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Small Things 056

056 : 365 Days

1. Norman Rockwell Exhibit with family
2. Wii / game night with friends
3. Successful week of "trying" even if it's not going to work this round. It was good practicing.
4. Buying a great, unexpected addition to my sister's birthday gift!
5. Babysitting and NOT eating all of the junk food in their house!

must have...


Aren't the just fabulous!?!

I can't wait until I find them on clearence at Macy's or Zappos!! :)

to make you feel my love...

Adele, grammy winner and an absolutely amazing voice...

Obviously, she redid this song but it just is breath taking.

Take a moment. Close your eyes and press play... (pressing play first would probably be better, then close your eyes)

Her sound is just ... calming, classic, jazzy and powerful.


Small Things 055

055 : 365 Days

1. Seafood Subway Sandwich
2. Picking up a handmade gift for my sister from my lovely friend Christina.
2. The Love is a Movement - CORA Project. Go there, buy something.
3. My job.
4. Drinking an entire cup of coffee before 10am.
5. {Fountain} Diet Coke.

Small Things 054

054 : 365 Days

1. Warm weather that lasts more than 24 hours.
2. Jewelry parties that are {really} entertaining.
3. Helping a dog {almost two dogs} to safety.
4. More blood tests to help figure out of problem.
5. Hugging my animals.

lost dogs

A friend and I were at lunch today and mid conversation I was completely distracted by two dogs that were on the side walk near 5th Ave. We were at the Subway and literally across the street was a Vet Clinic. I thought maybe someone let them out and would be after them shortly. As soon as they crossed the road and were headed toward Subway, I knew something was up.

I jumped out of my seat without saying a word to my friend and I knew I had to try and help them. One was a boxer (female, 1 to 2 years old) and the other was a german sheppard mix (not sure of the sex but older)and neither of them had a collar. I was able to call them both over to me but the older german sheppard mix didn't want to stick around.

I was able to grab the boxer by the collar and in the meantime someone from the vet clinic came out with two collars. They said they were going to see if she had a micro chip and go from there.

I'm sure they probably just escaped from home and because the weather is so n…

Small Things 053

053 : 365 Days

1. Black Sharpie Extra Fine Tip Markers
2. Ovulation cramps (?!?!?!)
3. Lunch with a new associate
4. A clean desk
5. Pictures of Toby as a baby... so stinking cute!

i got the call...

... about my blood tests from Tuesday and apparently my thyroid is a little off.

From what the nurse said, my current thyroid is measuring at 3.570 and normal thyroid can go up to 4.5. However, what the dr.'s at ORM and the "norm" for when you are trying to conceive needs to be closer to 2.5, which could play a major role when trying to conceive.

So what are they going to do?

Well I'm going to get another blood test done tomorrow afternoon and they are going to look at my TSH Level, T3, T4 and T7, as well as my thyroid antibodies to see where they are at too. From there she said that I might need to be put on some thyroid meds to get it balanced back to 2.5 or so.

What does this mean for me?

Finally an answer as to why we aren't able to become pregnant. An answer. A potential solution. A fixable problem. No more surgeries(, potentially). An answer. An answer. An answer.

I'm researching now, online, more information on thyroid being an issue and how it will a…


This is what Toby dog looked like when he was a puppy!
We adopted him from a friend when he was 2 so we never saw him when he was this little.

This is what he looks like now...

small things 040 - 052

040 - 052 : 365 Days

1. Fresh cleaned laundry.
2. Empty laundry basket
3. Cuddling with my kitty
4. Catching up on all of my Ellen's
5. Watching all the crazy dancers on Ellen
6. Wearing red
7. Shopping the sale rack at Ann Taylor
8. Getting out on my lunch break
9. Successful dr.'s appointments
10. A clean refrigerator
11. 50 degree days
12. M&M's with love sayings one them
13. Twins
14. Comfy pants
15. Car pooling with my husband
16. Radio station 106.7
17. Puppy kisses
18. Blog comments
19. Snuggling with my husband
20. Baby making week
21. Cleaning up clutter
23. Family pictures
24. Playing fetch with Toby
25. My husband making dinner
26. An awesome chef salad from the local pizza carry out
27. Listening to my kitty take a drink out of the dogs water bowl
28. Painted toe nails
29. Clean toilets
30. New shampoo
31. Fresh razor
32. Guac Dip & Chips
33. Letting my dog outside and not having to watch him play in our yard. (it's not fenced in nor does it have an elec…

would you look at that...

