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And you thought I'd forget...

Are you wondering about how my weight loss is going?

Last I left you, I had just finished up our 9th week of our first session of Weight Watchers and I had only lost 8.6 pounds. Well, since then we have done another 10 weeks that brought me to a total loss of 14. Not a huge accomplishment but at least I was loosing. I'd like to blame some of my issues with loosing on the fact that our leader was a bum but I shouldn't do that.

So, now it's been 4+ weeks without a meetings at work, but I’ve picked up the “c25k” or however people are abbreviating the “Couch to 5k” program. Anyway, so we’re in our 5th week of running and just in these 5 weeks I’ve lost about 7 pounds with a little fluctuation into my existing weight loss. So now, at my current weigh in (at home), I’ve gone from 177.0 (my start weight) to 158, a total of 19 pounds down! Can you believe it!?!

Honestly, I wish I would’ve started this running thing long ago because it’s really jump started my weight loss again…

I’m very happy to be here and I can’t wait to hit 145!!! Seriously, you don’t know how nice it is to see 150 something on the scale! It’s been a while and I hope it’s not around for long!

You should see how my clothes are fitting. Not to mention I’ve gone from almost being in a size 14 (but NEVER purchased such size) to being in an 8! Oh, yet another number I’m VERY excited about! I have so many thing that I haven’t worn in years (jeans mostly) that I can’t wait to wear again… or at least attempt to wear! I know that jeans go in and out of style but I have some that I would still like to wear on down days, you know. It’s great to be back in a normal size and a size that I’ve REALLY comfortable in! It’s a great feeling!

Speaking of things that fit great, my underwear that I’ve worn before all of this weight gain is also coming back around. I know that’s kind of a not-so-blog-friendly-subject but it’s my blog so I’m going to run with it. You know the weirdest part about underwear, that I’ve noticed before but only recently have started to notice more and more. Okay, let’s say you are wearing a pair now, and I hope that you are, does the little piece of fabric that serves a little “catcher” actually fall on your body where it needs to or do you find that it’s creeping more and more towards the rear? If you know what I’m talking about, what’s up with that? If it’s headed to the rear it’s not doing its job and it might as well not be there or I might as well not wear anything. I wouldn’t but I’m just saying.

Okay, I digress.

So, weight loss is doing well. I haven’t forgotten to give you an update I’ve just been lax about posting it! I knew that I would do it but I just had to have the right time.

Lastly, Saturday I have to run 2 miles straight. I’m confident that I could do it, I just don’t want to. Anyone have any pointers on how to make it go by quicker?

Alright, happyhopefuls OUT! Have a good weekend and check out the underwear thing if you think about it!


Kristal said…
Good for you!! That's so awesome.

And funny, because I know exactly what you are talking about in regards to underwear. Bugs the heck out of me...what's the deal?! And if you try to sort of pull it all forward in the correct position, the back of your underwear is no longer covering your butt. Annoying! But LOL @ "catcher".
Iris Took said…
The catcher thing made me laugh!

Good for you! Keep up the good work.

WW is annoying and I am totally struggling with it myself. I hate the meetings.

Keep us updated with your progress.
sassytimes said…
Great Job!!! I wish I had your motivation. I exercised 3 days this week..and ate an entire bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips since. Not good. :(

Your underwear 'catcher' story had me cracking up! I have never noticed that...but you know now I'm going to look. ;) haha.
Kelli said…
Hey! You've totally inspired me to get off my butt. I've been out of the exercise world the last couple months b/c of, well, IF life, but this is my week to get back to business.

When I run here are a couple tricks I use to make time fly:
- I-pod
- ABC game: pick a category (ie. cars, etc.) and think of a car that begins with every letter A-Z. Sounds silly but gets your mind off running.
- Spot running: In h.s. my soccer coach suggested picking a landmark in front of you (Stop sign, tree, whatever) and make it your goal to reach that spot, once you've reached your goal choose a new one, and so on.
- Pray. =)

Hope this helps and enjoy your 2 miles!!
The Wright's said…
congratulations on the weight loss, that's great! my only advice for making the 2 miles go quicker is to have some great music on. i loooove having some no doubt or other upbeat and fun song...just makes you move quicker.

Nikki said…
OK. I'm a friend of Jen's and I've clicked my way over here on occasion from her blog and read yours too. The "catcher" thing? I'm glad you mentioned it! Someone needed to! I thought something was seriously wrong with me! It's almost never where it should be!

Leave it to a topic like underwear to get me to de-lurk....

Hi. I'm Nikki. Nice to "meet" you. ;-)

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