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The rest of the story....

To finish up the answers to my Bueller? post. It wasn't like there were so many that I couldn't just answer them in one post, I had to drag it out. Just to fill in some dead air...

So, onto the last few questions & answers:

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Aside from the weekend, I'm very much looking forward to all of the activities/trips that we have planned. We are headed to Put-in-Bay in July and I'm probably the most pumped up about this trip over everything else. It's just much needed and who does love being near water, a pool, family, alcohol and the sun???

We have a number things planned aside from the trip. Babies that are yet to arrive, concerts in the park, family visiting from AZ two different weeks in July/August, parade of homes, jazz & rib fest, the county fair, mud volleyball, birthday celebrations, an auction or two, 3 or 4 more weddings, {potentially} a concert, traveling to Hocking Hills for a friend's 30th birthday ce…

Food on Friday: Catalina Chicken

As requested, from my Bueller? post and the question from Bumblebe. "What happened to your Friday foods postings? I looked forward to each Friday to read your food post." The reason that I haven't posted the "Food on Friday" posts lately, is because I like to post them when I've actually tried something that I've enjoyed. Sure there are probably a million meals that I've made that I haven't posted and with your prompting, I'm going to try and be better about posting them on Fridays.

So, for your enjoyment, please view & try the two recipes below:

Catalina Chicken:

4 bone-in Chicken breasts, skin removed

1 bottle of low fat Catalina Salad dressing

1 jar of apricot preserves

1 envelope of dried onion soup mix

Combine dressing, preserves & onion soup mix in saucepan over low heat until well mixed. Place chicken in a glass lasagna pan and pour sauce over chicken. Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 2 hours.

Rice Consume:

1 Cup Uncle Ben’s conver…

June 25, 2009

Marks a day in history...

Loosing an Angel to a very rough battle with cancer...

And a pop icon...

the long of the short...

How did you and DH meet..whats your love story?

We met when I was in college and during his first year of teaching. He was friends with my bar/college friends older brother. We went out on a few group dates and then branched out on our own from there. One of our first dates was actually to Scramblers. We dated for 1 1/2 years, we were engaged for 1 1/2 years and now we've been married for just over 5 years. We got engaged at Kuri Beach, North Carolina. It was very romantic and so memorable. Luckily, S's uncle has a condo there so we can visit and rim-anise from time to time. We were actually on vacation with his parents, brother, sister in law and nephew at the time. Of course they all knew what was going to go down... so they were all excited for us to come back from our walk to congratulate us! Unfortunately for us, we were stuck in the room with two twin beds. I think that was planned on purpose. Jerks.

The rest of our story, the short version. We were married March 20, 2004,…

the bad news

We've been paying for all of our IUI's and treatments through our HSA because our insurance doesn't cover it and what they do cover isn't very much. At this time I'd like to remind you that we've been through 3 cycles with approximately $800 per cycle and about $2,400 dollars later, we are still not pregnant. With all of that said, we just got our statement for our HSA account and we are down to a little less than $900 in there and we haven't even come close to meeting our deductible.

So, looks like we'll be on a longer break that we had originally planned. As much as this sucks, we are actually really enjoying out break. I haven't kept track of the days in days. I know roughly where I am in my cycle but not to the minute like I was tracking before. It's such a huge relief and weight off of my shoulders! I'm not sure what will come from it, but we are hopeful and having more fun than we have had in years...

So, as always stay tuned but for n…

27, just 3 years until 30.

Today, the day that I entered the world. Graced my parents with happiness beyond their wildest dreams. The first born and yet the runt of the family.

How do I feel about turning 27? Well, in a nut shell, it just means I'm one more year closer to 30. That my friends, seems more and more frightening as it becomes closer and closer.
What are the big plans for the day? Well, lunch at the office with some friends. Then we have a scheduled boot camp with a trainer that comes to our office. Great birthday present, right? I'm just hoping that he either doesn't find out my birthday or does and then treats me for it. And not in a bad way. After work, my mom is cooking dinner for the family. One of my favorite dishes, creamy basil chicken over pasta. Yum.

Have you opened any gifts yet today? Yesterday my boss greciously gave me a gift card to my favorite store! I'm looking forward to going there and buying a few new things for my Put-In-Bay trip. Aside from that, my husband gave me my present th…

Tasmanian Devil

My new favorite color by OPI, Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. It's a shade of red with a touch of orange.

It's sort of a funny name to me because my maiden name sounded like Wile E. Coyote. He wasn't exactly friends with the Tasmanian Devil, so that is why it's funny. I used to wear Cajun Shrimp by OPI but this one I like a little more because of the red!

Try it out on your next nail appointment!

brown is bad

Introducing my brown bomber. This is the '91 Honda Accord brown beauty that I drive 76 miles to work and back daily.

So, why am I posting about this? Well, with my husband in D.C., I've elected to drive his car which is a '02 Silver Honda Accord. Why? Well, in a nutshell, it’s because it has air bags and my car doesn’t. For some reason lately, this has really started to freak me out.

On some occasions, I can be an aggressive driver but when you drive 76+ miles daily on the freeway, it’s bound to happen.

So although I miss my husband, I’m thankful that I get to drive his car while he’s out of town.

We do have future plans of buying another vehicle. That would mean that the ’02 would become mine and the new car would be my husband’s (this is happening for reasons that I don’t care to share in this post). Our plan is later this summer to figure that one out and test drive a couple of our options. Obviously something with good gas mileage.

I'll update you on our research a…

Am I the only one...

...that misses this show?

This is sort of embarressing to admit, but there was just something about this show that left a special place in our (and by our I mean my hubby and I's) hearts.

More video's here.


To continue on with my handstands post and complete my update for all of you that have been wondering what's been going on...

I'll start with our animals relaxing...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next, I wanted to remind you of the Vera Bradley sale that my mom, sister and I attended on May 1st. What an experience. We drove out around 8am from my house to Fort Wayne, Indiana and it took about 2 hours straight to the door, or the parking lot. We were all herded into the parking lot of a conference center, paid $5.00 for parking and then expected to wait almost 2 hours in line, just to get in the door. We weren't happy about the wait and we weren't really sure how the weather was going to be so standing for 1.5 + hours and then having it potentially rain on us, we just weren't having it. So, my mom, sister and I went up to use the restroom and were able to jump ahead in line and within 30 minutes we were in the door.

Inside the room, there were just tables among …