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As you have probably noticed, I'm making a few adjustments to my blog.  Trying to improve it and making use of more features that blogger lets us use...

Anyway, check out the tabs on the top of the page for quick reference items and stay tuned for the other upcoming changes...

wet with excitement

Settle down, it's not like that.  Come on, have some class!

I think I just peed myself with excitement!  Seriously!

I've been wondering lately, how I can jazz up my blog.  I love my header but I think I need a little more.  I want tabs at the top.  I want quick reference pages that help readers navigate through this crazy place.  I was trying to accomplish that with the tools that Blogger allows, however, after a little research, I found out that there is so much more I didn't have a clue about!

Like how to add pages to your blog.

Like how to make a cool background/template and have pages!

Seriously, this is fricking fantastic!

Now, I cannot wait to get home and change some of this stuff up!  I'm so stoked!

getting it out there...

Today I weighed myself and I'm 178.4 pounds.

I'm not happy with this number.

And as unhappy as I am, it's my own fault.

I'm exercising but I'm not eating well.

I've had ice cream the last three nights, both at home and while babysitting.

I needed to get this out here because if I don't talk about it and make it known then it's going to keep being a problem. 

My goal, to write about it weekly, post some goals and achieve them.

I've been participating in a weekly weight loss thing at work but haven't really been trying to do anything to lose.  I'm turning the corner and I'm going to more and be better about this!  I did this a year ago, I can do it again!

My goals for this week:

1. Eat one piece of toast with peanut butter, not two.

2. Start saying NO to food.

3. Drink more water.

4. When cooking, use less cheese.

5. Take a smaller portion when serving a plate.

6. Wait before getting a second serving to make sure I'm really hungry.

7. …

Small Things 155

1. Good conversations with the husband.

2. Laughing with co-workers.

3. Doggie kisses before leaving for work.

4. Driving to work with no traffic.

5. Connecting with old friends on facebook and celebrating their milestones.

Small Things 154

1. 6 years of marriage with my husband, alone.

2. Having 6 years to build and grow my relationship with my husband.

3. Being childless for 6 years.

4. Having a strong relationship and family to bring a child into.

5. 6 years....

PIB July 2009

I need to catch up a bit and since I (was) home on a snow day today (a few weeks ago), I thought that I would take advantage of this time (and put some pictures into a post)...  I'm just now getting around to actually putting captions to the pictures and posting this... 3 or so weeks later! 
Remember back when I was talking about our planned trip and how excited that I was about going on this trip!!!  Well, it was exactly what we thought it would be like and we all had a blast.

It went a little something like this....

Wine, good food, bike riding, ice cream trips, riding around in the golf cart, exploring, sleeping, pool time, wine, bar hoping, naps, etc...

Depending on the day, we had different people there...

Day 1 -3: we had my dad, my mom, s., my sister, her (now) fiance and myself.
Day 3-4: then it was my mom, my dad, s. and me!
Day 4- 6: was my mom, s., and me!
Day 6 - 8: my mom, my sister, my brother, s. and me.

S, my mom and I all were lucky enough to be there the WHOLE ti…

6 years

Tomorrow, I'm celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary with S.  Thinking back, it's really crazy how I've spent the last 9+ years together, dating/engaged/then married.  Our relationship, in the last couple of years, has grown to a whole new level.  It's maturing and developing daily and I think we are fortunate to of had this time.  With a baby or another variable in there, we would been without this time together.

He's my best friend and I love him!

Here's to 6 years, cheers babe!

Picture from 100609

MKMR - - Coverage

Over the last few years, I've gone from using MAC, to using Bare Minerals to now, using Mary Kay makeup.

MAC was great!  It was fun, modern and at the time, I could buy it with my Nordstrom's card and not feel too guilty about it.  After I got married, I was no longer with my Nordstrom's card and I was just buying it whenever I absolutely needed it and it was only the necessities not all of the fun stuff anymore.  I was using their Studio Fix and loving the coverage.  One thing lead to another and I wanted a change.  I was good with the coverage, I just felt like my skin was over it and breaking out just to prove it to me.  So I wanted something lighter and maybe with a little less coverage.

