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water birth

If and when things happen for us, I would like to believe that I could accomplish something like this. It seems really natural and controlled, however I know that I would probably chicken out.

I've watched a number of water births on TLC's Baby Story show and always thought that it would really neat to experience it like that. Unfortunately, it's not a common practice in Ohio so I don't think I'll have that option. Plus, as my husband would say, "I'm not into that hippy sh*t." Well there you have it folks.

What are you thoughts on a water birth? Would you do it? Have you done it?

Lastly, I love the idea of a doula. I just love the idea of one person, aside from your husband, being there for you 100% throughout your labor. They know what you want, they know what to do without requesting it and they will be there no matter what time or day it is. They won't leave because their shift is over and they will be there to calm or ramp you up, whatever you need. I also know that most doula fees are not covered by insurance, however those who have a doula say that they wouldn't do it again without them. What are your thoughts on this? Unneccessary? Been there, done that, love it? Or hated it? Too much money for little service?


Erin said…
I just found that blog the other day - I love it! As of now I have no thoughts on doulas or water births... but we'll see what happens in the coming months!
The Nanny said…
I'm a longtime lurker on your blog, but I had to comment on this post! :)

I plan on having water births someday with my (way-in-the-future children). I agree with you, it's so natural, and lovely, and a wonderful, peaceful way for a baby to enter this world. It's not hippy-dippy at all--in fact, more and more women are having them now days! If you're not comfortable with a water birth at home, there are plenty of birthing centers and facilities (and even hospitals!) that encourage them.

My decision to do water birthing with my future kids really came from thinking that your baby has been in "water" for the past 9 months, what better way to bring them into this world than in warm, comfortable water? How soothing and peaceful!

Additionally, water birthing has been shown to reduce the pain of natural childbirth, and babies born in water have been more relaxed and alert. I just think that's a wonderful way to be born! :)

Also, I am studying to become a doula once I graduate from college. I look forward to becoming a birth partner to both mom and dad, facilitating their nerves through the process with my knowledge--doulas are there to be your friend and ally, and like you said, they are there for you 100%! I'd check out, which is the largest organization of accredited doulas, and you can find doulas there in your area. Studies have shown that births attended by doulas have lower rates of unwanted or unnecessary intervention and c-sections. Plus, they take care of the nitty-gritty, leaving mom and dad able to focus solely on bringing baby into the world!

I hope I haven't been too preachy here, but I'm just so excited to hear you're considering both water birthing and having a doula! You absolutely have choices for your birthing process--it's YOUR labor! I'd be happy to talk with you more about this, to send you more information, or to recommend you to others who can walk you through this process. Feel free to email me at theonlinenannyATgmailDOTcom.
sassytimes said…
The idea of water birth grosses me out. So many "things" come out of you during childbirth (besides the baby) and you are basically stewing in it. Not for me. ;)

But...I do like the idea of a doula. My husband and I have actually discussed having a home birth the 2nd time around. Not sure I'd go through with it, but it would definitely be a more relaxing experience. One thing I know FOR SURE is that I'll have a midwife next time (planned). I was in labor for such an extended period of time and pushing for so many hours, that I went through several Drs. The last one was a midwife and she was AMAZING!!! I wished I had her the entire time. I truly believe my labor story would have been much better had I had her there with me. I think a midwife actually cares about YOU and the BABY and not just about the birth process.

I watched a show on doulas and from what I remember, it didn't sound like they were that expensive - especially compared to the fees for having an OB deliver your baby in a hospital setting.
Kristal said…
My thoughts on doulas - I'm in the process of hiring one right now. I think they are an invaluable resource, especially if you are planning on an unmedicated birth.

Water birth - I will be requesting a tub at the hospital I'll be delivering at. :)
Quiet Oasis said…
I gotta say, when giving birth, I just wouldn't want to be in a tub of water. I might've drowned myself.... (ok, slightly sarcastic) :)

A doula would've been kind of cool. But I'd only use one if they were free. Because the nurses are so caring that you kind of bond w/ them (it takes a "special" nurse to work in L&D, I believe).... however i did have one that didn't believe I was 10cm. And believe me, I was. So it would've been helpful to have a doula there to say "listen lady!"

(I enjoyed the hippy sh#$ comment)
Mrs. Hammer said…
I wouldn't do a water birth because the babies do not breathe as well. They actually need the 'shock' of cold/bright/outside-the-womb-reality to start the breathing process. Every water birth I've seen (4) has ended up in bagging the baby to get them to breathe and it was too scary for me.

As far as a doula, my friend had one and she liked it but wouldn't do it again only because her DH felt left out (it was their 2nd child). But we have a doula network at work at people rave about them.
Mrs. Dirnberger said…
The waterbirth thing I am not so sure of. I am big big chicken and i am pretty sure its not even close to being available where I am from. The doula I could use...I am not sure how husband will handle all of this
One Pork Chop said…
LMAO @ your husband's comment. I can see my husband saying the same thing.

Water births - nah. I agree with the previous poster who said that you don't really want to be stewing in a crockpot of your own bodily fluids. Lots of fluids, and I mean lots, exit your body before, during and after birth. The little dropbeds are uber convenient.

You may enjoy the warmth of the water prior to delivery, though. I actually remember wishing I had a heating pad to put on my stomach while I was having contractions.

I never considered a doula either although I've heard nothing but wonderful things about people who have enlisted their services. It's defintitely something worth looking in to for sure.
Alyson said…
Water birth...I don't think I would ever do a water birth. Ack! It never looked like a good plan. I don't think I would be comfortable at all. Not to mention all the stuff you would be stewing in. I would be really grossed out.

As for a doula....not sure. I have never thought of it until a friend of mine had one recently. I might look into it but I doubt that I would have one.
Rachel said…
I wanted a doula so bad. We met and hired one and then she had to have surgery and couldn't do our birth.

Turns out I am glad I didn't have one. I had all the support I needed/wanted in my DH, then mom, sister and SIL. They were all amazing, I really loved that Joey was the one I needed most through it.

I think the doula thing was going to put him on the back burner, at least in my case, I wanted her to support me in case he didn't.

I'm so glad I got to see what a great coach he could be!

That being said, I think they're a great idea!

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