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Disclaimer: This post contains the word BOOBs a LOT. Carry on.

(IUI #4)

First, one note, that I forgot to mention on some previous days...

My estradiol level was at 251 on 01.21.10 (day 7) and 480 on 01.23.10 (day 9).

Day 10 - Sunday, 01.24.10:

Follistim, 8th dosage: 125 units at 8:36pm.  I'm finally to a point where I'm VERY tired of giving myself shots.  It's not fun, my stomach is sore and I'm just not really into the whole shot idea.  Glad I'm almost done!!


Day 11 - Monday, 01.25.10:

HcG Shot, 1st dosage: 1 ml given at 9:18pm.  It was okay.  My stomach immediately felt bloated and sore.  But it's all for the better and will soon be over!


Day 12 - Tuesday, 01.26.10:

We were told that we can't be active the day prior to an IUI.

Activities: Went to a local Young Professionals group and had a really nice time!

Day 13 - Wednesday, 01.27.10:

7:30am, a collection is made by S. and dropped off to the lab.

9:00am, I go in for my IUI.

Going into the IUI, I had immense amounts of cramping.  Like potentially ovulation cramps but they were so painful that I found myself bending over to deal with the pain... They lasted (at the same intensity) until about lunch time.  Now, being 3:25pm I'm feeling better but still a little crampy.

How many swimmers? 96 MILLION per wash and 46 MILLION for the IUI!!!  He said we had the HIGH number for today!!!  OH and the best part was my dr. was the one to do the IUI!!!  That has never happened and I was SO so happy to have him walk through the door this morning!!!

It's going to be a good day!!!

Activities: We're headed to BW3's for a fund raiser for two students that were killed in a car accident just before Thanksgiving.  It's to raise money for a scholarship fund. 


Day 14 - Thursday, 01.28.10

Still a little uncomfortable feeling but I felt good enough to run, aside from some sore boobs.

Day 15 - Friday, 01.29.10 - - Day 18 - Monday 02.01.10:

Friday, after some shopping and a quick stop at the local auction house, I stopped to visit my neighbor who just had a little baby boy on Monday.  It was perfect timing because after I left there, I had a serious talk with my ovaries and boy were they talking back!

Not to mention these ...  Sore boobs.  More sore boobs and.... even MORE sore boobs.  They are sore to touch, sore just to brush against while getting dressing, sore to wash under in the shower (they ARE big mama Ds), especially painful when "bean dipped" by my husband and most preferred to be held in a sports bra....


I find myself holding them with one hand/arm across them and just putting pressure on them against my chest.

Day 19 - Tuesday, 02.02.10:

My boobs aren't as sore today as they were yesterday and this weekend.  This morning they were still in pain but today has been okay.  Much better. 

I did fall asleep last night on the couch at 8:30pm.  While this feels really good to me, my husband hates it because there is usually something else better that he'd like for me to be doing instead of just sleeping.  I feel bad for him too, because he has trouble falling asleep lately and he just doesn't know why.  His brain just doesn't shut off.  Meanwhile, I'm out like a light...

Day 20 - Wednesday, 02.03.10:

I had my blood drawn this morning for a progesterone and will call this afternoon for the results, even though my paper clearly states that results aren't available the same day.  But the lab said that they would be... uh huh.

I will be waiting for their phone call back to be sure that I should give myself the 1/2 ml of HcG tonight.  I'll be so happy to be done with these shots!

Boobs today are okay.  Still sore to touch but not as bad as a few days ago.  Just sitting would hurt them.  I would find myself hugging myself just to relieve some of that pain.

2:53pm, my dr.'s office called and my progesterone was at 33.2!!!  She said that anything above a 12 is what my dr. likes so we are WELL above that now!

7:02pm, I went into the bathroom while my in-laws were over for dinner and gave myself my last shot!  It was a 1/2 ml of HcG and unlike the other shots, I had to use a needle that was a bit thicker because that was what my dr. had.  My pharmacist had given me MUCH thinner needles that didn't hurt at all.  This one had a little more more pinch to it and I had to use a bit more force to get it in too... Grrrrrrrrr.  It was fine though.  Got it in and out and then I was off to eat dinner.

Now, I just have to wait another 10 days before I can anything.  From what I was told, this last HcG shot is basically telling my body that I'm pregnant and letting it prepare my body as such.  It also is a little hug of pregnancy like feelings to keep things ready for a embryo and the process of what it's about to do... 10 days is going to be a really, really long journey.  I'm going to try and stay calm but it's going to be hard.

