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Show and tell....

Here are a few things that I've read/heard/done lately that I thought might be helpful to you, so I'm going to share them...

1. Maya Abdominal Massage

2. Field Control Therapy:

Explaining Field Control Therapy®

Clover Kreger, written Oct 2005

To begin with, imagine a deep festering wound inhabited by a large and filthy splinter of wood. Unaware of the wound’s causative agent, the physician subjects the patient to courses of antibiotics, superficial cleansing agents, pain killers. . . the naturopath gives nutritional supplements, and herbs, puts the patient on a healthy diet, gives perhaps acupuncture or healing therapy. . . and the wound still adamantly festers on. In the case of CFS patients as well as that of most sufferers of degenerative disorders, toxins are the proverbial thorn, throwing the body’s metabolic processes out of whack, and preventing homeostasis and healing. Although, of course, it’s really more a matter of innumerable splinters.

Unfortunately, removing these toxic agents is a great deal more complicated than extricating a thorn. The toxins are often scattered throughout the body, targeting genetically weak or recently or habitually stressed organs and they easily invade cells, including the DNA itself. Fatty organs (including the brain) show a particular propensity for accruing toxins, and, with regard to the brain, this organ is especially difficult to access. The studies which supposedly proved that DMSA can cross the blood-brain barrier were done on rats, not humans. The accuracy of heavy metal chelation tests depends on how well the patient’s organs of detoxification are functioning, how much toxicity is locked inside the brain, whether instructions concerning the test were followed precisely, and no doubt other factors. The only really accurate heavy metal tests, according to world-class toxicologists, are those done on cadavers – the very people irredeemably beyond help!

However, given that heavy metal test results indicate a definitive problem in that area, or that one is convinced that pernicious agents are at the root of these disease processes, there is still a major obstacle to chelation: redistribution of heavy metals. “Orthodox” chelation – i.e. DMSA (Kelmer), DMPS, EDTA or various other chelation agents – does not address this spanner in the works; that is to say, it does not protect vulnerable organs. Not only does it not protect these weak areas of the body, but chelation doctors are surprisingly ignorant of electromagnetic fields’ ability to cause heavy metals to “stick” in the body. As Field Control Therapy (FCT®) appears to be the only chelation modality to address these salient issues, Simon and I have made the decision to continue to resort to FCT® as a personal chelation agent as well as promulgating its use in Ireland and Britain. As we have read extensively on the subject of chelation and received many letters from distraught patients whose efforts at improving their health have proved inadequate or inefficacious and who have even, in some cases, experienced a worsening of their symptoms, and as some of them have already done a considerable number of DMSA, EDTA or lipoic acid treatments, we sincerely feel that FCT® is the best option.

And what is Field Control Therapy®? It is a type of detoxification therapy and the brainchild of Dr Yurkovsky; a synthesis of various savants’ theories and therapies as well as a unique invention in its own right based on causative homeopathy.

“Causative” homeopathy addresses the roots of illness – the causative agents: toxins, pathogens, scar tissue, and other pernicious factors. In the past, Dr Yurkovsky would prescribe a series of homeopathic dilutions of toxins and homeopathic organ support based on which organs were most severely affected. His latest innovation is to use organ sarcodes (homeopathic remedies made from bodily tissues) that have RNA and DNA “scraping” incorporated into the formula (an extraordinary development which enables us to detoxify organs quite literally down to the deepest cellular levels – including in the DNA and RNA. Some toxins, such as mercury, are mutagenic, i.e. they penetrate into the DNA and therefore become the primary cause of, among other things, birth defects). These new types of homeopathic sarcodes access deeper levels of toxicity, and are more effective, thus one requires less protocols to achieve the same level of improvement. The gaps between these remedies are much longer (2-24 hours vs. 1-2 hours for the former type) and nosodes of separate factors (homeopathic remedies made from toxic agents) are generally used on separate days.

