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Small Things 110 - 117

110 - 117 : 365 Days

1. Having a follicle over 22mm on my right ovary.
2. Feeling great about my progression with Clomid.
3. Doing the shot on my own without any issue.
4. Watching Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice, finally! I thought they were holding out on me.
5. My husband winning his volleyball game 2/3 and going onto the tournament.

6. Sunshine.
7. Eating lunch with some of my {fun} co-workers, outside while soaking up the rays.
8. Dropping off Toby at the groomers. He loves that place!
9. My husband mowing the lawn.
10. My friend getting married, again, but hopefully this is forever!

11. IUI#2
12. Going home and resting for a while. By myself.
13. McD's breakfast.
14. Watching LOTS of Ellen from my DVR.
15. Going to a great pub with a friend.
16. Going to Forever 21 and finding 3 dresses that I love!
17. Babysitting for 5 kids and surviving!
18. Getting home at 2:00am from babysitting safely.

19. Going to my bosses house and having it feel so comfortable and homey.

help with some options...

So, if you saw my post from yesterday, you would've noticed that I purchase some dresses.

Now my problem is shoes.

I want to buy a new pair that would go with the short one and the long one but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that... Could you help?

Which would you buy and why?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7

Option 8

Option 9

Leave your option in the comments and tell me why...

THANKS for your help!

Music Monday...

Artist: Joshua Radin lyrics
Album: First Between 3rd And 4th
Year: 2004
Title: Today

Shoelaces untied
You can dry your eyes
Perfect shadows alive
Behind us
This is the day i make you mine

The way your hair lies
sometimes unrecognized
All the way from these today
on a train
Nothing to say if theres still time

But you are the one
I've been wating for today
And here comes the sun
That's been baiting on today

Lately i've lost my tongue
Today you found the sun
I know not long has grown
Well i thank god u came along

But you are the one
I've been waitng for today
And here comes the sun
That's been baiting on today

You looked right through me
When there was no one else
I sat beside you and became myself
Today... today

You are the one
I've been waiting for today
And here comes the sun t
Thats been baiting on today

I had forgotten....

... about my love hate relationship with Forever 21.

In my profession, it's fun to have the up to date clothes and styles but in the same breath, it's hard to do that and not look like a teenager. So, as you know, I find myself going to Ann Taylor LOFT over going to Forever 21.

Well, I'm in the need for some dresses for some upcoming bridal showers, bachelorette nights and weddings/receptions that are quickly approaching. I had already made a purchase from ATL for one wedding dress and now I needed to get 3 more to have a bit of a variety.

So, this is what I found:

This one, I got in different colors... navy as the main color, with sage and yellow as the accent. It's super comfy and looks great!

I thought this one could be a wedding dress. I just need to find shoes for it now! :)

I also got another Maxi dress but I couldn't find it online. It's like the other one as far as the length and the sytle (strapless) but it's a cotton/spandex blend and it's all…

quick update

April 9th: IUI #1 FAIL. AF started.

April 11-15th: 50 mg Clomid everyday in AM.

April 23rd, 1:00pm: Ultrasound. Follicles on right ovary measuring 22mm. We have a dominant ovary!

April 23rd, 9:30pm: HcG shot in my leg.

April 25th, 7:30am: Drop off sperm for a Sperm Wash.

April 25th, 9:00am: Go in for my IUI #2.

NIAW: Raising Awareness

During our journey, we have experienced every up and down to a relationship that you never hope to come across. We've done it, we've done it together and we continue to do it everyday.

April 25th - May 2nd is National Infertility Awareness Week and along with thousands of women, I hope to continue to raise awareness on this matter. A disease that effects over 7.3 Americans.

Tell you friends, talk to them, support them and spread the word, just as we are! Go out and tell the world, or just those that you care about... either way, spread the word and continue to support!

As always, thank you for your continued support!

should I rent a dingy?

We're headed to PUT-IN-BAY!!! My mom just booked the trip last week and we are all very excited! Not only are we thrilled because it's a week long vacation but it's with my whole family (brother, sister, sister's boyfriend, mom, dad, my husband and our three dogs)! It will be a blast!

Remember last year we went to Lake Michigan, well it's basically going to be the same sort of trip. Really relaxing, lots of water/beach time, site seeing and lots of eating/drinking. The bars up there are supposed to be crazy and they never shut down so the party goes all day long. Honestly, as much as I would like to drink my arse off while I'm up there, I'm hoping I won't be able to because of being knocked up. We have to wait for the latter part to happen yet but we are hopeful.

It will be a great trip, unfortunately it's in July but we are still very much looking forward to it!!! We don't have a boat but I think you can rent one... We'll see how that work…

3 kids and lung cancer

Gina Lee, the photographer that I had found and fell in love with. Well, she tweeted about a new friend of hers and her struggles.

Please go read and support her.

3 boys and Stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Unbelievable.

Get MY butt in gear!!!

My dh and I have been wanting one of these...

ever since I won a $500 shopping spree to Easton Town Center...

and sadly, we are looking forward to looking like this...

and this...

Wish us luck!