So, with some guidance, I switched Bare Minerals.  I never loved it right out of the gate and I never loved it while using it through almost 8 months, maybe a few more.  The coverage was okay, it made a MESS everywhere I attempted to use it, and I felt blotchy.  I gave it a few months,…

tried and true

I'm only writing this because I told you guys from the get go, that I would be true to you and not hold anything back.  I also feel that I should document that I'm having a rough time, but different than the times before.

Like you know (I think that I told you guys that...), a friend of mine is letting me borrow her Clear Blue Fertility Monitor.  It was a great little thing and seemed to work on the first cycle just fine.  Now knowing that I should've reset it, I have sense done that and now we're on cycle #2 with this little gadget.

I secretly was hoping that it was going to work, but then if I were going to announce anything, I was just going to say, that clearly we weren't doing it right.  Unfortunately, that isn't the case.  We're still doing things right, they just (still) aren't working.

Anyway, so with aunt flow here, I've been really down on myself.  It's typical I know but for me it takes a few days to get over it and get back into the …

almost 1 year

So after 5 years and a few months, Mr. Hope witnesses a car crash and helps the best way he knows how.  While doing this, he loses his flip flops, ruins his cell phone and loses his wedding ring.  He didn't care because he did what he thought was right and it wasn't him in the accident, so all was good.

For about 1 year, he wore a celtic knot work ring that his parents had given to him in place of his wedding band.  It served it's purpose for about 8 months, then it was time to replace it.

After 3 jewelry stores, a trip to the mall, a sterling silver kiosk, a trip to Target, Khols and Walmart, he FINALLY found what he was looking for.  A white gold, 5mm band for $79.  It was perfect.  Now we just have to get it resized for $30. 

His thought was that he didn't want to spend much on it for fear that he would lose it again.

I love my little bargin shopper, I just wish that I would've worn better shoes for that impromptu shopping trip.

piggy bank

So, 6 years ago, around this time, my husband and I were probably picking up our wedding rings from the jeweler.

A little tid bit about our wedding rings is...

We bought them with our money that we had collected in our piggy bank weeks/months/years before we planned to marry.

It's sort of a funny thing but it worked for us at the time.  We both have just plain white gold bands, but they are exactly what we wanted and have been great reminders of our big day.

Sad ending to this sort of cute post.  In August, of last year... I think.  My husband was driving to our sand volleyball game and witnessed a really awful crash.  He was one of the first responders (L., not like M.) and did as much as he could, which basically ended up being keeping a woman calm while they waited on the emergency crew to arrive.

Anyway, in the midst of helping he not only lost his flips but he also lost his wedding ring.  The car crash went off the freeway and into a ditch that had a lot of standing water.  …

finally, some clothes...

Just a few random things on Friday...

As the snow was melting with the lovely sunshine, Toby decided that as much as he wanted to go outside, he just wanted to enjoy it for a bit before doing his duty.  You would think that it would still be a little chilly and I'm sure that it was a bit, but he loved it.  These last few weeks have just been getting warmer and warmer and it makes the "winter blahs" go away.  Thanks goodness!

First, (as Lori said) NO, I'm not trying to pull a Brittany here.  I'm at work and that is my headset for which I use to talk on the phone.  Second, please ignore that this is basically a great boob shot, that wasn't what I was going for.  Third, please ignore the mini red blimish below my collar bone that showed up that morning as well.  Geez, this is awful and at this point I should probably not even post it but we're already this far, I'm just going to wrap it up...

Try to focus in on the flower pin in the picture.  A friend of m…

the jamacian-me-crazy guy

My boss knows enough about my struggle to be able to do this.  It doesn't creep me out because she's been really kind and quiet about what we aren't able to accomplish.  She typically goes out of town from mid December to mid January but still works while she's living in AZ.  Nice, right?

She's unbelievably kind and is always so thoughtful in her gift giving and what not...

