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letters, 3

(IUI #4)

Day 5 - Tuesday 01.19.10:

How did you feel after your 2nd dosage of Follistim (75 units)?

I felt fine. Not bloating. The headaches had faded. I didn't have any stinging in the shot zone and nothing to complain about either.

Activities: I worked all day, had happy hour with the ville ladies, and after happy hour, I came home and ran. I needed to get a run in and my husband was getting irritated that I wasn't running and he was so I just decided that after happy hour, I would go! It was great! Took Toby along and ran...

Tried to stay away from more internet reading about success rates with follistim & iui's, but gave it another try and I'm still feeling really good.


Follistim, 3rd dosage: 75 units given at 9:15pm (because I was at happy hour). The shot can be given within two hours of the first time you did the shot. Just as long as it's in the evening and within a two hour window, I'm good!

Day 6 - Wednesday 01.20.10:
How did you feel after your 3rd dosage of Follistim (75 units)?

I felt great! Like I had said above, I even went for a run after the shot and happy hour! Nothing to report and the shot went perfectly.

Activities: I worked all day, again. I'm babysitting in the evening and then just doing some laundry at home.

Received a great email from a reader and multiple comments that were just uplifting. I also did more research online about follistim. I'm just trying to keep positive, even if I'm constantly looking information up.


Follistim, 4th dosage: 125 (actually 225) units given at 9:22pm. This one was much different than the others. I had to finish one vial that had 75 iu left in it and the start another vial with 50 iu. So I had to give myself 2 shots, technically. Immediately, I felt bloated and there was a little more sting that the other times but that may have been because I had to do two pricks. After the above activity, I went to bed. (I did have one mini freak out, more on that later... keep reading.)

Day 7 - Thursday 01.21.10:

How did you feel after your 4th dosage of Follistim (125 units)?

I woke up feeling a little bloated and a little nervous. I don't like needles. I don't like getting my blood drawn. You'd think after all of the times that I've had it done, I'd be okay with it, but I'm just not. So I was nervous about the upcoming blood draw.

Blood Draw/Ultrasound: So, I walk in and put my name on the list. I wait a few minutes and another girl comes in and we're both called back. As the nurse was taking my information and scanning my health insurance card, another girl walks into the same "ORM blood draw room". We're sitting there, she takes my blood, I get up and I'm getting my coat on. I hear...

A: "So, I think we know each other, right?"
Me: "Well, who are you and I'll tell you if we do?"
A: "I'm Aleca and we know each other from ..."
Me: "OH, oh, oh YES!"
A: "I was sitting here and I was like, I know that name!"
Me: "Well it's good to see you and we'll see you next door!"

And that's how my morning started! Aleca is a girl from the local nest boards that I've never met in person but have talked to through the nest. AND after all this time at ORM I have never seen anyone there that I know, however I didn't rule it out as something that would NEVER happen. It was just strange that it would be someone who I've never actually met but know at the same time. Weird, right?

The ultrasound was good too, but sort of strange in the same breath. The dr. comes in and it's another dr. in the practice that I've never seen before but it's a women so it's fine. She does the scan and 1/2 way through looks over at my chart. She then went on to say that she was scanning this woman one time and she was searching and searching for this women's left ovary. She said it wasn't me. Well no shit. Anyway, she went onto say that she eventually told this patient that she couldn't find her left ovary and it wasn't until the patient told her that she didn't have one that she finally stopped looking. We weren't both laughing because she said, wouldn't it have been awful if she would've said to the patient, "and now, here's your left ovary and the follicles!" OMG, how awful! It was the most comfortable I've EVER felt during a internal ultrasound (with the probe)!

I had been talking to my friend Lori who is an ultrasound tech and she asked if they ever give me the ultrasound report or any images from the ultrasound. I told her no, because I've never known to ask and they don't offer it. So once the ultrasound was done, I ask for the results or images and she printed me the results without any question.

Dr. said: "Are you scrapbooking this experience?"
Me: "Well, sort of...."
Dr.: "The reason I ask is because you shouldn't laminate it or put that near heat as it will turn into a white blob. So don't do that, okay?"
Me: "Oh okay."
Dr.: "I didn't want you to ruin your scrapbook."

It was funny but honestly I was just happy to have the results.

