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ballerina at ikea

I'm sitting here eating these...

My boss gives me a funny look, like would you just open them and stop making noise with that wrapper.
I catch him giving me this look and he says, "snack time?"
I hold them up and say, "Hazelnut cookies!  There from Ikea."
He comes over to my desk to investigate.
He says, "I had no idea that Ikea made cookies."
To which I said, "Well, they are Swedish cookies."
He responded in shame and with a little giggle, "Oh, of course.  Swedish cookies at Ikea."
That was a nice little laugh.

They are here!

Check them out and send Britt all your love!! 
She's awesome!

Small Things 157

1. Friends.

2. Plush carpet-like grass.

3. My jogging partner.

4. Parsley, garlic, onion, potato and lemon salad.

5. My job.


Here's some pictures from the Ingrid Michaelson/BNL concert that we went to on 5/11/10 with Whitney & Pete and met up with my sister and her fiance while we were there.

Ingrid was amazing!  I knew that I loved her music but live just made me love her even more!

OH and yes, we got to meet her!  She was so sweet and I would've loved to have spent more time with her.

BNL was good.  They lost one of their band members to a coke addiction and although it was a little different their old songs are still fun.  Their new stuff, in my opinion is just too depressing and I typically like depressing music but there was only one new song that they played that I actually enjoyed.

Although we probably won't go to see BNL again, we hope to see Ingrid as the headliner so that we can see and hear more of her music.  If you haven't heard her music before, you should check it out.  You will love it!

And the WINNER is....

So, this little picture demonstrates that AMY from SUNBURY won my little giveaway!

Amy said:

Hi Jill, my name is Amy and I stumbled on your blog. I related to you instantly because I too have always wanted children and have gone through years of infertilty treatment. All along with the docs telling me there was nothing medically wrong. I believe it was one of the factors that ruined my marriage.. because until you have lived with infertilty you cannot understand what it does to you and your marriage. I truly hope you are successful in your journey to become pregnant.. take care...

BTW I live in Sunbury...

Amy, please contact me before 5.27.10 at happyhopefuls at gmail dot com so that I may send you your prize!

Thank you everyone for playing along and coming out of the woodwork to show your face.  I appreciate each and every one of you and hope that you keep coming back! 

Until next time...


My photo shoot with BRITT is just 2 days away!!!

I'm so stoked!

another great read

Just wanted to make sure that I shared this with you.

It's weighing hard on my heart and I wanted to make sure you could send your good vibes their way too.

It's an unbelievable story.

Read about this family here and continue to support them through their journey.

Remember, only three days left.  It's easy as pie, just stop by and say HI!!!

full vs. short or none

Can we talk about the google reader again?

First, I can't tell you how much I love my google reader.  It's completely amazing and does so much work for you, it's thoughtless.

What I'm about to say, some of you might not get if you don't use a reader and while I did do this one time in the past, I haven't done it since, because it's just annoying.

What am I talking about?

Whether you allow your blog to post a full post, a short post or completely hide a post in your feed settings...

I personally have a full post setting because I want people to read it and if they don't get the full post in the reader, chances are they aren't going to come to my blog to read it.

People who have the (publish) short or none feature set, well this is just plan annoying and while I've tried to be accommodating to these blogs, I've decided that it's probably not worth my time.  If I want to read your blog and have it in my reader, I want the full post.  I don&…

GIVEAWAY: remaining anonymous

I know this is a little challenging for some, but I've noticed some new traffic lately and I wanted to say HELLO!

Just looking at my site-feed and my google analysis, there are a few cities that are new to me and I wanted to see if you could also take the time to give me a quick HELLO, even if you have to remain anonymous.

So, if you are visiting and haven't ever commented, NOW IS YOUR TIME!  I love seeing these reports and knowing you are out there, however, it's much more comforting when I know you are there because you've said something.

Once I have all of these new faces/comments, I'm going to do a little random thingy (true random number service) and send one of you something cute and special from me!  (Hint: It might be something that I make.)

Rules for giveaway:

1. COMMENT on my blog and say anything!
2. One comment per person.
3. If you are anonymous or don't have a login, please contact me with your email at my email, listed on my blog.
4. Comment now…

Small Things 156

1. For a bonesless wings at BW3's (dipped in Asian Zing & Spicy Garlic... I'm drooling).

2. Sunshine.

3. Orange juice.

4. Asiago Bagels from Panera.

5. Target.

love thy neighbor

We've lived in the same house for the last 6 years and while we love our neighborhood, we didn't love our neighbors until recently.  We don't really know our immediate neighbors really well, but well enough and over the past 3 years, we have made many friends, resulting in loving our neighbors.

This brings me to yesterday morning.

