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"i can't run because i can't toot!"

Yes. Those very words came from my mouth this weekend.

Let's back track a bit.

I had my 3rd IUI done on Thursday morning. It was a really great experience for three reasons. 1. Being I didn't have to ask for the dr. that I wanted and he just showed up without request. Such a good feeling! 2. I got back to my desk and had a really sweet, heart warming, tear jerking email from my husband. 3. Your comments. There were tons of them and it's really so appreciative.

Anyway, so I had the dr. I wanted and he was kind, didn't make me nervous and answered my questions, as well as shared other information about my procedure that I didn't know about. So, it felt great and I couldn't help but think positive thoughts! Later that night, as instructed by the dr., we "did it" to hopefully help the process along.

Now remember, my follicles {the things that burst during ovulation and become eggs} were HUGE! I had 5 on my left and 2 on my right. As my dr. put it, "this doesn't mean that you are going to walk out of here with 5 babies...... buuuuutttttt it could." Basically for us, this meant that "one and done" was going to take on a whole new meaning if this is true. That, and it's own t.v. show, right?!?!

Anyway, so we are on cloud 9 thinking about the possibilities and like every cycle, we can't help but think that it has worked. My husband seems to think that it has. We're pregnant. Period. The end. But we have a few more days until that can be confirmed that, so for now, we just keep thinking/hoping that it has happened!

Okay, so Friday, we are at a wedding reception for our friends who were married in Jamaica the weekend prior. I had one glass of wine and 3 appetizer plates full of food. My husband had quite a few beers and already designated me as the permanent DD for the next few weeks. Which I'm okay with. :) It was a great party, we danced and enjoyed the incredible weather! Drove home safely and only saw 3 cops out, which is totally normal but not for Memorial Day weekend.

We hop in bed, my husband passed out quickly and I'm was close behind him. 5:45am, I wake up with horrible stomach and back pain. Honestly, it felt like I needed to toot but I couldn't. It was awful. I felt like I had eaten something that was just ripping through my system but I couldn't get it to pass. It was just horrible.

Come to find out. When you have enormous follicles like that, or any follicle 18mm or bigger, you'll be experiencing this and it gives off this fluid that makes you think you have to toot, when really it's just fluid from ovulating.

I was rocking back and forth in bed, in pain. I got up and sat on the toilet for a while, hoping something would happen. {sorry tmi} Eventually, I burped. It felt great! Then later, as I was starting to just deal with the pain and fall back to sleep, I was able to give off a toot. I yelled out, "omg that felt great!" but it didn't fix my problem. I was still bloated and crampy in my tummy.

The next day, we eventually got up and decided that in the 80 degree heat that it would be a good idea to go running. Well, not only was I uncomfortable because it was 80 degrees outside and it was really hot! But I still felt gassy and bloated. I told my husband to go on and run ahead. The line that I said was exactly that, "I can't run because I can't toot!" He repeated this all weekend and again on Monday when we ran again.

Hopefully on Thursday, my progesterone will show more that it has the in the last two cycles, as I know SOMETHING was going on down there, I'm just not sure what will come from it all!

So, today we are 5dpIUI#3 and we are so very hopeful that something has happened and that we'll have good news to share soon.

Stay tuned...

Here are some other helpful sites to reference as well.

Oh for those of you wondering what the little thing is that the feed into my cervix looks like, here you go!


Danica said…

BTW I have the same problem. I always have one or two HUGE follicals and I feel like shit when I ovulate. When I told the doctor this when I was TTC he told me what your doctor told you. INSANE!
Allison said…
I hope this is the cycle!!!!!!

And I am totally LOL at the "I can't toot"--I've experienced that same thing...only it really WAS gas pains!!! Hope you feel better soon and that you see your two lines when you test!!
Quiet Oasis said…
I have never heard of such things before. Well, I hope that means SOMETHING was happening! And it made me laugh that you were willing to blog about the whole experience. Hey, if you can't find humor in this crazy process..... many many wishes to you!!!!!! Can't wait to hear. I keep checking to see if there is any good news.
Mrs. Dirnberger said…
I love this post...Just toot all you want!!!

I still think about you all the time...I often feel ike I know you
Tanda32506 said…

I have a good feeling about this cycle for you! Good Luck!!

Just tell your husband to bite his tongue because when you have success this cycle, you'll "blow" this story out of the water with your first tri, hehehe
Kristen said…
I'm happy that you remain optimistic and have a great sense of humor through your journey - praying for you guys :)
You've made me smile. I love that you have some good-sized follicles. That's fantastic!

My suggestion: take a Gas X. :) It'll help!

AND, I'm keeping those good thoughts/prayers coming!
AthenaBee said…
You were in my prayers last night... here's hoping you can toot.

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