So, she gets back from her trip and we go to lunch (because she's been gone for a MONTH and that's a long time without her around) and she hands me this thing.

She's like, I went back and forth about buying this because I know what you're going through is private.  I didn't want to bring it up and I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable, so here.  I did it anyway.  Take it home and put it wherever you would like.

I'm glad she did.  It was a thoughtful gift that was unexpected and so very kind.


I just wanted to tell you all that I did the shred video on Saturday (level 2) and then did my first run/walk since before New Years and today, I'm feeling the burn.

It's a good burn and it's a burn that I need to feel more of. I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing more and trying to be more active. I can't help but not be when it's so freaking nice outside! Seriously, the sunshine makes a WORLD of a difference.

I'm planning on going again today during lunch.  Running is a lot harder than I remember but I'm looking forward to it feeling a little better than what it did on Sunday.

My husband and I are celebrating our 6th year anniversary on the 20th and we were hoping to run a 5k together.  After yesterday, that might be harder than I remember but I'm going to give it a try.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm loving the burn....


This dog is so much better at responding to me than my own dog.

Go there and try it.

Give it simple commands and see if it listens.

Ask for a kiss too if you want.  It's pretty cute.

cutting it out

I have developed a new love for this guy.

My husband and I were totally hooked on watching W.hale Wars and Pi.rate of the Sea yesterday.  Since then, I've had a new leaf turn and feel like the option of being a vegetarian seems like something I would like to try to become.

I've never thought anything about eating meat.  But after watching these shows, I just feel differently all of a sudden.  It ISN'T something that I've set in stone but it's something I'm not thinking about.

Since I've now said that out loud here and to a few friends, I've now been told to watch Foo.d, Inc. and read the book Skin.ny Bitch just to see if those would help me in my decision making...

This is just a feeling that I've had surrounding me all weekend following us watching those shows.  It's just unbelievable.  I want to do a lot more research to learn more about the struggles and adjustments that have to take place in order to cut things out.

Anyway, just wanted to th…


Last night, I had some dreams that were so vivid and wild that it was sort of creeping me out.  I was dreaming about friends, co-workers, family, our animals, and many other things as well. 

It was strange and I don't know if it was someting that I ate or something that I witnessed before going to bed... either way, I was up and down all night and still feel like I didn't get any sleep.

They say that you aren't supposed to talk about your dreams until you've eaten something, which is why I waited this long...

It was weird and I'm hoping with no plans on Saturday, that we get to sleep in and catch up on some sleep that we've both been missing lately...

wrapping up

I started this on 03.01.08 and I've updated it twice since I've started.  We're left with 267 days to complete this and so far, I think we're doing pretty well.

Take a look...


I've talked about this before and I will probably talk about this for the rest of my life... Heck, I think I just wrote this same post a couple of weeks ago, but I still feel this way, so I'm venting.

Anyway, I'm still pissed about my weight.  I'm still struggling.  My clothes don't fit right, I feel like fats days happen every day much more than skinny days and I'm just feeling down.

I wanted to blame it on the winter blahs and the fact that fertility treatments just send your body on so many ups and downs.  I tried to blame it on being a nervous/stress eater.  I wanted to blame it on the meals that we were making at home, the fact that we're not doing weight watchers at work any longer and everything else inbetween.

I've started the 30 day shred.  I've been doing it every other day for the last couple of weeks.  I need to amp that up a little and get to a point where I could do it daily.  It's only 20 minutes so it should be no problem but the…


I wanted to fill you in quickly to let you know that we are not going to the reproductive dr. this month.  We are saving to do more (, if we need to) in a few months.

I do have a friend that has let me borrow her Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, to see if her good luck charm will help us as well.  Obviously, this isn't going to make us instantly pregnant, but it's worth a shot!  We've tracked my ovulation for cycles upon cycles, using the OPK's but we know this CBEFM is a little more accurate.  It's something we haven't purchased because we just thought we were beyond it, but here we are.  Giving it a try and hoping for the best.