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Making my Monday (award)

I couldn't decide on who to nominate on Monday so, I waited until today to post... :)

I just wanted to send a shout out to My Husband's Watching TV and thank you for awarding me with this awesome award!!!  What a way to start off the Monday!!!  You've always been such a great blog reader of mine and a fantabulous commentor!  Thank you so much!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award. Done.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog. Done.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award. Done.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

My seven interesting facts are:

1. I just learned to ski last weekend.  My first time and I'm 27 years old!  I lOvEd it!

2. I had my wisdom teeth pulled at age 16.

3. I love my job.

4. My first pet (aside from my rabbit) was a "grow a frog" that came in the mail.

5. If I leave my eye brows alone and let them grow to their full potential, I will look like I have two ENORMOUS b…

Food on Friday - Shrimp Chowder

Shrimp Chowder

(When my friend made this she didn't do the onion or the butter... it was awesome!)

2 T. Butter

Green Onion, finely chopped (I use 4-5 stalks)

1 t. Garlic Salt

2 packages Cream Cheese, softened

4 cans Cream of Potato Soup

3 soup cans Milk

2 cans Corn, drained

1 package Salad Shrimp

Cayenne Pepper

On med. heat, saute green onion in butter for approx. 1 minute. Add soup, milk, and cream cheese; stir until creamy. Add corn and shrimp. Reduce heat to low and add garlic salt and Cayenne pepper to taste. Stir occasionally. Eat several bowls full until your belly feels like it will burst...Enjoy!

Small Things 151

1. Waking up to my husband rubbing my back.

2. Exercising with my husband.

3. THINKING {really hard} about training for a 1/2 marathon. {contemplating this more}

4. Not having any bloody noses for 2 weeks.

5. Having our house to ourselves.

sticker shock

Two quick things that I wanted to share for both humor and fact...

For Christmas, my husband got me a salon style flat iron.  It's been great!  Gets VERY hot and styles my hair, just as I hoped!  Yesterday, I didn't unplug it OR turn it off.  I got home and immediately smelled something warm when I walked into our room.

Bottom line, my husband was right.  He has said, over and over again that someday I'll forget.  I was so upset but didn't say anything to him.  It was such a terrible feeling.  Now, I don't even want to use it.  Unless, I'm using it and then I unplug it, period.  No stepping away, no getting dress and coming back to it.  Just do it and be done.

Secondly, my husband just blue booked my car, and it's blue booking at $356.00.  Wow.  Speechless.

Small Things 150

1. Beating my husband on the Wii Fit

2. Having him do a game or exercise over and over and over again NEVER beating me.

3. Playing baseball and having him FINALLY beat me in something.

4. Really truly thinking about training for a 1/2 marathon.  I'm not fast but it's worth a try.

5. Having a happy hour IN TOWN with the ladies!!!

Small Things 149

1. Taking Toby to doggy day care for a nail trim and play time.

2. Gearing up for a ski trip.

3. Wii Fit.

4. Seeing the scale move.  Even just a little bit.

5. Boxed Wine Night with the ville ladies...

Small Things 148

1. Progressing.

2. Staying positive.

3.  Feeling good.

4.  Being supported.

5.  Having assistance.


And this is why I blog...

I received an email this week from a reader that really touched my heart.

I'm not going to post her entire email, just a tid bit...

The part that I loved the most.

"I can't tell you how touched I've been while following your story (and enviable fashion sense). Your strength amazes me, as does your willingness to share your experience with others - even when it's been negative."

Thank you for lifting me up.

I appreciate this so very much!

AND thank you for reading!!!


{Let me start by saying if you are an IN REAL LIFE friend that reads my blog, please do NOT pass over "Disclosure #3, thank you!}
Disclosure: Failure. Disappointment. Both of those words are something that I struggle with a lot.  Being that we're in our 40th cycle of trying, I can't help but have those words RING in my head.  It's immensely frustrating but I/we have to keep being positive and optimistic and stop feeling so heartbroken.  The emotional roller coaster that unexplained infertility can send you on is something you don't wish on your worst enemy.  We've been dealing with it for 40 cycles.  The pain and suffering we know will pay off and we WILL overcome this hiccup.  It's a test and God is in charge.  We know this.

Disclosure #2: If I've ever been negative about a pregnancy announcement, or if I've directed this frustration toward you and your joy, PLEASE forgive me.  It's not that I'm not excited.  It's just that it's hard…

Small Things 147

1. Bunco on Friday at my house.

2. Hanging with some girls after bunco until 1am.

3. Uploading more pictures to my shutterfly site that is ALMOST ready for it's release to family!

4. Spending a lot of down time together with my husband...

5. No snow.

for me

I've got to stay positive.

I've got to lift Him up and know things are in his hands.

Clear my head, breathe deeply, focus and be calm.


In my school age years, I wore braces for 2.75 years. They were great and took my teeth from looking like a train wreck to straight pearly white beauties.

Now, about 13 years later, my teeth are moving. Not like they are just now moving. They've been moving, as your teeth will always move. But they've moved so much now that they are now noticeable {maybe just to me}... and it's has been bugging me. I thought that when I got hit in the face with a volleyball that it might have impacted my teeth and suddenly made them move. Nope. I called my dentist and said that I wasn't impressed with my teeth moving, what can I do? It's the same dentist that I've been going to since I started going to the dentist and he also was my orthodontist.

He said your teeth will always move and there's nothing that we can really do to prevent them from doing so.... He then suggested getting me fit for a retainer and we'd go from there. It's not like my teeth look awful. The…


I have two questions this morning that are completely unrelated but I wanted to ask because I'm sure that you probably know more than I do.

