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I had my progesterone checked this morning.

If you read back in my previous cycles, the highest my progesterone was with my OB was 31.

With my reproductive dr., the highest my progesteron level was with both Tamoxifen & 50mg of Clomid was 2.1 & 4.5, respectively.

This cycle, as you have read, I was taking 100mg of Clomid.

Guess what my progesterone measured this morning?

98.6! Can you believe it!?! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

This doesn't mean anything more than I produces a lot of progesterone this cycle. I told the nurse that it would be really great if that test was a two-fer but I understand that it is not.

Anyway, I'm super pumped. I just hope the good news keeps coming!

Edited to answer comment question: I'm currently 7dpIUI#3 (7 days past intrauterine insemination, 3 round).

Small Things 132 - 143

132 - 140 : 365 Days
{from 5.15 - 5.26}

1. My husband, being brave and helping with this accident.
2. Playing sand volleyball. I was rusty but it was fun!
3. Winning 1 of 3 games.
4. Talking to my husband about the accident.
5. Hugging him over and over again.

6. Massage Day at the office!
7. Subway for lunch.
8. Meeting the patio guys for our quote.
9. Neighborhood Bunco.
10. The ladies at Bunco. I was crying because I was laughing so hard!

11. Running my first 5k, finishing it in 38.41 minutes and not walking once!
12. My husband running his first 5k and doing it in 27 minutes.
13. Running into my sister's boyfriend running a 5k too!
14. The Race for the Cure.
15. Dinner at our friends house. So many good laughs!

16. Madison's birthday. Calling her and laughing at how old she sounds!
17. A fun couples bridal shower with lots of good food!
18. Finishing the mulch around our house.
19. Getting three loads of laundry done.
20. Not folding a stitch.

21. Having a busy day at work.
22. Having a good …

"i can't run because i can't toot!"

Yes. Those very words came from my mouth this weekend.

Let's back track a bit.

I had my 3rd IUI done on Thursday morning. It was a really great experience for three reasons. 1. Being I didn't have to ask for the dr. that I wanted and he just showed up without request. Such a good feeling! 2. I got back to my desk and had a really sweet, heart warming, tear jerking email from my husband. 3. Your comments. There were tons of them and it's really so appreciative.

Anyway, so I had the dr. I wanted and he was kind, didn't make me nervous and answered my questions, as well as shared other information about my procedure that I didn't know about. So, it felt great and I couldn't help but think positive thoughts! Later that night, as instructed by the dr., we "did it" to hopefully help the process along.

Now remember, my follicles {the things that burst during ovulation and become eggs} were HUGE! I had 5 on my left and 2 on my right. As my dr. put it, "t…

Go here.... Make this! Candy Apple Salad

My nest friend Dusty, posted THIS salad the other day and that night, I made it for my neighborhood bunco party and it was a hit! It was so easy to make.

You can read about it in the link and she has some great pictures to share as well!

I used about 5 to 6 granny smith apples, 1 tub of Fat Free cool whip, 1 pkg of Fat Free butterscotch pudding mix and about 20 mini {square shaped} snickers bars {cut up into 4th/5th}. It was great!

Make it this weekend for a Memorial Party... your friends will love it!

Updated "our journey"

...on the right hand side bar on my blog.

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Couch to 5k - complete.

The Couch to 5k program was awesome. I was never a runner, nor did I enjoy it. Now after doing this program, I want to continue to train and keep my body in shape for future 5k's.

This Saturday I completed my first 5k with only stopping once for water but that was only 3 steps and then I was running again. We participated in the Race for the Cure, Columbus. What a great event!!

I'm going to write more about this and post pictures but you'll have to wait. My camera cord was misplaced and I ordered a replacement this morning. When I get that in, I'll post pictures.


With all of this potentially-soon-to-be-pregnant talk, I can't help but dream about what our potential-nursery would look like. I'm on the verge of type a, so it's just in my nature to by a little controlling. I'm okay with it.

Anyway, I was looking through my google reader, reading through as much as I could on my 1 hour lunch break, and then... There it was. It. Is. Just. Absolutely. Stunning.

Isn't it fabulous!?!

The Valance: Wal-Mart (but only online)

The Bedding

The lamp shades: Anthropologie. (she said that she switched out what the lamps originally came with the set).

The lamps: Wal-Mart (online)

The Elephant hamper

The paint color: Benjamin Moore and it's #618 called "Robin's Nest."

The mobile

The dresser: Ikea

Cube case bookshelf: Ikea

Do you think this fabric would make a good bumper in place of the one they currently have?

Small Things 124 - 131

124 - 131 : 365 Days

1. Veggie sub from Subway for lunch.
2. Mowing the lawn.
3. Having Toby feel better.
4. Dh making taco salads for dinner.
5. Cuddle time on the couch with dh.

6. Clomid, day 2.
7. Ann Taylor Loft on lunch.
8. Meeting dh for dinner. Sushi. SO yummy.
9. Having an evening at home by myself.
10. Dh getting home at a decent hour from watching the Penguins play.

11. Edging the beds.
12. Mulching the beds.
13. Picking up Mother's Day gifts without too much effort.
14. Reds game with family and friends.
15. Tracers and trails caused from clomid. This is good and bad.

