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Today, as I sit in my house watching The Notebook, I found myself thinking of Kim. Today marks a year that she has been gone. A year without phone calls. Pampered Chef. Long conversations. Visiting her house and family. Christmas parties. Meetings. Her voice. Her laugh. A year.

Today, I remember Kim. The most outgoing, fun, caring person that I was so lucky to know.

I miss you, Kim, very much.

walk, no run!!!!!!

...On over to this blog for a giveaway of one of these.

Seriously, you won't regret it!!

My personal love, picture above... the Cherry Dots Blanket, love it!

Run over there before the contest ends April 3rd, 2009 at 11:59pm PST!!!!

Here's hoping that I win and actually have a use for it soon! Staying hopeful...

Small Things 83 - 86

083 - 086 : 365 Days

1. Carmel Biscotti.
2. Baby Charlie coming home.
3. Ann Taylor LOFT sale rack.
4. Max & Erma's for dinner. YUM.
5. Running on my own around the neighborhood.

6. BW3's for lunch.
7. Babysitting.
8. Lazy Sundays.
9. Playing Wii with my husband.
10. Doing the HCG shot and having it go smoothly.

11. Going home to a clean house.
12. Sushi for dinner (since it might be the last time in a while).
13. Looking forward to Tuesday morning.
14. Going to the bathroom at work and NOT having to refill the toilet paper.
15. Good hair days.


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kind words...

Please, head over to Abby's blog and offer her kind words and support during this difficult time.

random thoughts...

~ I'm craving a fountain diet coke from McDonald's.

~ I'm axious about Tuesday but wishing it was still Friday.

~ I'm wondering if my in-laws are going to be moving in with us or holding out for a while longer.

~ I have new readers! WELCOME! Some of you have been kind enough to leave a comment. If you are here and haven't left a comment, please do so! I'd love to hear how you found my blog and don't forget to leave your blog link too!

~ Hoping to stop by Target tonight.

~ I'm also hoping to stop by my parents house and see my brother, my parents, Buddy and Red! It's been a week or so...

~ I love {Reduced Fat} Wheat Thins.

~ This day feels like it's never going to end.

~ I can't believe it's ONLY 2:55pm.

~ Looking forward to putting on comfy pants when and if I get home.

~ Some new additions to the blog (right margin): Pray for Stellan & my Etsy favorites are also running down the side.

~ Looking forward to using the items that I hav…

Small Things 82

082 : 365 Days

1. Meeting their newest addition!
2. My ultra sound going well and knowing that things will progress, just waiting until Tuesday (now and not Friday).
3. Going home and doing nothing!
4. Subway for dinner.
5. For THURSDAY already being here!

probe me

So, I met with the probe, and by probe I mean dr. earlier today. He checked out my ovaries and my lining on my uterus. Basically I haven't ovulated nor am I going to for another 4 days but everything looks great! So I'll do the HCG (trigger sub-q) shot on Sunday (my 18 day) and then Tuesday (36 hours after my shot) I'll have my IUI.

So again, waiting for a few more days and then the shot, I learned how to do it in my thigh, so I'm going to do it there. Looking forward to things moving forward later this week/early next week!

Small Things 80 & 81

80 & 81 : 365 Days

1. Running 5 minutes in one stretch (twice) and not having it hurt too much.
2. Realizing that we would really love to have a mature tree line in our back yard.
3. Taco salads for dinner. Yum!
4. No line at the post office!
5. Flight of the Conchords. Epileptic Dog. That's all I have to say.

6. My appointment today.
7. Great lunch conversation with friend/coworker.
8. Chai Tea latte from Starbucks
9. My new necklace from Premier Jewelry.
10. Running out on lunch for a shopping fix.

And there's one more.... but I'll save that for later. (No, I'm not pregnant. Remember my IUI is Friday.)

What does this week hold for us?

Okay, here's the plan.

Wednesday, I go in for an internal ultrasound with the probe (don't be jealous). If they can see that I'm ready to ovulate they'll give me the trigger shot (HCG or sub-q shot) which basically triggers your follicles to release the eggs. This works in the sense that you can accurately time the IUI or intercourse within 24-48 hours after the shot.

Meaning, Friday will be our day. We are going ahead with an IUI and how things are going to roll are that dh will get a sperm wash around 7:30am with his swimmers (keeping the good and getting rid of the bad) and then I'll potentially have my IUI at 9am Friday. We won't know anything up front, as we are told to treat this just as though we would've had intercourse. We wait out the two weeks and then we'll potentially have good news.

Just as a heads up, we will probably refrain from sharing any news, if any, for a handful of weeks just to insure that things went the way that they were supp…

In other news...

We are continuing to do the "Couch to 5k" program with this being the start of week 4. We actually finished week 3 fairly strong and we are both happy with the results. I can tell a tremendous difference in my ability to run, my legs, butt and stomach's physical appearances. And it just feel ubber healthy to be out and running. Our 9th week we are potentially faced with a 5k, and we are considering running it. We've been running at the local high school track/football field and it's been great, it keeps us contained to an area and I don't have to worry about losing my dh on the run (as his stride is twice mine). With that said, I'm not sure how running a 5k together would go but we are going to try it!

Have you started this or done this before? If so, what was your outcome? Did you continue to run or did you just cut it off cold turkey after reaching your goal?

Small Things 076 - 079

076 - 079 : 365 Days

1. Our 5th year wedding anniversary.
2. Dinner with my dh at our reception location.
3. A table by the fireplace.
4. A bottle of wine, shared.
5. Eating whatever we wanted from the menu.

6. Running because it felt good.
7. Laundry time.
8. Turkey burgers on the grill.
9. Flat pretzels.
10. Holding a 6 week old baby boy while he slept.

11. Cleaning out the basement.
12. Putting together a desk for MY things!
13. Having the windows open a crack to let some of the cool, but nice air in.
14. Leaving the front door open to the glass door all day.
15. Trying a new dinner and actually enjoying it!