My follicles were growing on the ultrasound, but I won't know exactly what's going on until my nurse calls me.

UPDATED: My nurse called and she wants me to do 125 units tonight (Thursday) and 125 units Friday and then come in for another ultrasound and blood work on Saturday morning. Not really ideal since I'll be 1.5 hours from the office on a ski trip, but I'm going to do it!

Activities: I'm taking my paperwork to start the process to go back to college. I met with an advisor about a month ago and she wanted me to put together a plan to help me keep on track. I had some other forms that needed to be completed and they are due by February 1st and since that's in 2 weeks (!!!!!) I thought I'd just do it now to be done with it. In the evening, I'm going to a cooking class with my mom and I'm going to pack for my ski trip/bachelorette weekend!


Ultrasound/Blood work results: My estrogen was 251, which they said was great and my follicles were growing (15 to 16 range) but still not as close to the 18mm range that they were hoping for.

More Follistim? They want me to do 125 units on Thursday night and Friday night and then come in for another ultrasound and blood work.

More Ultrasounds/blood work?Saturday morning between 8 &8:30am.

Follistim, 5th dosage: 125 units given at home at 9:35pm.

Day 8 - Friday, 01.22.10:

How did you feel after your 4th dosage of Follistim (125 units)?

No pain, nothing to report.

Activities: I had a work party late in the work day and then we headed out for out ski trip around 6:30pm. Girls weekend, here I come!!

Follistim, 6th dosage: 125 (actually 225) units given at the cottage on the ski trip around 10:10pm. To be honest, this would've been the second time that I freaked out a bit while giving myself this shot. I was at the cottage, I had 1 vial of 300 iu (units) and I knew that I should only have 125 units left based on the dosages that I had already administered from that vial earlier in the week. So, I go to the bathroom, get it all ready do the shot and look at the vial. There is STILL something pretty substantial in there! I can't call the dr. this late because he wouldn't be there, so I called my husband. He said to just do the rest of it and be calm. Maybe the pen was defective and not distributing the correct amount. I called my friend to confirm that I'm not retarded and she too said to just use the rest. Since I had one planned on one dosage being given I only had one needle. Great! Well, my friend said to wipe it down with alcohol and do it again. So I did.

(con't down...)

Day 9 - Saturday, 01.23.10:

The next morning I was going to an ultrasound and I was just going to tell the nurse what I thought was happeneing.

Little did I know, I was wrong. No one told me any differently so I would've never EVER known.

I found out that each vial of 300 units is actually OVER filled by 100 units! 100 units! Overfilled by 100 freaking units!

Immediately, I started to tear up.

1st, because I wasn't sure if I had messed up my cycle.

2nd, because I was mad no one EVER said ANYTHING about that!

3rd, because I had just wasted 200 units that I might need.

4th, because I just wasn't sure how things were going to turn out!

My nurse calmed me down almost immediately saying, there's nothing we can do now and what's done is done. She said, let's just take a look to see what's going on and go from there! So my dr. came in and things were fine. I didn't overdose and ruin my cycle, things were all good!

Blood Draw and Ultrasound: It all went fine and my follicles were growing but not to that lucky #18 yet.

Activities: I drove from the ski lodge, leaving at 6:45am and headed to the dr's office for my ultrasound and bloodwork with my appointment being anywhere from 8am - 8:30am. It was smooth and I was one of the first ones there so I was really happy about that!

The best part of that morning, is when you go in for those ultrasounds, any of the dr's in the office could end up doing it for you based on their rotation. My dr. ended up being the dr. on call for those internal ultrasounds and that just MADE MY MORNING! It seriously was like a shining light glowing down on me!! I loved it because he's thorough and he's MY dr! I'm still smiling about it!

ACTIVE, am (after my dr's appointment and before I went back to the ski lodge).

Ultrasound/Blood work results: My estrogen was at 481 so I'm all set to move forward with the 125 units of follistim tonight, 125 units of follistim on Sunday, the HcG shot on Monday night, the IUI on Wednesday morning and the booster (HcG) shot on Wednesday following the IUI.

Follistim, 7th dosage: 125 units at 8:21pm.


Aleca said…
YAY! It was so crazy meeting you that way! Hope this IUI is a sticky one for you!
Moore Family said…
GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK!!! Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for you!

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