I'm blow drying my hair and I have my flat iron plugged in at the same time.  All of a sudden, the dryer pops and smells like smoke.  The next thing I know, the outlet is blow.  At that point, I didn't have time to mess around.  My hair was basically dry and I needed to get dressed and go.  So I did.

Later that night, we (my husband and I) fix the blown fuse and make sure the outlet is working.

Which brings me to this morning.

I'm out of the shower about to start drying my hair.  I reset the outlet and my dryer and it doesn't work.  I think, well maybe I need to reset it again (on the outlet), so I do.  It still doesn't work. …


So, as you might have seen on my twitter, I was (once again) at the Vera Bradley Warehouse Sale last FRIDAY!!!  I went with my mom and sister and we all got quiet the bargin!

It was awesome!  Last year, we went for the first time and it was a little nutty.  This year we knew what to expect and it was just a matter of doing it a little more quickly so that we didn't have to wait in line to check out for an eternity.

Here we are waiting in line to get into the sale room...

 And here we are in the line to check out...

I'll post pictures of what I actually got.

I spent $129 (including tax) on 4 purses and 2 wallets + a free change purse.

It retailed at $375 (without tax)!

I love the VB sale!

the other half

I've seen a lot of the other ladies's blogs that I follow do this and so, I thought I'd open this up to you!

What do you want to know about my "other half" (aka: Mr. Hope)?

Ask anything!

He doesn't know this is coming but I'm going to do my best to get answers to all of your questions.

It could be anything.

From, what's your favorite color?

To, what's your favorite outfit?

To, we constantly hear Mrs. Hope's point of view or your point of view through her, but what is your personal opinion on your journey and where you've been so far?

Your questions can be left in the comment section OR you can email me at happyhopefuls at gmail dot com.

He will answer however many he feels comfortable answering and I'll do my best to document them all for you!


no sleeping in...

After yesterday's post, I wanted to post something positive...

This weekend, I started jogging/running/walking with my neighbor.  She, like me, has gained a lost of unnecessary weight after getting married and while it hasn't been a big deal, it's starting to weigh on us more each day. 

You guys know about my weight struggle and the running that I've done to continue to work off the pounds.  Well, I've told my story to a lot of people.  To anyone that asks and anyone that shows interest.

While I'm not a fast walker and my husband jokes that I don't even pick up my feet, I do get out there and do it.  AND I do pick up my feet, I'm just not traveling at a high speed.

Anyway, we started this weekend and we did it on both Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  It was raining on Saturday and wet from previous rain on Sunday morning, but we did it!  It was great and I hope to continue to do it with her.  It's amazing how much a running partner can really…

Birthday Wishes...

To Lori.

A friend.

A HILARIOUS blogger that has been MIA for too long.

A wife.

A constant support person.

A fashionista.

A mother of 2 that is in need of a "Mommy's Time Out"...

May you have a happy birthday, today, and may all of these things come true...

That you have a margarita with dinner (only if you want, but why wouldn't you?)...

If you decide to do mexican, I hope that explosive grande is more kind to you on this day.

And, that you get that special treat at the end of the night... I'm talking about ice cream, you sicko.

Happy Birthday!


I just wanted to confess something to you all, quickly:

"Hi, my name is Jill and I'm a stress-eater."
It's a problem that I've known about for a while.  Most of the time, it's something salty and then I tell myself that I have to follow up with something sweet, but I can't have the sweet thing be the last thing I eat, so I follow up again with something salty.  It's an evil cycle but at least I'm aware.

Today, well, just a few minutes ago... I was eating a mini Reece Cup and then followed by a cookies-n-cream mini egg from Easter.  I don't really think that I'm hungry, I'm just a little stressed.  Nothing that I can do about it really, just trying to manage.

I googled "stress eating" and found this quiz... Take it and see where you fall.  This answers a lot of my questions and frustration about trying to lose weight.

Links with helpful information:

How can I stop stress eating?

Stress Eater Diet

Stress and Eating

What if?

A few weeks ago, this thread was posted on Stirrup Queen's website and I participated in Project IF...

(This image is sized weird so I'm sorry for the blank space & I'm sorry that I can't spell.)
When I wrote this, I remember it being really emotional for me and really hard to not tear up while writing this.  So let me take a minute and spell this out and also include some more "What ifs?" that will better fit into the categories spelled out on the "part 2" section of Project IF.

 I'm going to start with a new "What if?"...

Category:How infertility impacts your emotional health.

What if I get so depressed and wrapped up in the fact that we don't have control over this process that it hurts my marriage and my relationship with my husband?
Throughout different phases of our infertility struggle, this has been something to really weigh on me.  At first, I always thought that this was my struggle and because it wasn't happening li…