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Written on August 29, 2009.

Without getting terribly emotional and since I've never posted about this before, I thought they best way to remember my kitty Oscar, is to list out the timeline of his life.

07.24.04 Oscar was born.

08.25.04 You arrived at the humane society.  You were there with two siblings and  they were all covered in what seemed to be paint.  So you were name William and your brother was name Sherwin for Sherwin Williams.  Your sister's name was Porita, no creativity there.

09.06.04 First booster shot and checked for FIV/Feline Leukemia.

09.15.04 De wormed and FVR CP.

09.22.04 More shots.

09.24.04 We adopted him from the humane society.

10.07.04 His first vet appointment.  We unfortunately found ring worm on his right front paw, ear, face and of course on me too.  He was 3 lbs. 4 oz.

11.04.04 Quick check up.  He weighed 4lbs. 11 oz.

03.03.05 We took him to be declawed.  Being our first pet, we were excited but worried.

03.04.05 Picked up Oscar from being declawed.  We did the laser procedure so the recovery time was supposed to be better and shorter.  He did have to wear a cone and bandages on his paws.  He weighed 8lbs. 11 oz.

03.05.05 In the early AM, he jumped off the side of our bed and crawled under our bed.  He broken open his stitches and made quite a scene.  On the walls, the sheets, on me... called the vet, put pressure and a flour water bandage.

04.07.05 He was favoring the one paw so we went in for a check up but everything was okay.

10.24.05 Annual check up and everything looked good.  He weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz.

12.27.06 Annual check up, again everything looked great.  He weighed 10 lbs. 13 oz.

08.29.07 The screen popped out on our front window in the middle of the night.  He made a bed in the engine of the truck of our neighbor next door somewhere between 1:22 am and 5:30am.  I noticed that he wasn't outside of the bathroom door after my shower at 7:15am and immediately knew that something was wrong.  Every morning, he was out there.  Every morning.  I went into the living room to find Toby {our dog} staring out of the window.  I saw the screen and immediately ran outside yelling for him.  Oscar was like a dog and would come to his name.  Unfortunately, when I found him, it was really bad.  He was under our neighbors truck, still alive and breathing but not able to move very much.

I yelled for Sean and had him run over to pick him up as I was still in my towel.  Sean wrapped him in a towel and just kept saying {I can't even type this without crying}, "It isn't good,  it isn't good.  You need to go and say your goodbyes, you have to be with him and say your goodbyes."  He laid him in the bathtub in our bathroom so that we could both quickly get dressed and get to the emergency vet.  This day was my husband's first day back to school after summer break, so there was a bit of added stress.

At this point we didn't know what had happened and just assumed that he was hit.  We didn't even think about the thought of him being in their truck.  Come to find out later that he was in there when they tried to automatically start their truck at 4:30am and it didn't start.  My neighbor also said that it made a horrible sound {oh gosh... more tears} and they couldn't figure out what was wrong but had to go on to work.

So, we hop in the car, Oscar is still alive and I'm holding him, telling him over and over, how sorry I was.  He was in really bad shape.  Really bad shape.  {maybe TMI but I have to paint the scene since I've committed to writing this post}  His jaw was broken, his front legs were broken.  His back legs were okay.  He had some broken ribs and was beading from his tummy and his ears {oh gosh.  I can't even type.  just thinking about all of that makes me so sad.  so, so sad.}.  It wasn't good.

We got to the emergency vet which was about a 30 minute drive {only to find out later that our town has an emergency vet that we didn't know about.}  We were able to get him right in.  They hooked him up to an iv and tried to figure out what was wrong and what they were going to be able to do to help him.  It wasn't good.  It was really bad and I was a complete wreck.

Have you ever lost an animal or had an animal get hurt?  It something that someone without an animal will not understand.  They are like family and like your children in some ways.  Sitting here just thinking about him brings back all of these memories, just brings back all that emotion.  So painful and something that I think about a lot.

So, Oscar is getting looked at, we're in the waiting room and the doctor comes out.  Basically, there's a LOT wrong with him and although he was breathing, he was pretty much on his way out and if we were to help him, he would've NEVER been the same cat.  Never.  {so many tears}.  