... their swimming, they are really swimming! All over the place too! It was wild.

So yesterday I went for my post coital test yesterday. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I imagined an internal ultra sound with a probe. I saw the probe, I wasn't thrilled with the thought of that going up inside of me but I thought I would just stick it out. Dr. Schmidt came in, he confirmed that we had intercourse either the night prior or that morning, I laid back and it literally felt like a pap smear. He (the doctor)was in and out before I knew exactly what he was doing and he never touched the probe. (ha, another perfect opportunity to say, that's what she said? I think so.)

He walked out with a syringe of sperm/cervix mucus, told me to get dressed and then open the door. I followed his direction thinking, seriously, that's it? He walked me down the hallway and into this little room with a microscope and a very tiny t.v. screen and there it was! Little swimmers all over…

updated with 642 days to go...

Remember THIS?

Well, just to get back in the swing of thigs...

I started this on 3.1.08, it's 2.23.09 and I have approximately 642 days left to complete the rest of these items. So far, I think that I'm doing pretty good. I've put a strike through the items that I've completed and on last count I had 53 items left to complete! Wow, that's basically half way through... I guess I need to get going a little quicker!

Anyway, if you are yet to complete yours... state your progress so far!

Happy Monday!

where i stood...

I wanted to share with you some music that has just seemed to touch me caught my attention lately. I heard them at work, on the car ride home and sometimes during my favorite shows. I love the sound of these two songs and I truly long to see Missy Higgins in concert. If you live near a city where she'll be playing the next few months, would you like to host?

1st: Missy Higgins, "Where I Stood"

2nd: The Fray, "You Found Me"

Love these songs.

a new friend?

Remember my soft spot...

Well I went to meet him last night. He's still on a medical hold because he hasn't been feeling well and they haven't been able to neuter him yet. So once that happens on Tuesday, he'll be up for adoption and available to take him following his recovery.

I happened to have Toby with me because he was at the groomers and I did a "meet and greet" with them and they became instant friends. Seriously, it was like they already knew each other and we so calm and friendly with one another. I think they are cousins and the lady at the humane society said that they were book ends.

Needless to say, I left there wanting him even more than I did the other day when I blogged about him. I'm still trying to soften my dh up to let me get him but it might take a week more to get him to that point.

If we did get him, our poor kitty William might want to move out! :(

Anyway, that's the update on our potentially new family member.

You might ask....

... why do you love the iPhoto program on your MacBook so much?

Well, my friends, does this help?

(Please prepared yourself for what you are about to see.)

After you have dried your eyes from laughing so hysterically hard, continue reading below.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful or because I look like a monkey! ha!

If you have a Mac, you need to go into iPhoto and just play around with it. You can do everything from taking a normal picture, to using the tilt (example above) OR you could swim with the fish which I might feature another day.

My dh and I have done a series of pictures that are just hilarious! I was in tears all night from laughing so hard! It was insane!

This might become a monthly addition to my blog. Let me know if you enjoy it!

Side Note: My dh is wearing his c-pap machine.

