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GIVEAWAY: remaining anonymous

I know this is a little challenging for some, but I've noticed some new traffic lately and I wanted to say HELLO!

Just looking at my site-feed and my google analysis, there are a few cities that are new to me and I wanted to see if you could also take the time to give me a quick HELLO, even if you have to remain anonymous.

So, if you are visiting and haven't ever commented, NOW IS YOUR TIME!  I love seeing these reports and knowing you are out there, however, it's much more comforting when I know you are there because you've said something.

Once I have all of these new faces/comments, I'm going to do a little random thingy (true random number service) and send one of you something cute and special from me!  (Hint: It might be something that I make.)

Rules for giveaway:

1. COMMENT on my blog and say anything!
2. One comment per person.
3. If you are anonymous or don't have a login, please contact me with your email at my email, listed on my blog.
4. Comment now (5/17 - 5/23).
5. Winner will be announced 5/24.
6. Winner has 3 days to contact me after the announcement of their winning (at the latest, 5/27).
7. If winner doesn't contact me on 5/27, a new winner will be picked by

So those of you that might be from these, cities, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Erlanger, KY
Saint Charles, MO
Walford, IA
Edmonton, Alberta
Rosewell, GA
Cape Girardeau, MO
Olathe, KS
Chagrin Falls, OH
Surrey, British Columbia
Bethesda, MA
El Cajon, CA
Conroe, TX

This will be one of the few times that I will let anonymous comments in with little to NO information, so take advantage and increase your chance of winning something!

If nothing else, I can't wait to hear from you!

Thanks for playing along!


AthenaBee said…
I'm not anonymous or from any of those fun cities, but this is SUCH a cute idea and just wanted to say so :)
AMD said…
I can't remember how I came upon your blog, but I have been hooked since! I have thought about blogging myself, but never have. Just know that I think of you often and pray for your hopes and dreams! Love your blog!
Maria said…
Hi, Maria here from Erlanger, KY! I found you through a friend of a friend and love reading your posts. I am not much of a commenter, sorry!! Anyway, not commenting now to get a prize, just to reassure you that I'm not some creepy blog stalker. Check out my blog sometime if you want :)
Quiet Oasis said…
I'm one of the cities on the list. :) So not everyone is quite so anonymous!
Anonymous said…
Hi- I am one of those blog stalkers :) however I have commented at least once before..I love love love your blog..makes me laugh, cry, think etc..I found you awhile back from the Macs blog(Cora Paige). You just keep on doing what you do..

Anonymous said…
Hi, not from Edmonton but another major Canadian city! I really enjoy your blog and wish you the best with your infertility struggles. I understand as both my children were conceived through IUI. A long road but so worth it in the end!
Amy said…
I love a give-away and you know I love you! I'm loving the new look to the blog too.
the grumbles said…
not anonymous and not from one of those cities, but HIIIIII! i'm a lazy commenter sometimes, sorry.
I could fall under two of the cities listed but I'm not new! Yah for you for getting new readers!
Anonymous said…
I am not from one of those cities but am from Des Moines, Iowa and have been following you for a while now! I love your blog!

Katie in Iowa
Latitude said…
From Tualatin, OR. Have no idea how I found you but I like not having to search all of etsy myself to find cute things!
Anonymous said…
Olathe, Ks here! Love your blog...
Anonymous said…
Edmonton here, though a Canadian transplant. Been following for a bit, wishing you well, hoping for the best. I pop in, I pop out. Read a little here, read a little there. I appreciate your courage, honesty, and say it like it attitude. Good luck on the contest. Peace.
from C to C said…
I have been following your blog for a while but haven't commented yet, My Husband's Watching TV led me to your blog. I am new to the blogging world so haven't gotten very comfortable commeting yet.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Love your blog...I stumbled on it when looking for infertility blogs. We tried for six years including a year of fertility treatments, and finally got our little boy last October. It is a rough road, but worth every second and every penny spent in the end! Hope you get your BFP soon!

Amy in Indiana
Brooke said…
Pretty sure I've commented before, but if not here it is! Love reading your blog!
Amy said…
Hi Jill, my name is Amy and I stumbled on your blog. I related to you instantly because I too have always wanted children and have gone through years of infertilty treatment. All along with the docs telling me there was nothing medically wrong. I believe it was one of the factors that ruined my marriage.. because until you have lived with infertilty you cannot understand what it does to you and your marriage. I truly hope you are successful in your journey to become pregnant.. take care...
BTW I live in Sunbury...
I am from Beaumont CA and have been reading your blog for a few months now. I love that you share your ups and downs, no matter how good or bad.
Erin said…
I used to read your blog faithfully b/c it was linked to a friend's blog that I always read. I clicked on it one day and I was hooked, but she stopped blogging, so I stopped clicking the link, but I'm back, still being hopeful with you!:-)
lena said…
don't remember how I found you but love your blog.
Sarah Dee said…
HI! I was in the Cleveland area, near Chagrin Falls visiting my IL's. So, I think that might have been me.

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