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1st IUI Done

Just to do a little recap: Sunday night, around 9:00pm, I did the HCG trigger shot in the fatty part of my thigh (which wasn't hard to find since I've got my dad's families genes) and it went in without any issues. I also did it myself which I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do. Luckily, it was such a short needle that I just did it before I could think about it much. I did have a little bleeding on the exit but it stopped shortly after. I also have been experiencing some soreness but that has died down now.

Tuesday, I went in the morning to drop off my husband's sperm speciman for a wash and prep for my appointment. I went in around 9am for my IUI appointment (or AI), paid my dues and then my name was called. Sitting in the waiting room was a little strange because there were 4 or 5 other women that I had seen that AM with their spouces dropping off their sperm speciman or collecting it and they were there again later this AM. It must of been a good day for an IUI.

Anyway, I get undressed from the waste down and then sit and wait. I hear a knock on the door and in comes a dr. that isn't mine. It's another dr. in the practice. I told him that I was confused but he explained that because of the rotation he was doing the IUI's today. Shook his hand and then showed him my goods.

It really didn't feel any different than a pap smear, with the only true difference being that it wasn't as quick. He threaded the cathitor and then sent the sperm through. They inserted 37 million sperm right to my uterus! 37 million! Wow! Hopefully one of those little swimmers can get the picture and get this show on the road.

For those sort of in the dark about an IUI, it's like I had intercourse with my dh, without all of the work. :) I still have to wait out these next two weeks and I won't know anything until before Easter and maybe sooner. As I said before, I'm probably not going to say anything in regards to this past today. Unless of course the two week wait is just torture! We'll see.

I have to say that it's really hard walking into this without thinking that it's just working. That I'm going to be pregnant. I understand that it's not 100%. I understand that there is a chance, it won't take. But I can't help but think that those things aren't going to happen. We don't have anything else standing in our way and like my dr. said. This IUI is going to give us the best chance. Period.

With that said, I'll be signing off for the TTC portion of this blog, for now. I have some other things up my sleeve for these next 2 weeks (or 8 weeks) and if it seems to get a little crazy, well forgive me.

Thank you in advance for sending positive thoughts, prayers and constant support, as you always do. It's always appreciated and very much needed!

Stay tuned for what's to come...

This two week wait is going to suck!


sassytimes said…
Best wishes! Always think positive with everything in life. I'm sending good thoughts your way!
Liz said…
I'll be thinking about you and hoping that everything is working the way it should!!!!
Mrs. Dirnberger said…
I am thinking positive and you should be too! I think it will all work out great!
Mika said…
crossing fingers and toes. Best wishes!!
Mandy said…
I'll be thinking about you! The two week wait is going to suck for your followers, too. We'll be right there with you, saying lots of prayers.
Jill said…
Oh-wishing you lots of luck! Hope the 2ww isn't too bad!

P.S. I finally changed my blog name and address-
Whitney said…
You've got even more hopeful thoughts coming from our house!!! Keep us posted, but you know..., just like a month or two from now, maybe mention whether or not anything's happenin', k? :)
mrs.leah.maria said…
My heart is in my throat just reading that! I'm praying, oh am I praying!
Alyson said…
Good Luck!! This is going to be a long two weeks but I'm here if you need anything. :)
I really, really, really hope this works for you. You truly deserve it.

I hope the 2ww FLIES by!!!
freckleface said…
I am thinking positive thoughts (literally) and sending them your way!

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