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I must apologize.

I've been trying very hard to keep up with everyone and leave you nice, heart felt comments.  However, I'm just finding myself falling further and further into a hole.

My Google Reader says that I've had 1000+ for WEEKS and I can't get it down.

So, for those of you out there that aren't feeling the love, I'm sorry.  I'm trying to get to you but I just can't find the time...

Someday I'll get back in a swing but until then, forgive me.


Halloween isn't even here yet and I can't stop thinking about Christmas, let alone Thanksgiving.

I do have to say that with my {live in}house guests present, I have refrained from decorating as much as I would like.  I'll have to post pictures of my fall/harvest/halloween decorations so you can see some of my new additions this year.  I'm also not that excited about decorating for Christmas this year with our {live in}house guests present because our house is already so crowded as it is that I don't know what it's going to feel like with decorations and things on top of that...  I love the holidays and I'm not going to let their presence or the crowded-ness make me not enjoy the holidays.

So, on with my inspiration...

full speed ahead

So, over the last 8 years I've thought about going back to school.  At first it wasn't something that I was crazy about.  I wanted to just work and do well at what I knew I could do.  With time, I've realized that while it was a great choice at the time, I need to move forward and make better choices for our future.  I need to work toward my degree and just get it done with.  Who wouldn't love to see it on my resume anyway?

The plan is to hopefully start taking a class during the winter quarter.  I've never been a good student so my plan is to stay in the classroom for a bit.  I don't want a heavy work load but I do want to complete this in a timely manner. 

I go on Monday, next week, to plan what my next few quarters will hold for me.

I'm excited to get this under my belt...

Soon, I'll be going full speed ahead for my goal!  I'm very happy about this choice.


Updated to say, I'll be going for my Business Management…

EtSy.LoVe of the week

Perfect for your little bean to wear in the month of October and be OH-SO festive! Visit The Princess and Me's shop and see so many other options that might suit you better.

cannot wait...

Ikea, here we come!

My girlfriend and I are headed there today for some quality shopping.  She's never been and I'm so pumped to spend the whole day cruising through their warehouse!

EtSy.LoVe of the week

Reusable banners for autumn, another great way to decorate for fall without having it be specific to halloween/thanksgiving. This could be put up on September 1 and kept up until it's time for Christmas! Visit AddieBug's shop to view more options and potentially request a custom piece.

Free OPKs and HPTs

Go here.

10's the limit... however you'd like to order them...


I'm having a very hard week.

It's not something that anyone can really fix.

It's something that I'm just struggling to deal with.

I try to brush it off but I'm constantly reminded of it.

I try to talk about it to my husband and to others, but no one understands how I'm truly feeling.  Nor can they make it better.

I would love to be home to just relax and veg out.  However, that is where the struggle is intensified.

I try to keep it to myself, but that only makes it worse.

Some days are a lot easier than others.

But this week is hard.

Very hard.

I don't feel like myself and I haven't for a number of weeks now.

I can't change anything right now.

I have to wait.

Just be patient and wait.


Food: Spicy Pretzels

Friends, I'm repeating this just for your benefit. 

Dusty posted this and it just sounds amazing.

With a football weekend on the horizon, I thought I would pass this on to those who haven't seen it and hope that it will be the hit of your tailgate!

Find the Spicy Pretzels here.

Creative hearts

From Tuesday's post, I thought I would dig out the business cards that I collected at the fair to help you locate some of the shops that we found and loved.

Chenille Pumpkins made by Raggidy Edges

Vintage Home Furnishings, handmade homegoods by HomeGirl

Vintage grace, Modern Style jewelry by TwistStyle

Vibrant colored art {LOVE this shop} by Berries in the Meadow

Beautiful Antiques at The Vintage Barn

Primitive Dolls and Folk Art by Country at Heart

Recycle, typewriter key jewelry, hang tags, bling bling bottles by juNxtaposition

This blog also gives you a TON of pictures from the fair, you can see the mobs of people there too!!

All of these places are worth taking a look at!  I hope that you'll love them as much as I did!!!

EtSy.LoVe of the week

Another fall/hallween related EtSy.LoVe for the month of October, includes some more decor items for this AWESOME season. Visit CozyRosies shop and love on her flash cards!

Country Living Fair 2009

On September 20th, 2009, the Country Living Fair came to Columbus, Ohio.  My mom, sister and I all attended on Sunday, the last day of the fair.  We had never been, nor did we know what to expect to going Sunday worked out perfectly for us.

Coming on Sunday was good because, from what we understand, Friday and Saturday at the fair were just CRAZY!  There were people EVERY WHERE.  You could hardly get into any of the booths and the wait for food, bathrooms, to check out, and just to get around were all long.  Many reasons why we'll go again on Sunday and would recommend Sunday to anyone who might be interested in doing it in the future.  Now the only down fall to going on Sunday was that some of the designers/ vendors had sold out of things that were VERY popular on the days prior.  Only we had know idea unless we saw something that looked interesting, we asked about it and then were told that they had been out of those since the first day.  How were we supposed to know?  Well, yo…

Music Mondays

More here.

home front

There's a lot going on, on the home front. It's been good to have a bit of a distraction lately with our house guests and all.  It's keeping me from concentrating on our struggle and what we aren't able to accomplish, yet.  It's helping us realize that we can focus on something other than our journey in hopes that timing will just fall into place.  We've been trying to also remember that we have to lift Him up in order for our storm to know where we stand.  My husband has started to verbally express his frustrations.  It's something that he's been good at sort of keeping to himself, however, in the last few months he's said, "I just wish we were pregnant", a number of times.  I agree, however, I can't change what's happening.  If I could, I would've months ago.  It's heart breaking no matter when it's said, however when said at the wrong time, it will immediately send me to tears.  I know that we both want to overcome t…

EtSy.LoVe of the week

Tracy over at The Home Spun Raven has some of the most well crafted signs I've ever seen. I found her shop just yesterday when looking for halloween wall hangings. Her work will just blow you away. Visit her site and view all 445 items that she has for sale!