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{traditions} part 4

So this one is my little tradition to myself...

Every year for the last three years, I've taken Christmas Eve through the New Year off.

Typically we are traveling between Christmas and New Year's to visit with our friends in Boston but this year we're taking it off to relax.  Our friends in Boston are getting married in April so we're saving that trip for a few months out instead of now.

So, today is the first day off for the rest of the year!!

Yee haw!!!!!

{traditions} part 3

I know that Christmas isn't about gifts, but we still do them.  We like the exchange and we like to give too!

So as our family continues to grow and we get older and don't need/want as much it makes it a little harder to get gifts for everyone.

So in the last few years we've done Christmas lists. 

We usually exchange them by email or at Thanksgiving and from there we just email around letting everyone know what we've purchased from another person's list...

It's been great and is really helpful for those who are really hard to buy for...{my dad}!

{traditions} part 2

My tradition with Sean for Christmas, is that each year I buy him an ornament. 

Not just any ornament.

It has a little bit of history.

They are beautiful.

Unlike any other ornament on our tree.

And because he's a history buff, he loves them.

They are the White House ornaments from the White House Historical Association.

This was last years and might just be one of my favorites yet!
The way that I heard about them was when my aunt & uncle got married in D.C., their gift to their out-of-town-guests was a goody bag full of things and this ornament:

Isn't it just so pretty?
When you see them in person, with all the detail, you too will love them!

say a little prayer

For James.

He's gone to a higher place.

A place where he's no longer in pain.

Pray for him.

For his mom & dad.

For his 3 sisters.

For the Dr.'s and Nurses that continue to care for them.

And for all of their family, in this time of need.

{traditions} part 1

Growing up, it was tradition that during the Christmas season, the eve and day or even following Christmas that we would watch movies as a family.

Usually it started with my dad putting it on and calling us all into the living room, no matter what we were doing.

These movies are classics.  The ones that I will always associate with Christmas.

"White Christmas."

"The Miracle on 34th Street."

"It's a Wonderful Life."

"Holiday Inn."

"Santa Clause is Coming to Town" Clamation Style

"Frosty the Snowman" Clamation Style

Now that I'm married, I want to carry on the tradition.  Being that we aren't a yell away from my dad calling everyone into the living room, I figure we could just watch them on our own and not miss a step in the tradition.

When talking to my husband about watching these, he didn't know what I was talking about.  As a kid, he didn't watch these movies.  It wasn't a tradition for him. 

So, t…

a good belly laugh

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Nie Nie: Their Story

If you haven't ever heard or read about Stephanie & Christian's story, PLEASE do!

She was on Oprah a few months ago, but as this blog writer says, reading these entries will be nothing like the Oprah show.

Get comfy, take the time to read and grab some tissues, because you're gonna need them....

MKMR or just MR

My friend and neighbor, Lori {a.k.a. T.W.I.T.}, just started her new business with Mary Kay.

If you don't know her personally, I just wanted to fill you in a blurb about her.

She's a mother of 2, her son, Rhys {a.k.a. Rhys Monkey}, is 2 and her daughter, Charlie {a.k.a. Charlie Chunker Thighs}, is 9 months old.

She's an ultrasound tech for a local hospital 2 to 3 days a week.

She's a stay-at-home-mom when she's not work at the hospital.

And now, she's a Mary Kay beauty consultant.

So what does "MKMR or just MR" mean, you ask?

It's going to be MY "Mary Kay Makeup Review" or just "Makeup Review" on products that I try that I think you need to know about or even experience for yourself. 

A while back, I told you about my love for MAC and how I just wasn't going to ever stray from them.  They are a good product, the price point was OK and the color selection for eyes and lips was just amazing!

Well, then about a year later, I …

how fast can you go?

I saw this from an old post that I did in 2008 and I thought it was time to bring it back again...

58 words
Typing Test


My house guests are gone.

They moved out last Thursday.


They really didn't leave anything behind so we are able to put things back together as if they weren't even there, which is really nice!

With all of that said, 3 days later, I had my girl friends over and we colored  each other's hair.  Mine didn't need it but their's did.  It was great to make use of our upstairs guest bath without having to work around anyone else, aside from the dog.

Second, I had a Mary Kay party last night that was a training for my friend, Lori.  It was great to have more girl time and just to have people over without having to work around everyone's schedule.

It was SO refreshing!

I love to host and especially for my girlfriends!!!  I had some people over that hadn't been there in a while either!!

I can't wait to do this more often!!

The best part about that statement, is that I can!

It's awesome.

:::: Smiles :::::

the turkey low down

This is how to turkey went down this year.

1. I bought a 19.73 lb turkey at Giant Eagle for $0.59 a lb.  CHEAP.

2. Then I bought a Brine Mix & Brine Bag from Bed, Bath & Beyond, just to make it a little bit easier.

3. Then I bought THIS from Kohls and it was only $50 bucks... but a HUGE life saver.

4. Brined it over night in the bag like so:

Except you have to put it in the fridge... duh!
Look at all those YUMMY spices!!!