Small Things 030 - 040

030 - 040 : 365 Days

1. Good sushi.
2. THIS band. Love these guys.
3. Dewey's Pizza
4. Rain instead of ice
5. Busy work days
6. Margaritas
7. Clyde's' charging me for another tab, as well as my own.
8. Getting a credit from Clyde's'
9. Pedicures
10. Not shaving my legs.
11. Buying the nail polish used for my pedicure.
12. Bean & corn dip
13. Happy Hour with girlfriends.
14. Bringing Valentine's the homeless shelter.
15. Shopping at the outlets on President's Day weekend.
16. Alexandria, VA
17. Slumdog Millionaire
18. Girl time
19. Funny photos
20. Playing Wii
21. My husband.
22. Pregnant friends that always have a way of making me laugh even when they are just hating the world, or their moment in time.
23. Dinner with friends.
24. Birthdays
25. iPhoto
26. Free Lunch.
27. Ovarian Cancer Benefit and an out pouring of support.
28. Professional pictures of Toby.
29. Wet dog noses.
30. Clean desk.
31. Organization
33. {potentially}Creating a Bunko…


Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you have a great day/night, however you celebrate.

soft spot

Growing up, my parents had a dog when I was really little, I got a rabbit from a friend who had a litter when I was 9 and then we got our family dog when I was about 12 or so. Our family dog we adopted from the humane society and has been the greatest dog! Since Sean and I have been married, we have adopted Oscar our grey tiger striped & white kitty that passed away in 2007 that we missed terribly, from the humane society. Toby, our brittany spaniel, we adopted from a friend who was getting divorce and needed to find homes for her 3 dogs. And our latest addition, William, was found in a bar parking lot just outside of a trailor park.

With all of that said, I'm such a sucker for those little faces and their wagging tails... or I guess in my case it's a wagging nub. That just what the breed had. It's just as cute and doesn't knock your vase off the table!

So, while we were watching the Westminster Dog Show, I decided to go on the local humane societies website just …

what's a girl to do?

Remember THIS post? Well my dh, who is absolutely in love took it with him on his road trip!

I'm going to be home alone. I could spend tons of time writing/reading my blogs but NO. It was striped from my hands last night, packed away and kidnapped.

It's depressing.

So, I suppose I'll be sitting and crocheting instead. How boring...

On a side not but along the same lines: I wanted to hook up a printer, that we've had for some time, to our laptop. If you've ever done this with a PC and you don't have a cd to load onto the computer, you know that you then have to go out on the internet and search for the make and model that you have in order for it to recognize it. Well, guess what? My "smart cookie" was yet again smarter than a PC will ever be! I plugged it in, went to my printer options to start the search and it was already there! It already knew exactly what printer I had and it was all ready to go! I printed a test page and it was off! Seriously, t…


... on the baby making experience.

I scheduled my post coital test for 13 days from now because AF greeted me last night with awful back pain and I'm tired of things not working.

So, I have a few blood tests to do and then we are on for Feb. 23rd.

That's all for now.

family + benefit

As some of you know, my mom is a one year Ovarian cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in February 2006 with Stage III Ovarian cancer, had a series of 8 chemo treatments, lost all of her hair, a complete hysterectomy, and now she's cancer free! It was a very long and hard road, but we are sticking through it together, as always.

My sister has a dance education major and teaches at a local dance studio. She felt like she had to do something in order to help show her support and continue to spread the word about Ovarian cancer. In order to do this, she came up with a benefit that will help support current and future cancer patients. The benefit is called "The Miracle Dancer" and this was the second year for the show. Last year they raised over $8,000 dollars and this year they hope to raise more. All of the money, every penny, is given to Ohio Health Cancer Patient Services, which allows for the patients who can afford to pay for their treatments to have them paid for them.

IMNH: Foyer

Currently, we have a small 4'x 2' piece of linoleum that serves as our foyer. You are almost immediately greeted by the stair case and our living room. It's right there when you walk in our door. At one point, it's nice because it looks like a grand entrance because our ceilings are vaulted and things but in the same breath, you walk right into a room.

I want something like this...

... to be what my guests are greeted by. I want it to sort allow them to settle in before they are greeted by another room.

I want people to be able to take off their shoes, in something like this...

... I want them to be able to hang up their coat and then be welcomed by the rest of our house. I don't want them to just see it all in the first glance.

Just another something that I would love in my next home. It's just something that continues to annoy me about our current house. Don't get me wrong, I love our house, we've made it ours and we are going to stick it out there for a w…


For those of you reading this, please be aware that I didn't take my medicine today and this is going to be REALLY random!