Small Things 102 - 109

102 - 109 : 365 Days

1. Rusty Bucket for lunch.
2. Ann Taylor Loft with Alyson on lunch.
3. Babysitting.
4. Baking a cake with a 3 and 1.5 year old.
5. Catching up on my google reader.

6. Meeting my co-workers 7 week old yellow lab puppy.
7. Getting my hair did.
8. Having my husband drop by while I'm getting my hair done.
9. Stopping by my parents house on the way home to see my mom and brother.
10. Having my brother in town (semi permanently) because of switching schools.

11. Bunco in my neighborhood with 14 women!
12. Squid sperm reenactment.
13. Cold beer.
14. Having my CO/Gas alarm go off, calling the fire department and having nothing happen. No gas found in my house. Dumb alarm. Better safe than sorry.
15. Montgomery Inn opening close to home.

16. Spending time with my mom.
17. Iced Chai Tea & lemon pound cake from Starbucks.
18. Going to the Clippers Opening Day Parade.
19. And also the Clippers Opening Day game.
20. Having my mom try sushi for the first time.

21. Laund…

does your family know?

This is something that I've been asked a lot lately, "does your family know {about your struggles, your journey, or even that you are trying}?"

Do you want to know the real answer?

Well, it's no. They don't know a thing.

Who does "family" include? Well, our immediate family {brother, sister, mom & dad}. Dh's parents, and well that's about it. It's just better in our minds that they don't know about our struggles.

Our reason, you ask? We would much rather a pregnancy be a surprise, than an "it finally happened" sort of thing. Personally, I don't want to walk around depressed knowing that they know that I'm struggling. I like to mask those things in front of my family so they don't understand the pain that comes along with this journey.

It's not that we don't want them to be apart of it but it's that we don't want them to be apart of it. Got that?

We're not being selfish. We both have outlets for …

buckeye fever

I'm CRAVING a Buckeye cupcake from Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery!

If you haven't had one, you must get on the ball! Seriously, this will be the best cupcake you'll ever eat! It's a chocolate cupcake with a fluffy whipped peanut butter frosting, all homemade!

OMG, my mouth is watering...

Must. Have. Now!!!!!

Small Things 100 & 101

100 & 101 : 365 Days

1. Matt & Maddy on Oprah.
2. Taco salads for dinner.
3. Not running.
4. Feeling the burn from doing P90X. OMG!
5. Clomid, Day 3.

6. Free Subway lunch.
7. Car pooling with dh.
8. Running & doing P90X! All in one night... :(
9. Dh cooking dinner.
10. Clomid, Day 4.

day 3

This morning, I almost threw up at my desk because of my dear friend, clomid and the lovely side effects it brings along with it...

It's all for a good cause, right?

Small Things 99

99 : 365 Days

1. Deviled eggs, need I say more?
2. Dinner at my parents house with the whole family & dh's parents too!
3. Going to church as a family.
4. Dh singing at church, even though I had to miss it. (a different church than I was attending)
5. Easter baskets... love them!

Small Things 098

98 : 365 Days

1. Celebrating our friends 1st year wedding anniverary.
2. Going to dinner at Jason's or J. Liu!
3. Drinking a glass of wine with no shame!
4. 1st day on clomid... we'll see how the rest of the week goes...
5. Running in the AM and feeling great!

Small Things 94 - 97

94 - 97 : 365 Days

1. Getting my blood drawn and NOT having a bruise.
2. Impromptu dinner with my family.
3. Playing Wii.
4. Watching Greek.
5. Reuben.

6. My husband being VERY productive with his garage project.
7. My husband for being suzy-homemaker and making chili & beer bread.
8. Hanging out with a good friends.
9. Coldstone Creamery's pineapple mango smoothie.
10. Taking off work at 3pm because of my period starting and taking a nap until 5:34pm.

11. Subway for book review/luncheon meeting at work.
12. Swapping my 12 issue Domino subscription for 39 issues of Lucky!
13. Shopping with Lori & Cassie at the LOFT & Audacious.
14. Reminding myself that I don't like eating Mac n Cheese out of the box, anymore (thanks to WW).
15. All of my supportive blog readers. You continue to amaze me with your kind words.

how i'm feeling?

Written: 4.6.09

Through the last couple of days, I've been trying to be more aware of what's going on with my body but also trying to not be TOO involved! It's hard when you know this 2ww is going to be torture but in the same breath you want it to fly by! Tomorrow (4.07.09) I have a progesterone test that will hopefully show high numbers, indicating that I did (in fact) ovulate.

How am I feeling? Good. No complaints. We had a busy weekend which was nice because I wasn't sitting around thinking about whether or not I'll get a positive hpt here soon. I was busy running around, I love those weekends.

Twinges or cramps happening? Just a few here and there. Honestly, I say that here but if I were to really sit and analyze it, I would probably say that it was because of the "Mocha Madness" or chocolate mocha Fiber One Bar I ate this morning. That will cause more twinges and cramps that anyone would like to experience. Not to mention the fact that I ate another …

sauerkraut vs. a fiber one bar

I haven't felt right all day.