16. Cleaning the house.
17. In-laws arriving at 11:30am.
18. Running a few errands while in-laws get comfy at our house.
19. Great lunch and frisbee golf.
20. Sarah*, a king charles cavalier, that my sister rescued...

21. Sore from P90X.
22. Called dr. about tracers and they said no more clomid.
23. Picked up our Race packets for this weekend.
24. Ran 3 miles exactly without any issue.
25. Tuna salad for dinner.

26. Getting call…

Kayleigh Anne

I have only been following this blog and these twitter updates for a few months now.

My heart is breaking for their family today.

Last night, Kayleigh Anne was welcomed into the Lord's hands. She's not in pain. She's not suffering. She's happy and safe.

Please go and support her family during this time.

wearing a diaper

This might a little over the top for those of you that don't care about the personal information about my body but it's my blog, so I'm going for it.

When I was 3 I had a bladder infection and had to have bladder surgery because of it. No big deal, just a few scars to show and a bladder that doesn't give me any sort of trigger to tell me that "I need to go" soon, in a little bit or even sometimes, right now! It's a great way to go through life. I, pretty much, use the restroom whenever I have the chance for fear that I won't have the resources when it's necessary.

So yesterday, I was standing at the sink, washing some dishes and putting some others in the dishwasher. I started to feel like I needed to go and then all of a sudden I was doing the "I HAVE TO GO" dance, crouched down and ran to the bathroom. I'm almost there, sit down and go; from the other room I hear, "honey, you might have to wear diapers through your pregnancy (…

tracers & trails

So, we were driving home from Cincinnati after we attending the Saturday night Reds game. We had to drop off some friends in Mason before we drove home and I went in because I needed to use the restroom and say goodbye. While in there, I swore that the lights were flickering. You know, like a light does that is above a fan. Like the blades are making it blink. I kept saying, "do you guys see that or is it just me?" They all just looked at me like I was crazy and I just blew it off as though it was just a fluke.

When we arrived at my parents house, I was getting out of the mini van and just as I turned to get out of the car, I literally saw, what I thought to be like a black cob web ALL over me! Seriously, everywhere I looked there were web like lines all over my vision. I shut my eyes, shook my head around and they were still there but not as much as before. On the drive home, all of the lights that were in our car on the console, were all creating those tracers or trails if…

oh alex...

If you don't watch this show, I understand.

My husbands says that if it's on The Soup than it's not worth watching.

Anyway, I've been with it since the beginning and this episode made me cry just as hard as the last. It's ALWAYS good and I can't help but tear up.

This scene was just something else...

Watch for yourself...

Small Things 122 - 123

122 - 123 : 365 Days

1. Lori, for returning to the blogosphere ON her birthday!!! Oh, how we've missed you!
2. My nurses at ORM for being positive and helping me believe that I could've been pregnant. I think it just scared AF into showing up. Either way, you have to appreciate their efforts.
3. Attempting to run even though I had SEVERE back pain {thanks to AF}.
4. My dh for continuing to be my rock, even in the hardest times.
5. King Ranch Chicken.

6. For my Excedrin EXTREME Menstral medicine for working, even though I took twice the suggested amount. I have to. It's the way my system is, every cycle. The pain is out of this world. Hence why I have my heating pad at my desk, right now.
7. Montgomery Inn bound tonight for said birthday celebrations!
8. Lunch with my boss and COO of the company. I'm just hoping he doesn't ask me to ride on his scooter that he drove to work today. How embarressing.
9. Being able to drink without any worry, tonight.


AF showed up just minutes ago and there really isn't much more to say than just that.

My progesterone was at a 4.5 with 50mg clomid and a hcg trigger shot.

What's next? 100mg of clomid, hcg trigger shot and onto IUI #3.

What if that doesn't work? Then I have to consult with my dr. on doing injections and other steps in combination with another IUI. I need to learn more about how it will work exactly but if that doesn't work then I'm/we're onto IVF.

How am I feeling? Depressed. Disappointed. At one point in time I was really anxious and you can't help but be when you don't have much standing in your way. It's really upsetting. It sucks that it's not working like we had hoped but not only that but we still don't know how to fix it. We just have to keep doing trial and error until something clicks. Oh and it doesn't help that I sit next to the ONLY pregnant girl in my office and there is only three people in our 4 person cube. Ugh.

What would y…

Small Things 118 - 121

118 - 121 : 365 Days

1. Vera Bradley Sale.
2. For my sister, for being smart enough to ditch the line by "needing to go to the bathroom".
3. My hipster.
4. My Cosmetic Case, both big a small.
5. My 2 free gifts.

6. Having an entire day to myself.
7. Getting laundry done.
8. Getting compliments on my eyes.
9. Having a great girls night out!
10. Brio.Martini Park.

11. Going to a bridal shower and having a great time.
12. Sunshine.
13. Grocery shopping and spending under our budget. I love when that happens!
14. Coming home to weeded beds. I love my dh!
15. Talking my mom and sister about how excited they are about their purchases!

16. 9dpIUI and no Af.
17. Getting compliments on my outfit and my "slim" look.
18. Hunan Chicken left overs.
19. More sunshine.
20. Running {almost} 3 miles {Sunday} and feeling great!