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busy bee

Because I have a lot on my plate and I don't want to leave you in the dark about what I'm doing, I thought that they best way for you to know is to see my "to-do" list. So, here goes:

  • send picture c.d. and copies to aunt barb
  • call about getting a quote for staining our deck
  • purchase a cooler
  • pick up 3 queen mattress bags for our guest room bed and extra mattress
  • call the dr.
  • pick up dry cleaning/repairs
  • carpet cleaning 9/1
  • purchase wedding gift for Barnes & McDowell wedding
  • take things to goodwill (left from the garage sale)
  • get dog food, kitty littler, distilled water, spot shot, more storage boxes & tampons
  • wash & put guest bed sheets/set in basement
  • clean out dresser in guest room
  • clean out linen closet (find a place for napkins/placements)
  • wash down blanket
  • reorganize linen closet
  • put sleeping bags in the basement
  • take OSU stuff to basement
  • take school papers down
  • move little things from guest room to game room closet
  • clean out under sink in guest bathroom
  • clean out/off night stand and move to basement
  • clean off dresser
  • order photo book for my mom
  • purchase matte for photos/frames in guest room (toby & nieces/nephews)
  • frame tulip time poster for guest room
  • move cedar chest
  • move round table w/ plants to living room
  • move rocking chair
  • take cd boxes to basement
  • find candle/decor box in basement and add things from guest room to that box
  • take boat, baby gate (for dogs), bed rail (from nieces stay) and pillows to parents house
  • wash, fold and put away laundry
  • make hair appointment on Monday for cut only, no color
  • get clothes basket from t.w.i.t.
  • re-wash laundry from last night
  • pick up Navy/OSU tickets from Amber
  • Run
  • meet with Lucas about concrete/paver patio off of deck
  • pick up checkbook registers
  • clean up blood on carpet from Toby breaking his dewclaw (like I need something else to worry about)
  • clean out pantry of unused/unwanted food to make room
  • clean out fridge to make room
  • put our wedding pictures onto cd's
  • schedule dinner with lori & nate (movie tavern?)
  • reorganize the laundry room cabinet
  • smores & drinks with neighbors
  • reorganize candle/decor box
  • find a mail basket for house guests
  • refill green works cleaner in kitchen & 1/2 bath
  • buy large tubs for guest room bedding and linen overflow
  • get spot shot
  • bag up guest bedroom mattress and spare mattress in basement
  • make annual appointment with dr. m
  • pick up tickets from Jodi
  • grocery shopping
  • vacuum
  • write check for carpet cleaners
  • get a tub for cleaning supplies

I'm hoping to update this list tonight with a lot more strikes but my guess, once I'm done with most of these things, I'll just have that many more things to add to it!

Happy Thursday!

Updated 09.01.09.


Leigh said…
That is insane! I like how, when you have a MILLION things to do to prepare for your guests, you add something like "put wedding pics onto cd's" to your list :) Isn't that what always happens when making to-do lists? Everything else pops up!

Good luck!
Farmgirl Paints said…
Wow you do have a long list. I'm a list maker too. It really helps to see things checked off. Such a great feeling. Hope you get it all done soon:)

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