on a hill... Love the shutters and color of the house too...

Oh my BRICK!

Could also use a paint job, but the character is just out of this world...

Managable, quaint and perfect.

Near the water, beautiful and so unique!

Sort of reminds me of the house from "Marley & Me", just dreamy.

Do you see that porch?

back at it...

My husband has been up my butt about getting back into a regular routine of running and anything else in between.  I was running every other day for several months this time last year, or maybe it was earlier in the year, either way, it's been some time since I've done it consistently.

The other day, he said that we were going running and that was it.  He told me that we'd just do a loop and come back.

Well you have to keep in mind that he's been really good about keeping up on his running and {OH YEA} he wasn't pregnant and recovering from a miscarriage, so he could continue on as he would any day.  So getting back into the swing, was a little hard.  Now, I'm not there yet but I'm working on it.

So, Monday night we went running.

It was about 85 degrees {or maybe more but there was a heavy dose of humidity too} and I couldn't breath very well.  It was difficult, but I did it!

I ran just under 2 miles and walked about another 1/4 mile or so in between my…

you wanna?

Sure, but what? You might be asking...
Well, let me try to explain this...
I'm looking for a quest blogger(s) (or two or three or as many as want) to participate in helping me answer this question...
{What does your blog/shop name mean?}
I read quite a number of blogs and when I come across them, I wonder {unless they are completely obvious} "how did this person come up with this name for their blog?"  I wonder the same thing about names of etsy shops, because there are just so many neat, unique and perfect names that they've got to come from somewhere, right?
Well, YES, of course they come from somewhere, but perhaps you'll never have the chance to explain this to any of your shoppers, readers, friends or family...
{Lucky for you, because now is YOUR chance!}
What do you have to do?  Well, first thing is first... 
1. How to qualify? Do you have a blog?  Do you have an etsy shop?  Do you wish you had a blog or etsy shop?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions,…


I miss doing this and even though I'm still finding super cute things on this site, I haven't been as good as I was before with sharing them with you, so I thought I would crank this back up!  For your enjoyment, of course and to continue my ever growing wish list!

This super cute fun yellow messenger bag is not only perfect color for the summer but has that fun little addition with the bicycle on the flap!  Don't you just love it?  You can find it over at IkaBag's Shop.  And lucky for me, this was on the front page of the Etsy site today!


From my most recent post, I had written out some questions that I now have answers to.  I met with my OB/Gyn this morning and I think I understand what would be happening next.

Where am I in my cycle?

We actually don't know right now.  After a m/c the pregnancy hormones stick around for about (or at the max) 2 months and then they start to come down and that's when your brain will remind your body how to ovulate to get the cycles going again.

When will my period show up?

My first cycle following a d&c should arrive, from this point at 2.5 weeks post d&c, 2 week to 6 weeks from this point.  If it doesn't show up at 6 weeks post op, she will have me come back in to induce a period with assistance.

Will I get a period between my d&c and a pregnancy?

She said that she would like for me to get at least 1 period to know that a normal cycle is happening, this also allows for your uterine lining to heal but it is possible that it won't happen. She would really like for…


I know that for the most part, these questions that I have will be answered next week when I meet with my dr., but for now I'm struggling.

What are you questions?  Well, they go a little something like this...

Where am I in my cycle?

When will my period show up?

Will I get a period between my d&c and a pregnancy?

Is that possible to become pregnant right out of the gate?

Should we be protecting?

If we don't, what does that mean for a future pregnancy?

I know my dr. said that it's recommended to have 2 cycles before trying again, but if something happens between now and then that she'd be okay with it, but what does that really mean?

How soon would something happen?

Could I be pregnant again right now?

I'm taking my prenatal but should I be taking flaxseed oil too, just in case I am pregnant?

If we've tried for so long to get pregnant, why should we protect now?

What's the risk if we don't?

Since we've had the d&c, we've not stopped &quo…


Surrounding Megan & Brent durning this precious time...
Join us.