Is it bad that I don't want to go the bathroom when I see another person in my office going in that I can't stand? I know that if I go in their while they are there then I'll be in a conversation FOREVER with them.

Is it also bad that I can tell whether the men in their bathroom are flushing the urinal verses the toilet? Also, is it bad that I can tell when they flush two and three times? This makes me sick.

I just thought to myself, why have I gone to the restroom some many times today? Then I realized, I drank 5 glasses of water at lunch today. Not to mention the 2 before lunch not including the coffee.

Nesties: Is it just me, or do you get excited about the posting milestones on under your name? I just reached 500 posts on my local board and now I'm "totally addicted".

It's 5:00pm! :)

Small Things 029

029 : 365 Days

1. Wearing pants that should have a belt because I can slip them on and off without un-buttoning them.

2. Kettle Chips smoothered in Alfredo/Bleu Cheese & Chives from Cap City.

3. My boss, for being so gracious.

4. Cinnamon gum.

5. A good cup of coffee.

a book for you...

After reading this article and manyotherswho have ventured out of the Facebook world to post their "25 Random Things about Me" posts in the blog world as well. It's the latest craze... and since I lack some "things" about me that aren't baby making related, I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

So, here goes:

25. My favorite color is RED. Just looking around my desk, I have: Red sunglasses, red cell phone, red letter opener, red planner, red purse, red camera bag, red pens, red cinnamon gum and red file folders. Luckily, today I don't have red underwear on, otherwise that might have been a little awkward.

24. I drive with my left knee a lot.

23. The only other ring that I wear aside from my engagement/wedding ring set, is a Lindy Star Sapphire ring that my mom gave me.

22. I was born and raised in the same house/city my entire youth and my parents still live there.

21. My parents are still together after 36 years.

20. I used to have my belly but…

What's your name?

First, THANK YOU, SassyTimes, for the tag and the gracious award! I feel awful that during these last few weeks we've been sharing comments and getting to know each other, (thanks to our Graces) and I still don't know your first name! At this point, it doesn't really matter, you have a great blog and I truly enjoy reading it!

SassyTimes and I bonded over HER Graces and MY Graces! It's a community that started (for me) with T.W.I.T. and her invitation to start thinking about our own Graces with her and the originator. If you haven't started your list, start today!

Now, onto my award...

... and the {new} "Friendship Award" that I'm awarding to Lori,Mandy, Leah and Mrs. Dirnberger.

These girls are all friends who blog, but not only that, they are genuinely kind. They blog for the same reason that I do, they leave comments to let me know they are concerned or supporting me along my journey and they continue to do so because they care. They are people who I…

Small Things 027

027 : 365 Days

1. Crystal Light Lemonade.

2. Laundry nights that actually go well!

3. Memories of going to the lake with my brother & sister in law and their kids. We rode the water slide about 100 times that day. It was like being a kid again and such a great memory!

4. My Candle Lab candles. I have one that I made that is Champagne and Pomegranate and it smells fabulous!

5. White popcorn.

Small Things 026

026 : 365 Days

1. My vet for getting my kitty William in very quickly. Called yesterday and we are going there tonight. His eyes just won't stop watering. I've done the oitment in the eyes and everything. Still infected looking. Poor guy!

2. My family that is coming into town this weekend that I haven't seen since my grandparents funeral and last year. It will be great to spend time and visit with them! I'm really looking forward to it!

3. My boss for being so kind. She was working remotely for almost a month and now she's back in the office again and I'm really enjoying it!

4. Getting out of the office on lunch.

5. My husband for trying to remain calm with me even when I'm starting to freak. :)

Buckeyes help the win

In case you didn't hear, the Steelers WON the Super Bowl yesterday. Thanks to a fanominal player and a freaking great play, Santonio Holmes helped pull the win through! If nothing else, my dh was thrilled that not only the Steelers won but that a Buckeye was involved! What a great game!

Go Steelers and congrats on your win!

Oh and Mike Tomlin, isn't he just so cute!