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today is bad

Today, I weighed myself.

It's something that I have seen creeping back up but I didn't realize it was getting this bad.

My fat jeans haven't been comfortable for about 2 weeks.

And then today, when I weighed myself on the scale at work, it told me that I am now back to my beginning weight from when I started WW at work.  I weight 176.2 today. 

Now, to cut myself a little slack, I've been fluctuating A LOT lately.  Last week, I won the biggest loser contest for the week by being 171 and losing from the week prior.  I have been eating poorly.  And like I was telling a co-worker, it's not what I'm eating it's how much I'm eating.  We have good food in our house and we don't really have a lot of junk.  Just a few chocolates right now for Valentine's Day but nothing crazy.  We eat well, I just eat too much.  I need to cut back.

After looking back at my blog from 2008, I remembered that I was writing down my stats and my food for the week, just to help me keep accountable.  And now I'm thinking that I should start doing this again just for my own sanity.

I have been running which I believe is only helping me but I'm just not seeing the scale move like I was seeing at first.  I need to get back to WW and running.  That will be what will make a difference.

I was so proud when I bought jeans that were a size 8 and now I can't wear them.  I was an 8 for a long time then I grew out of them.  I did WW and kicked butt to get back there.  And then I let it go... again.

Just mad.

Any suggestions?

Oh, maybe I'll try the Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  That seems to be a hit lately and the results are great, from what I understand...


Rachel said…
I'm sorry! I went through the same thing with IF... outgrowing everything I owned.. ugh it is so frustrating!

The 30ds is awesome! I also just started using I'm excited to see if it helps! So far it has! I have paid more attention to what I am eating, which is good!
Molly said…
I'm so sorry you're having a bad week. I'll give another thumbs up to the 30-day shred. It's hard but it totally works!
Molly said…
I'm so sorry you're having a bad week. I'll give another thumbs up to the 30-day shred. It's hard but it totally works!
Sarah W said…
Hi! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I really enjoy it. I'm a friend of Two Pretzels (and have a blog coming soon!).

Anyway, I am TOTALLY with you about the weight thing - very close to the same, actually. I adore Jillian Michaels and just read her book "Master Your Metabolism"... it's really great. All about eating "real" food. I haven't dropped much yet - it's only been a couple weeks, but I feel TONS better... and I know results are coming!
UGH! Join the crowd! I was 25 pounds OVER my normal heaviest...that's depressing. I feel like I'm eating okay now and working out but I gained a pound this week. Funny how you can lose 5 pounds one week and gain 1 the next and that one measly pound will really bring you down. You can do it girl...put your mind to it and wear those eights!!!
Danica said…
Ugh I feel your pain. Before surgery I was at a great weight. Now I'm afraid to weigh myself because I know I've put it all back on. I can't tell because I'm wearing sweats these days. :-(

Hang in there. Hugs!
hopefuls #1 said…
Thanks ladies! I've already signed up for and I'm adding my info to it now... Hopefully it will be something that I can keep up with.

If nothing else, it makes me want an iPhone! :)
I just found your blog through a couple of other blogs. We just had IUI #3 and I have been on Follistim for all three. I truly hope that this one works for y'all and that you get a BFP!

As far as weight, try to remember that when you're on the fertility meds, you tend to gain weight. On Follistim I put on about 8 lbs (or more) in the cycle. When we took a 3 month break I FINALLY went back down to my normal size. This month on Femara and Follistim, I am about 10 lbs higher than my normal weight.

When I'm not in the throes of of fertility treatments, I have found that P90X, running and yoga work well to keep in shape. I've also started eating closer to nature/way less prepared foods which seem to help.
Beth said…
This summer I got a GoWear Fit armband and I love it!It's kind of like the bodybugs they wear on the Biggest Loser, but I feel like it's better. This is the website:

It tracks your activity level, calories burned, steps taken, and sleep efficiency (how long your body is actually asleep vs how much time you spend laying down). And the website charts your progress in the areas tracked by the monitor -- like if I want to lose a pound a week, I should be walking 3500 steps/day and today I only walked 3200.

The monthly subscription is less than WW, if you're good about tracking things for yourself. So you input your meals for the day, or estimate your caloric intake, so you can track calories consumed vs. burned.
Iris Took said…
I am sorry to hear about your frustrations and can completely empathize about the weight struggle - however, I understand that everyone has their own set of feelings.

October-December 2009 I did Power 90 (precursor to P90X) workouts by Beachbody and it worked wonders for me. I followed their nutrition guide and was able to drop 20 lbs.

I still have been going to WW for about, uh, well my whole adult life and I finally found a leader that works for me.

My advice: find a new program that works for you that you can stick with but do try to switch it up a bit.


Here is the link to Beachbody:
andrea said…
I did Medifast for three weeks which really jump started me. I heard about it from my parents who both used the program successfully this year. 3 months later, I am down 20 pounds. If you do decide to do it, don't buy the supplies from Medifast - eBay is MUCH more cost effective. Good luck!

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