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I won!

The other day, I got an email from thebump saying to register for this great giveaway.

So, I went right to the site and submitted my response. It went a little something like this:

We plan on strolling our baby everywhere we go. Through the neighborhood, to cookouts, to the farmers market in town, to the fair, to the balloon festival, to the zoo, to grandma & grandpa's houses, around the shopping mall, the outlet malls, to friends houses, to 4th of July fireworks, to Easter egg hunts, to church, on vacation, to the beach, to the local pool and everywhere else in between.

It would be extremely useful for ANYTHING that we do!

Once I had submitted my response, I looked to see that the giveaway was ending THAT day! I thought, well with 5 pages of responses now and 24 by the end of the giveaway, what were the chances of me winning.

Well, next day, I was checking my email at home from my phone and I got a message from TheBump, which at this point wasn't very uncommon because I'm getting them almost daily and sometimes 3 times a day, since I signed up. I opened it and didn't realize at first but the subject line was actually "The Bump Bumbleride Giveaway".

After reading through it briefly, I started to think, "Well this is weird, usually I can't read their emails from my phone because they are in HTML format and my phone is not that fancy. WAIT, what did that say?!?!"

And the email stated (actually I edited a little, for blogging sake, to say) this:

Hi Jill,

Congratulations – you are the lucky winner of a Bumbleride Flite + Carrycot set!

Have a great day! :)

The Bump

I yelled out, "NO WAY!" Which of course scared Sean to think that something was wrong since he was in the other room. I ran in our bedroom and said, "I just got an email that said I won this stroller. It's like a $500 value! Hold on."

Then I ran upstairs, grabbed our Mac and proceeded to view the computer from there. I had to reference the link from the giveaway email to even remember what this thing looked like, but seriously, it's a DREAM! I can't believe I won and the piece/set that I won has so many options!

So this is what it looks like:
And this is what it can do....

(although mine will be in black, you still get the idea...)

It's called a Bumbleride Flite & Carry Cot by Bumbleride and it's a $396.00 value that we're getting for FREE! Oh and we didn't have a choice on color, so it will be black which will be great! I'm finishing up the paperwork that they required so it should be in our hands very soon!

We're so excited because this is such a nice piece that we probably would've never bought or even registered and now it's ours!

Thank you TheBump, we are so very grateful!

P.S. As soon as it arrives, I'll post pictures!


the grumbles said…
OMG! FABULOUS! congratulations!

it looks fancy and fun. i loved the strollers that had the bassinet-type feature on them but couldn't never justify ponying up the money to get one. now you don't have to!

no one deserves it more, you know.
One Pork Chop said…

Seriously, that is incredible. People drool over these strollers. I do, anyway. LOL

Wow, wow, wow. I'm SO glad that you won. I seriously can't think of anyone more deserving than you. It's YOUR turn now. Good things for you from now on.
Quiet Oasis said…
HOLY CRAP. THAT IS AMAZING. Congrats to you!!!!!
HOW awesome is that?! I can't think of anyone more deserving!
YAY! The great luck keeps on coming. Such a nice stroller.
Mickey D. said…
This, is what they call karma!

How awesome! That thing looks amazing!

So many good things are on the horizon for you.
Jeannie said…
That awesome!! Congratulations!!
How exciting!
christina said…
This baby is already bringing you all kinds of luck!! I can't believe that!!! Congrats! I'm all about the blog giveaways, but you're topping the cake with this one. Last winter I won a $200 Ann Taylor Loft giftcard and thought I had won the lottery. And in the past few weeks I've won a $50 Amex giftcard, a $30 Kroger giftcard, a framed picture and a Bummas Wipes giftpack. I never enter the ones with so many entries, but someone has to win, I guess!

I am in love with your new buggy!!! So excited for you, that was a huge check off your list of things that will need to be purchased before the bambino arrives.
lisa said…
YEAH!! CONGRATS!! That is so awesome! So very very very happy for you!! :)
Wow! Congrats Jill!!! Things are really rollin' your way these days. So happy for you!
Sienna & Serena said…
That is so awesome, looks like a great stroller. Congratulations to you on your pregnancy, you so deserve this happiness!

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