We made the decision to put him down.  It was going to be the best thing for him and the best thing for us.  It was a really hard decision but the doctor left it up to us and we knew that it wasn't going to be painful for him.

We were told that we could have our last moment with him before they put him down.  {Another moment that I will never forget.}  We were asked to go into this little room with a couch and a table/chair combo.  We waited and one of the vet techs brought him in.  We both held him and said our goodbyes.  We talked about all of the memories that we had {tears} with him.  We remembered everything.  I was a mess and very upset.  I was so upset that the vet tech became sympathetically upset with me and that was a really nice thing.  Something she wasn't paid to do or even told to do.  She was just being human in a really hard situation.

They put him down and then we were asked about what we wanted to do with his remains.  I decided that I wanted to take them and make that decision later.  I took them home and sat with them on my living room coffee table.  I knew that we wanted to do something but burry him in the backyard wasn't an option because of our neighborhood and it just didn't mean anything to me.  I wanted him around.  So I called the local vets and got a referral to a vet that cremates animals and puts them in a stained personalized box.  To me that meant more to me than in the ground.

That's what we decided was best and even to this day, we still have him out because I haven't yet come to a point where I could pack him away.  He was our first pet.  Our first one that we lost and he meant a lot to us.

There are a 100 different memories that we have of Oscar.  The picture below is how we spent most evenings.  He loved being cuddly with us and always could be talked into sleeping with us, even if he wasn't sleepy.  :)  I miss these times and I miss him.  Very much.  Very, very much.

Oscar 07.24.04 - 08.29.07


Danica said…

Pets are our children. I have lost two as an adult and sometimes I swear I can still hear my Paisley meow and he's been gone since 11/11/2005. :-(

Oscar looks like he was a funny, friendly, caring cat. I'm sorry your time was short with him, but know that you made an impact on his life as well. He's playing in kitty heaven with Paisley..I promise. And my Paisley was 15 when he died so I'm sure he's 'motherly' little Oscar.
Mrs. Dirnberger said…
OH...this is a tear jerker!!! I know how it feels to loose a beloved animal. Gosh
Simi said…
hugs; i'm sorry you lost such an important part of the family.
Julie said…
I was tearing up reading this. I remember how difficult it was to put our cat down when I was a young girl. I think this is a beautiful memorial to him. *hugs*
Busted said…
Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry. Poor, sweet Oscar, he looks like he was a truly sweet kitty. I'm crying remembering with you. (((HUGS))) to you and so much love to Oscar.
Quiet Oasis said…
Oh my gosh. That is sooooo awful what happened to him. Thanks for sharing. My heart goes out to you today. :(
Alyson said…
break my heart! I have lost pets before and its so hard!
Jill Marie said…
Oh My Goodness... I was crying while reading this. My deepest sympathy to you. I had to put down my childhood dog and it is still hard for me to forget. I cried like a little girl for weeks.

(((((hugs to you)))))
Molly said…
Oh, I'm crying. I'm so very sorry this happened. I can't imagine. Pets ARE members of the family and it sucks when they are no longer there. I hope it helped to get the story out. And I'm glad he was your cat. You were a good cat mom : )
Hillary said…
Aw, sweet kitty. I'm so sorry you don't get to love on your Oscar anymore. This was a beautiful remembrance.
Erin said…
OMG this post made me think of my 2 first born furries as I call them. I had to have one put down on Jan 1st 2007, but he lived a full 14 years. My other one disappeared last year so I know the feeling!
Andrea said…
Tears, streaming down my face reading this.


What a beautiful way to chronicle your life together.
Jeannie said…
Poor Oscar :-) As the owner of two cats, I couldn't imagine what you went thru.
Rachel said…
I am sorry! I have lots my share of pets and it is always so hard :(
Rachel said…
Oh my gosh, I'm crying reading this. I'm so sorry for your loss. :( I understand how you feel. We just lost our dearest and only kitty, Shadow, this last October. It was very traumatic. I also wrote about it on my blog, and it was the hardest thing I ever wrote. We also had her remains put in a stained box with her name on it. She's still out on a shelf as well. We can't put her in the ground or away. :(

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