5. The next morning we layered the roaster pan with veggies, fruits and spices.

6. Then we cooked the bird.

7. Then we let the bird, my dad cut it up and then we all ate the crap out of it!

name test

{Let me preface this by saying, NO, I'm not pregnant}

My husband's a teacher.

Like most that are trying or even thinking about having a baby, you try out different names to know whether or not it's going to work for you down the road.

With my husband being a teacher, this task is a lot harder than you think.


Me: Hey Babe, what do you think of the name Bekah?

DH: No, when I saw it, I yelled it like a chicken sound.  Buck aw! Buck Buck aw!

This is what happens almost every time I mention a name.


So back in May, my husband and I completed our first 5k together.  Ever since then, it's been REALLY hard for me to get back on the band-wagon to keep running.  He's done great and continues to improve his time.  I got a little jump start when a neighbor said that she would do the couch to 5k program with me again.  So we did it and it was going well.  About 5 weeks into it, it was like pulling teeth to get her to come out.  In return my motivation went to the way side. 

When my neighbor and I started the program, we had said that we would complete the snowflake run and that would be our goal.  Well, this Sunday is the snowflake run.  I'm not doing it with my neighbor but I am doing it with my husband.

I went on Thursday to pick up the sweat shirt that we get with our registration.  Worst. Sweat. Shirt. EVER.  Seriously, it's going to be a great candidate for the ugly sweater party sweater... it's BAD.

Anyway, wish us luck as we head off to run tomorrow morning...

In Memory

... of Domino.

The only magazine subscription that I've been getting for the last 5 years, is no longer.

... and this article that is usually in the back of each issue of the magazine... honor their {no longer} existance, I'd like to introduce to you my "10 Things That Make Me Happy"...

1. Franklin Covey's Monarch Weekly Planner.

2. Black pictures frames.

3. Silver Ball Silpada {stud, knock off tiffany} earrings.

4. Red "O" lipstick from MAC.

5. The Misteloe scented candle from Yankee Candle {or anything pine/evergreen flavored}.

6. An "endless" twist tie that has no metal or plastic on them.

7. Freshly cracked sea salt.

8. Chair-and-a-halves with an ottoman.

9. My digital camera.  It's nothing fancy but it takes the shots that I need/want and I always have to have it with me.

10. My trusty 10+ year old Old Navy fleece sweater 1/4 zip. 

What are the 10 things that make YOU happy?

EtSy.LoVe of the week

Check out this darling hat and adorable shop... Liza Rietz.

IMNH: Kitchen Desk/Office Space

I know when I first started this IMNH thread, I said that I would do them once a month or maybe more... I've obviously gotten away from that and I'm trying to get back into it... So, onward...

In our current house we have an island, that is sort of serving as an office space.  We collect the mail there, we have scrap paper there, pens, batteries, staplers, tape, sewing kit, etc...  We also have a MacBook that currently sits on a laptop table in our living room so that it's within reach whenever we want to use it.  It's not a bad set up as that its the only two places for those sorts of things.... SO, In My Next Home, I would like to have a different set up.  I would like an actual desk area that is still in the mix of everything but has all sorts of compartments and is more of a reliable desk type area.

See below for a few examples.






My last thought on this one, well two thoughts.  First, I'd like it to have as much storage as possible s…

breaking point

You know that point when you think you are holding together pretty well, when really all you want to do is cry.

Or scream.
That's where I'm at.
Or I was at.

First of all, being a woman is hard.

We had this whirlwind of emotions that we experience on or off of our cycle and we're supposed to just function as normal while our body flips cartwheels. It's not fun and there are moments when you just can't help but crave a breakdown.
I know that I haven't posted much about this in a while because it just hasn't been something that I want to talk about.  I figured that I was beating a dead horse and the more I grip about it the less it will happen.  Plus, you guys don't want to read a blog about "negative nancy".  It wasn't going to be fun for me or for you.

So, what happened?

Well, we were going to an RE, we did 3 rounds of IUI's and nothing happened.  I remembering posting about the costs of an IUI and basically, it's not cheap.  Our i…


This is what I feel like right now.
Too much going on.
Not enough time.
Just can't complete the little things.
Can't become pregnant on my own.
Treading water.
Want a house to myself.
Constantly on the go.
Can't relax.
Tension in my shoulders.

wordpress vs. blogger

I enjoy blogging but recently, I thought that I would weigh my options or other blog hosts.

For those that use wordpress, what do you like most about it?

What did you use before wordpress?

If you used blogger, what do you like more or less about wordpress?

Should I stay with blogger or go to wordpress?


EtSy.LoVe of the week

Find these lovely wooden snowflakes that are 5 for $25 dollars at Grah-Toe Studio.