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Country Living Fair 2009

On September 20th, 2009, the Country Living Fair came to Columbus, Ohio.  My mom, sister and I all attended on Sunday, the last day of the fair.  We had never been, nor did we know what to expect to going Sunday worked out perfectly for us.

Coming on Sunday was good because, from what we understand, Friday and Saturday at the fair were just CRAZY!  There were people EVERY WHERE.  You could hardly get into any of the booths and the wait for food, bathrooms, to check out, and just to get around were all long.  Many reasons why we'll go again on Sunday and would recommend Sunday to anyone who might be interested in doing it in the future.  Now the only down fall to going on Sunday was that some of the designers/ vendors had sold out of things that were VERY popular on the days prior.  Only we had know idea unless we saw something that looked interesting, we asked about it and then were told that they had been out of those since the first day.  How were we supposed to know?  Well, you just weren't.  But we found out quickly.  We were living and learning.

Here's a little recap for the things we saw and did during that afternoon:

1. The Chalkboard painted {fake} pumpkins.  There was a RustOleum tent that had MANY projects using their chalkboard paint, their dry erase board paint, their magnetic paint and many other colors and options.  It was fun to pop in here and learn a little bit about the magnetic paint, as I hope to paint the inside of our spice cabinet soon and with their help, I'll do it with confidence!  Plus, I liked the idea of painting those pumpkins.  Could be a cute way of adding to your fall/halloween decor and you can change it as you wish.  I might do this and put them around my fireplace.

2. The red Country Living banner.  The fair was held at the Ohio Village which is darling anyway, but these banners were hung all through the village.

3. The Fair Map.  It was a huge spread of vendors!  I was amazed and wanted to document the layout so I took this picture, just for fun!

4. The Pumpkin Gourd.  Gourds are a big thing this year, or maybe they have been for a while and I'm just catching on.  Anyway, from what I understand drying out a gourd is really easy and then you can create whatever you'd like with a little bit of paint, stain and a knife.  So the pumpkin gourd is something that I might want to create in the future, so I documented it for future reference and for your benefit too.  Maybe you could try your hand at creating your very own trick or treat bowl.

5. The Large Longaberger Basket.  Isn't this hilarious!?!  It had an opening in the back that you just stepped through and wall-la you were in a basket.  I've only been in a hot air balloon basket once, while it was teathered to the ground.  But while standing in this basket, that's exactly how I felt, except for the fact that the back was open! 

6. Longaberger's Fall Table.  Every stand was beautiful.  They had many different ideas for decorating but this table I was just drawn to, isn't it just beautiful?!  Maybe a little crowded, but the ideas were neat and more my style.

7. The Gourd hill and horse carriage.  This was in the center of the village.  It was a heaping of gourds on hay bales, how cool right?  Well, I snapped this picture from the outside of the General Store and looking at it now, I might just frame it and pull it out with my other fall decorations.  Isn't it so pretty?!

8. My mom, sister and I in front of the gourd hill.  We liked it so much that we had to have our picture in front of it!!

9. The cute wrought iron ball jar vase holder.  This was one of those items that flew off their shelves the first day of the fair and on Sunday they were just taking orders for it to be shipped.  It was only $16.00 and I thought I was going to buy it.  There were so many things around that if I didn't capture it on my camera I was afraid that I would forget about it and by the time I reached the end so I took a picture.  It's still a really cute idea, but I did pass it up for some other items.  Plus I didn't really have a good place for it, either.

10. Lunch, FRESH bruschetta.  Okay, when I say fair, I usually think of fried cheese on a stick, corn dogs, candy apples, popcorn, cup of fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, etc....  Sure, they did have a few of those options, but this fair food was so much better than any other I've ever had...  Bruschetta at a fair?  It was WONDERFUL.  Three full pieces with a MOUND of tomato goodness!

11. Wheel barrow of Acorns.  Just another shop with a cute display...

12. Chenille Pumpkins.  These things were SO cute!  I have some at home that I'll show you in my "fall decor" post that I'm planning.  They were made from vintage chenille fabrics and the tag told you when the fabric was from.  My pumpkins were from a 1950s chenille and they are just so cute!  She had everything from pumpkins, to candy corn, to christmas trees, to ornaments, to bibs, to blankets... Everything was so cute and colorful!

13. Homegirls Shop Cutout.  This was just fun!

14. Fall decor on black cabinet. I love this table, so pretty!  Just wish I had a place for a cabinet like that because I would SO decorate it like that too!

15. Longenberger's Winter Sofa Table.  Most everything at the fair was fall or halloween decor and there were only a few tents/shops that I remember being dressed in Christmas items.  This one was one of my favorites and made me really excited for Christmas.  It's such a great time of year and I love having my house decorated for it too!  So I'll leave you with this picture to dream of those snow covered streets and twinkeling christmas lights...

Maybe next year you could go too!  It was worth it!!


I love that kind of stuff! I made a carved gourd one year for my mom for Christmas. I hope you got lots of goodies!
SassyTimes said…
Looks like fun! I'll get back to you on a possible visit date. October is CRAZY around here for us.
Kay said…
I was there too! Wasn't it amazing?! I had soooo much fun. We went on Saturday. It was insane. We waited 45 minutes in line for a hot dog! I think I'd definetely go on Sunday next year.

Homegirl was selling my dolls there!! Wasn't her booth neat? I like her style. I spent a lot of money but I could have spent a lot more - I kept seeing things that I wanted to buy after I had already went over my budget!
Quiet Oasis said…
Oh, I would LOVE to go to this! Everything looked beautiful. and thank you, I am now hungry.
Danica said…
Looks like you had fun!
Brooke said…
Looks like a great time! I will have to check it out next year. I have a lot of gourds in the garage from the husband's Grandma, if we ever have Bunco again you're welcome to some!

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