Day 21 - Thursday, 02.04.10 - - - Day 24 - Sunday, 02.07.10:

Thursday, was uneventful, I was really tired and didn't do much that evening.  I've been feeling really weighted down, as I stated in this post.  After some pushing from you guys and my friends, I did go out and got the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels!  I'm very excited about getting this going!

Friday, we got our "blizzard 2010" and on our side of town, we received about 12 inches.  Now that the wind has blown and moved things around, we have snow, in some places, that is about 20 inches deep.  It's wild.  Since there was about 4 inches before 12pm, I went home at 1:30pm and my husband came home around 2:30pm.  It was nice to be home but we had to make 3 or 4 trips outside just to shovel!  We got carry out for dinner and just caught up on t.v.

Saturday, we had to dig ourselves out of our driveway pretty early because we had our tax appointment.  On our way out of our neighborhood, we saw 3 cars stuck.  A big dodge truck, a Honda CRV and a Honda Pilot.  Meanwhile, we are driving our Honda Accord and just scooting through.  I think they all gave us the stink eye while we passed each of them.  We did make it to our appointment but after an hour at our appointment, the roads were MUCH better than when we first traveled on them.  We stopped by my parents house on the way home, visited with them for a bit and then went to lunch, with them, at a new Mexican place.  It was good comfort food!  That afternoon, we shoveled some more, and then that evening, we went to a friend's SURPRISE birthday party.  It was a lot of fun because he didn't know anything was going on!

Sunday, we shoveled some more, getting the mailbox exposed so that our mail lady would deliver our mail on Monday.  I started my 30 day Shred, while S went to a college basketball game.  That evening, we got some Dominos Pizza and headed to a neighbor friend's house for the Super Bowl.  It was a good night and a good group of friends/kids.

Day 25 - Monday, 02.08.10 - - - Day 30 - Saturday, 02.13.10:

For Monday: These next 6 days are going to be hard.  I know that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel from here but it's still sort of small and far enough away that I can't touch it, so it's just going to be hard.

Just as a quick update, my boobs are still sore.  Sore to touch, sore to exercise and sore to wash.

Tuesday through Friday, nothing to report.  Just seemed normal.  A little nausea but nothing that I couldn't manage and nothing that really seemed to be consistent.  We left Friday for a wedding weekend, just north of us.  Can't wait!

Saturday morning, my 30th day of my cycle, while eating breakfast in the lobby of the hotel, I noticed that something wasn't right.  I went upstairs and went to the bathroom. 

My cycle was over.  My period showed.  Lightly for the first 8 hours and then much more awful for the hours following.

I immediately started crying on the toilet.  S was at breakfast with the guys (groomsmen and other guys in the wedding) so I was there alone.  I sent texts back and forth with him, all while crying my eyes out.

I composed myself enough so to contact the front desk to find the nearest drug store because clearly, I wasn't planning on this happening.

By the time I was ready to leave, S was there and wanted to go with me.

He's very supportive and knows that these next few days are going to suck. 

We have very little money in our HSA again and now that we've been through an injectables cycle, we know now that they are $1,340.00 {roughly} and now we just have to strive to cover the difference between what we have in our HSA and what we'll still need to do another cycle.

Moral of this post... IUI #4 with 10 days of injectables = FAIL!


Allison said…
I am so, so very sorry. ((HUGS)) I've been thinking about and praying for you so much recently and was really hoping you would get good news at the end of this cycle. You'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Alyson said…
You were in my thoughts this week and was hoping that this was the week. I'm so sorry!
Danica said…
I'm so sorry. Sending lots of hugs.
Christina said…
I am so incredibly sorry. I was really hoping this would be your month. Sending lots of hugs your way.

Wanted to let you know, too, that I have a blog award over at my place for you. I admire your ability to stay positive through everything, though I'm sure it's hard right now. I'm thinking about you.
Moore Family said…
Sorry to hear this :0( I know how you feel, honestly! We went through the same things. Lots of fails and it sucks. I have nothing more to say b/c I know how it feels to be told to hang in there, it will happen, etc gag gag etc!
Oh girl! I'm so sorry...I was praying for you!!! Please keep us posted and we'll keep on praying for you!
Jeannie said…
Oh, I'm so so sorry! ((hugs))
Mandy said…
I'm so sorry. I'm going to keep sending out those thoughts and prayers for you.
Hillary said…
I can't believe you got your period that early!? I'm so, so sorry :(
I have no words. I am so sorry.
Amy said…
I know I'm super late to chime in but I am very sorry. No other way to put it other than it totally sucks. >:(

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