1st Question (s): What do you know about Follistim?  Have you ever taken these drugs?  Know of anyone that has?  Have any insight about these drugs that I may not have already read?

2nd Question (s): Do you get paid to blog?  If so, how do you do it?  Does it mean that you have to totally infect your blog with ads or is there another way?  Get paid per post?  Do you know anything about this process?  I'm not looking to suppliment an income, just get some extra cash flow, you know?  Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?  Just not sure what to trust and wanted to get a recommendation.

Thank you and happy Monday...

great question.

The other day, one of my FABULOUS readers asked me a great question:

"I was wondering why you and hubs haven't tried IVF or if you're considering it?"

It's a great question but for me there's a simple answer.

We just can't afford it.

We've done all of the procedures we've done by paying out of our HSA account.  If we didn't have that money, we wouldn't be doing anything.

It's something that we've talked about and as we continue to move forward it keeps coming back up.  For now, we're just going to stick to our plan and work from there.

It's not something that we're totally ruling out but it's just something we can't keep too close to the back burner because we just can't afford it.  We can't.

Thank you for the question and for those others that might be wondering, I thought I would just devote a post to it.

National Delurking Week 2010

As most of you are aware, it's NATIONAL DELURKING WEEK 2010.

It's exciting because not only is it a National celebration but I get to learn and see more about who's reading my blog.

I know there are a lot of you out there that just stop by from time to time, others that stop by more often and a mixture of you that leave comments.  Either way, I appreciate your continued support, even if it's the silent kind.

Being that this week has once again come upon us, I wanted to reach out to you in hopes that I would once again find out more about you and maybe what you like most about my blog.

So, I have a question for you... Something simple that won't take much time to think about.  Something that should be easily shared publicly...

What's your best memory of 2009?  Somewhere you went, someone you met, a picture you took, a moment with your family, a purchase, a movie, a lipstick, etc....

And as always, tHaNk YoU fOr ReAdInG!!!

And if you don't want to respond to t…

feel good

We don't find ourselves watching a lot of movies, really.  We aren't a movie going couple and we have tried to be before but we have failed miserably.

On Saturday, I was fighting what I thought was an ear infection but turned out to just be a headache.

While we were home and lounging around, I finally talked my husband into watching "Away We Go".  It's a movie that a co-worker of mine told me about a few months back.  She caught it on a pay-per-view channel and fell in love with it.

It has John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) & Maya Rudolph (from SNL) and it's just a really well written movie.

Huggo on IMDB writes: "Mid-thirtysomethings Burt Farlander and Verona De Tessant are a loving couple. Burt has always wanted to marry Verona, but Verona resists, not seeing the point of the institution. Regardless, they are having a baby together, despite questioning their potential parenting abilities. They are happy that they made the decision to move close t…


I have gone back and forth about making a resolution this year.

I have a very silly one that I'm going to try and follow through with and after this month so far, I think I need to step it up a little.

My {very silly} resolution is to stop saying fuck so much.  I say it so casually and A LOT that I need to just stop because it's becoming REALLY obnoxious.

But as for the other really resolutions, I just haven't made any because I haven't ever been good about following through with them.

And the funny thing is, now that I haven't made one about losing weight or exercising more or eating better or taking the dog on more walks or spending more time at home with my husband, etc....  I've done all of those things.  I worked out 4 times last week and it was great!  I've recorded some of those terribly dressed FitTV shows and we're doing them at home together.  It's really been nice!  And with all that snow and ice still on the streets, it's the best th…

Small Things 146

1. Leaving work at 2pm, yesterday, and spending time gettin our house back in order.

2. Exercising 3 times a week and feeling great!

3. Having dinner with friends that we haven't seen since August!  Where does time go?

4. Teal Precise V5 Extra Fine pens... my fav!

5. Snow days.

Small Things 145

1. A safe drive into work.

2. Filling my calendar with birthdays.

3. Having a $147.00 credit to use toward office supplies.  It's a stupid high I get.

4. Having highlights done and having them look great!

5. Loving my flat iron.


The last two nights, I've done the Wii Fit for 40+ minutes.

I need to loose about 20+ pounds, as I gained 10 with our house guests around.  They ate every meal with bread and I can't refuse bread.

I'd love to run but it's FREEZING here and the roads are all ice and snow covered, especially in my neighborhood!


I'm not sure what results I'll get from the Wii Fit but it's worth a shot, right?

Sadly, when I stepped on the board Monday night, it had the nerve to tell me that I had gained 11 pounds since 12.28.08! 



I know this seems sort of elementary and it's not because of the New Year that this statement has been made.  It's something that has been probably said a million times but because it's a New Year, you reflect on it differently.

"Instead of worrying about the things you can't control, focus on the things that you can."

It's a simple statement really.

It's something that I've (sorta) talked about before and it's somewhere that I need to keep bringing myself back to.

For me this statement means...

Let go of the fact that I'm not in control of what our plan is.  It's in God's hands and I need to let that be.

Let go of counting days and taking tests.  Although cycles can appear to be regular, they sometimes aren't and I have tested until I'm in tears and it's just not worth the pain.  I need to step away from the little card emotional rollar coasters and breath.

Let go of all the things that could be standing in our way.  S…

we're back

Back to work, after a long, much needed break.

I'm feeling a little like this...

But it will get better, right?

Happy Monday!

More to come later in the week about what I've been doing, Happy New Year!!!