Above and beyond the basic detoxification protocols of organ and tissue sarcodes, which essentially instruct those organs to release a portion of their toxic load and to guard themselves from the toxins now loose in the bloodstream and lymph, FCT® also addresses pathogens, vaccine residues, antibiotic residues, radiation, nutritional deficiencies, candida, and electromagnetic field (EMF) and toxin avoidance. Nutritional supplements, herbs and probiotics are prescribed sparingly, which limits the possibility of developing allergic reactions and the complications which ensue from excessive candida die-off or mutation.

But the make-up of the treatment protocols is only half of FCT® – the other part is the testing modality. This is based on Applied Kinesiology – or muscle response tests. The patient is exposed to vials containing homeopathic potencies made from organs, toxins, etc., and the practitioner measures their muscle response in order to work out the order in which these sarcodes must be used and their precise potencies. This makes FCT® testing somewhat time-consuming compared to many therapies, but largely circumvents the necessity for any laboratory analysis or delay – since test results are immediate and obtained in a completely non-invasive manner. The sarcode protocol is worked up in order of priority according to the severity of the organs’ toxic states. The whole body is systematically screened for which specific organs or areas are the most stressed and in need of help.

The patient is asked to fill in a case history form on the first visit and during subsequent visits current symptoms are discussed. Student practitioners study symptoms in terms of their connection to specific organs and can soon spot certain organs’ connection to “disease states”, although the concept of specific disease states is not the basis of this modality. For those who are interested, the term “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, for example, incorporates a plethora of afflicted organs, but I would expect to find involvement of the adrenals, hypothalamus and lymphatic system – judging from our current small study of CFS patients now using FCT®. The kidneys, so vital in the removal of toxins from the body, are virtually always included on protocols and the lymphatic system is very frequently addressed. Beyond the main protocol of organ sarcodes, we also test for antibiotic residues (a major and very common issue), parasites, candida, nutritional deficiencies, and for pathogenic and other “rogue” factors.

There are several “rubs” which can block improvement and which the potential patient must consider. An anti-candida diet is stressed and is particularly vital for patients with certain severe conditions. The washout effects of any chelation therapy can be unpleasant (this varies tremendously from patient to patient – ranging from feeling nothing at all to having an exhausting and emotional few days, though when this occurs it is only in passing and does not last). EMF avoidance is crucial during the protocol (generally 2-6 days at a time, with several weeks between protocols, depending on the patient’s condition). This means (during the 2-6 days) no: computers, phones, TVs, motors and fluorescent lights nearer than approximately 16 feet – minimal use of speakerphones is allowed if absolutely necessary. Normal electric light bulbs are innocuous enough but EMFs in the bedroom should be limited at all times and all bedroom electric apparatus should be unplugged at night. I feel this is a small price to pay for a return to health. Unfortunately, one’s living companions must also co-operate, which can be difficult. Nonetheless, given that EMFs are toxic agents in their own right, these “holidays” from EMFs are beneficial in themselves. Note, also, that EMF avoidance is not recommended only for those following FCT® protocols, since for the same reasons this should be done also in any other form of treatment or healing if genuine long-term improvements are desired. For those who find time weighing heavily on their hands, and for whom reading is not a normal activity, we are composing a book-list of well-written and reasonably uplifting volumes available on request.

Needless to say, one protocol never does it. Some patients require just a few protocols, but normally one can expect a long process with a gradual amelioration of symptoms in the case of those suffering from chronic and severe illnesses: the size of the climb depends on the severity and history of the condition, but the direction is upward regardless.

In the event that this leaves you still rather at sea as to what FCT® really is, please ponder the following two consecutive regimes and their connection to symptoms and think of yourself as a leaking boat which needs extensive repair work to be able to safely navigate the high seas of normal living once again.

3. Saliva kills sperm.

4. AF arrived Wednesday.  Onto cycle 37.


Alyson said…
1. Sounds interesting.
2. That's a lot to read, not sure I followed.
3. I knew that-weird!
4. What the hell! - I'm so sorry!

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