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IMNH: {movie} Dream Home

Courtesy of  Erin and her idea to post about her fictional dream home, this post has come to life again.  Do you remember when I was a little more diligent about posting options or changes that I would like to see happen In My Next House?  Well this is a spin off of those posts.

This post is going to display my all time favorite {movie} houses.  Houses that I like, not only because of the exterior but because of the story or decor within.

Up first, my ALL TIME favorite {movie} house from "The Notebook", Noah's house for Allie.

This post will tell you all that you need to know about this house, but how could you not love it?  It's just stunning and those side balcony's are just dreamy.  Who would want to sit on one of those to soak up the sun, paint or just day dream? 

Up next would be one that all girls probably have dreamt about over time, the house from "Father of the Bride".

There's a bit of a trend going between these two house but the next one will throw you off a bit.  How could you not love this house either?  It's just beautiful and again with the story that is in it's background, you are just bound to fall in love with this house.  Again, thanks to this site for giving us much more detail on the house and reminding us of all the reasons for loving this one.  And like Erin had said {from the link above} the nursery in "Father of the Bride II" is just amazing!  I have to agree.  Who wouldn't want to add an addition to your house for a room like that?  Like I said to Erin on her blog post about houses, if I had this house I would want everything that they have with it in the movie.  The neighborhood, the brick sidewalk, the basketball rim in the back, the tree lined street, the potential for large events... the whole kit and caboodle.

Next on the list is, the house that you might recognize from the more current movie "Marley & Me", the family farm house that they move in during the 2nd half of the movie.

I love how this house just spreads over the property.  I love the side screened in porch, the stone verses the green siding and the third story.  It's just perfect.  Like all of the houses above, it's absolutely stunning from the outside and yet the inside is just as amazing.  You can jump over here to see more of what I'm talking about.  My most favorite room is the kitchen.  How fun would it be to have a room like that?  The table is the perfect size for either a large family or maybe just a few guests for dinner.  It's warm and cozy and it really does still look like a farmhouse.


Last but not least, the Home Alone house or as they called it, Kevin's house in Chicago.  I thought with Christmas coming up just around the corner, this house might be one of those that you have in memory for that season.  Would would love a house decorated like that?

Here are a few that {in my opinion} rank up there as favorite movies but aren't necessarily a dream home.  Don't get me wrong, if I were offered them I would take them in a heart beat but they just aren't like the other houses above to me... you know?

1. "Notting Hill" {house}
2. "You've Got Mail" {house and store}
3. {an oldy but a goody, do you even remember this one?} "Pollyanna" {mansion}

I will leave you with this link and a question...

What are you more memorable {movie} dream house{s}?


Blue-Eyed Bride said…
i completely forgot about the home alone house when i wrote my post. i LOVE it. i love the layout of the inside-- i would just change the decor now! beautiful!
OMG! Love the FOTB house!!! I still don't understand how they were able to have all those people there though! The Richie Rich house would be pretty cool...
Sarah said…
The Father of the Bride house is definitely on my list.

I also love the old farmhouse in Hope Floats - how it sat at the end of the street. The staircase. The land. The porch.

This is weird, but I always loved the pass through window between the kitchen and dining room on ALF.

Oh, and another favorite - the house in Hand that Rocks the Cradle.
Anonymous said…
The Family Stone
13 Going on 30
The Holiday(Graham's house)
Something's Gotta Give
Home Alone
Father of the Bride
Sixteen Candles
Nat'l Lampoons X-mas Vacation
Steel Magnolias
kylee said…
I absolutely ADORE the house in, "The Holiday." (Kate Winslet's house.)
Erin said…
I have a special place in my heart for urban living, so the brownstone in You've Got Mail is one of my top picks. I also love the place that Helen Hunt (I think?) bought at the end of What Women Want.

The Father of the Bride house would be totally amazing! I loved that kitchen :)

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