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Over the last few years, I've gone from using MAC, to using Bare Minerals to now, using Mary Kay makeup.

MAC was great!  It was fun, modern and at the time, I could buy it with my Nordstrom's card and not feel too guilty about it.  After I got married, I was no longer with my Nordstrom's card and I was just buying it whenever I absolutely needed it and it was only the necessities not all of the fun stuff anymore.  I was using their Studio Fix and loving the coverage.  One thing lead to another and I wanted a change.  I was good with the coverage, I just felt like my skin was over it and breaking out just to prove it to me.  So I wanted something lighter and maybe with a little less coverage.

So, with some guidance, I switched Bare Minerals.  I never loved it right out of the gate and I never loved it while using it through almost 8 months, maybe a few more.  The coverage was okay, it made a MESS everywhere I attempted to use it, and I felt blotchy.  I gave it a few months, called the help line for suggestions, went to the store for demonstrations and I still wasn't happy.

November came around and Lori started selling Mary Kay.  I didn't know much about it because it's been a while since I had really seen their product or had a problem with my current makeup to the point that I needed or wanted another option.  I knew that in the upcoming months I would need something to replace my Bare Minerals and was open to seeing what Mary Kay could do for me!  {Does that sound like a commercial or WHAT?}

My goal... to find a makeup/foundation/powder that I could apply without much effort.  That could be something I could do in the car {heaven forbid} and could be something that I could just wipe on during the weekends and have a little color.

So, I tried both the cream to powder foundation and their tinted moisturizer.

Technically, both would serve my purpose and fulfill my goal.  However, I just went with one, for now.  I started with the cream to powder and thought, this has great coverage, it goes on smoothly, I could do this in the car, I look so much better because of its powder finish.  It doesn't shine, it's matte and it looks great!  The other thing I like is that I really don't need to have concealor.  The way that you apply this with a sponge, you just apply more over the problem spot and it's all better!

My only note about this is that it comes in some of the shade names similar to their other products and while they might be called the same, they are very different.  If you're Mary Kay consultant has samples, I would try it first.  Seriously.  Because I'm 1 whole shade lighter in this than I am in their other products.

The tinted moisturizer is a purchase that I want to make in the next few weeks, not only because it is what it is, but it's tinted too!  A little SPF and moisturizer itself are useful but being tinted is extra cool.  Talk about something that you could just throw in your purse and throw it on during the weekend and feel a little more beautified... Who wouldn't love this!?!  {The only big difference, clearly, is that it's only a light tinted and light application so, it won't give your the full coverage like the cream to powder.} Plus, with the summer around the corner and the potential beach trips, pool days and whatever else, this would be perfect for those occasions.  All you need now, is a little lip gloss, cheek glaze and mascara.

Enjoy and have a little fun with your colors this spring!


Quiet Oasis said…
they also do have a mineral foundation, similar to Bare Minerals. I like their min foundation a ton better than Bare Min and its cheaper. I still use the regular liquid foundation though b/c I like its coverage.

Did I mention that I LOVE Mary Kay stuff????? :)
Amy said…
Lori mentioned you were using the cream-to-powder and I've been meaning to ask if you liked it. I LOVE it too! It gives just the right amount of coverage and for the first time in my life I can honestly say I feel like I'm not wearing ANY make-up. Glad you love it too.
hopefuls #1 said…
I think the Mary Kay minerals are a good product, compared to Bare Minerals, as I have tried both, now. However, I myself, need more coverage than what the minerals can give.

Some people love them and people with out the acne of a 15 year old would probably love it!

However, I struggle with acne and need more coverage without feeling like I'm wearing a mask. The cream to powder does that and I love it!
Alyson said…
I'm glad you found something you like.
I loved the stuff you were wearing the night we went to the benefit. It looked great on your skin!!
Iris Took said…
I love MK as well. I went to a party last year and was leery because I thought it was just for older ladies (I remember my mom and her friends used to wear it) but the consultant was great and I was really happy with the products. Love the mineral foundation, eye shadows, and lotions.

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