I woke up this morning, knowing that I'm usually hungry, grabbed a fiber one bar and didn't have the urge to eat. The reason this is weird is because there are MANY days where I'm absolutely craving these stupid bars. Today, however, it was the last thing I wanted to eat.

I got to work and decided I would spruce up the fiber one bar with a clementine. That combination sounded good but wasn't as enjoyable going down.

I've been crampy and uncomfortable all morning and I have anxiety about my period showing up. I know that it's a good chance that it won't but how do I know.

Now, it's time for lunch and I think I confused my cramping for hungry growling, ate lunch and decided to go for the Key Lime Pie yogurt. Well, let's just say, it sounded good but I'm about 1/4 into it and I can't even take another bite. Another thing that I usually eat the crap out of but for whatever reason, today is just not the day.

To g…

jinxing myself...

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I'm a complete control freak. Like on the verge of being a little OCD about it but I'm not there yet.

Anyway, I have a number of blogs that I follow that just talk about baby related things, including baby products that are on sale. Some things I have no interest in and others I have little to a lot of interest.

Today, I received an update from Green Baby Bargains and if it weren't for my dh telling me "don't jinx us", I would've purchased this bag today! Seriously, it's perfect! I love the feature that allows you to expand on demand, the compartments, the color, the shape and the style. Not to mention the price that it's currently listed as, $118.00 $29.99!

So, as I sit back and wonder, "why did I listen to my dh?", to which I have to answer, "because he's right!", I hope that another deal like this comes along, again, soon!

But first, I have to pray for a bfp hpt.

Just …

Small Things 87- 93

87 - 93 : 365 Days

1. IUI being painless.
2. Getting to the Dr. in time for the specimen sample drop off.
3. Taking a 1/2 day and relaxing.
4. Cleaning the house and getting ready for a nest bunco party.
5. Making food ahead of time. This is something that I love doing but it doesn't always work out that way...

6. Going to Target on lunch.
7. Bunco party at my house with nest girls.
8. Great food!
9. Buffalo Chicken dip, YUM!!!
10. Fresh flowers in the house...

11. Target on lunch, again...
12. My husband's hair cut, so handsome!
13. Running by myself through my neighborhood.
14. Running into our friends sister at her new house.
15. Dh's volleyball team kicking butt and taking names!

16. Dh's spring break started today!
17. My dad fixing my muffler and fixing a knob on my car.
18. Helping family out.
19. Dinner at Tyfoon. I love that place!
20. Going to the Big Bang Piano bar with good friends!

21. Running 20 minutes and actually enjoying it! Who knew?!?!
22. Shopping in Powell with my mom …

it's coming...

Seriously, this is a great show... it will be on soon and you should watch!

Or from the side stage:

Love this show and can't wait until summer when it's on...

And you thought I'd forget...

Are you wondering about how my weight loss is going?

Last I left you, I had just finished up our 9th week of our first session of Weight Watchers and I had only lost 8.6 pounds. Well, since then we have done another 10 weeks that brought me to a total loss of 14. Not a huge accomplishment but at least I was loosing. I'd like to blame some of my issues with loosing on the fact that our leader was a bum but I shouldn't do that.

So, now it's been 4+ weeks without a meetings at work, but I’ve picked up the “c25k” or however people are abbreviating the “Couch to 5k” program. Anyway, so we’re in our 5th week of running and just in these 5 weeks I’ve lost about 7 pounds with a little fluctuation into my existing weight loss. So now, at my current weigh in (at home), I’ve gone from 177.0 (my start weight) to 158, a total of 19 pounds down! Can you believe it!?!

Honestly, I wish I would’ve started this running thing long ago because it’s really jump started my weight loss again…


1st IUI Done

Just to do a little recap: Sunday night, around 9:00pm, I did the HCG trigger shot in the fatty part of my thigh (which wasn't hard to find since I've got my dad's families genes) and it went in without any issues. I also did it myself which I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do. Luckily, it was such a short needle that I just did it before I could think about it much. I did have a little bleeding on the exit but it stopped shortly after. I also have been experiencing some soreness but that has died down now.

Tuesday, I went in the morning to drop off my husband's sperm speciman for a wash and prep for my appointment. I went in around 9am for my IUI appointment (or AI), paid my dues and then my name was called. Sitting in the waiting room was a little strange because there were 4 or 5 other women that I had seen that AM with their spouces dropping off their sperm speciman or collecting it and they were there again later this AM. It must of been a good day for …

April Fool's

This morning, I was driving to work listening to my favorite radio station 106.7FM as the dj was talking about his radio station mate playing an April Fool's trick on him. Because my husband is such a trickster, I called him and the conversation went like this:

DH: "Hello."

Me: "Hey, babe. Don't forget today's April Fool's, in case you wanted to play a trick on someone."

DH: "I don't and I don't really care."

Me: "Well, I just wanted to let you know."

DH: "Alright, love you."

Me: "Love you too!"

DH: (just before I hung up) "APRIL FOOL'S... ahhhhhh haaaaaaa!!!"

And I thought he was funny...