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My 2008...

As I sit here in amazement that 2008 has (almost) already come to an end, I am trying to reflect on the things that I've experienced and accomplished.

In my 2008...

What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before?

Started a Weight Watchers at work program, attended the meetings, followed the program (for about 12 weeks) and lost 11.8 pounds!

Had a laparoscopy for endometriosis.

Started blogging.

Wrote a letter to my mom and said things that I thought I would never have the courage to say directly to her. It felt awesome and I reccomend doing this! Your mom will appreciate it!

Sadly, I became a holiday church go-er. In 2009, we will be fixing this issue.

Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

Well, I kept part of them. I'm loosing weight and that was part of the goal. I just didn't accomplish it in the timeline that I had declared.

I will be making more for the upcoming year, why not, right? I'll post about those later…

calling all anonymous commentors...

The doors are open for you to leave your comments now!!!

I've taken the restriction off that you must have a google user name or an open id to leave a comment.

I'm going to test this for a few weeks to see how it works out.

I will still be able to monitor/edit the comments before they are posted but for most part you all have free access to leave comments!

So I invite you to leave comments!!! As many as you'd like... :)

Happy Holidays!

more buckeye hats...

Look what she's making now!!!! Children sized Buckeye hats! How cute!!!

So stinking cute! Check her site link out (above) and get on for this cold weather!!!

Merry Christmas

From one festive christmas sweater wearing office to another...

i hate her

Aunt flow arrived on Friday/Saturday early morning.

She hates me and I hate her. We are both okay with it but I wish she would just leave me alone! I would be okay with 9 months without her but who are we kidding.

She always brings me so many emotions and usually leaves me with them too. Today and this weekend were really rough. I didn't have a good time and I'm still a little off.

Unfortunately this is just another cycle that has really hit me hard. I have the same result that I've had during the last 25 cycles. It doesn't get any easier to deal with, it's just what it is... I can tell that it's hurting our relationship and that really sucks. And if this next cycle doesn't give us any results, then we are going to go back to the doctor in the new year. It's just not working on our own. I'm not sure why and the doctors haven't been able to tell us why either. The unknown I thought I was okay with but lately it's just so nerve racking. I just…


She posted more pictures and I'm just so thrilled at how they turned out! What a handsome little lover!


Also, if you are interested in Megan for shooting your own photo of your family, children or pets, CONTACT HER HERE!

Another favorite shot...


27 cycle of trying to conceive.

28th day in my current cycle.

2 negative hpts.

7 days until Christmas.

15 weeks until our potential Spring Break vacation.

2.5 hours until dinner and potentially a beer to minimize the twitch I have from all this TTC garbage...

1,283 days until my 30th birthday.

$100 for a kitty that needs a new home that I saw at the pet store today, Quinten (so darling).

41 minutes until I can go home.

31.8 degrees outside with a haze.

Listening to: The Hotel Cafe Tour

my little model...

There is a blog that I follow of a photographer that I saw at the Delaware County Fair. Her studio is near my home town and her pictures are very vibrant. I enjoy looking at different aspects of photography and I like seeing how didn’t people capture pictures and scenes… I guess you could say I’m envious.

While following her blog, I saw a post that stated Calling All Furry Friends and immediately responded. I have always wanted to have Toby get professional pictures done but I just fear that I wouldn’t pick the right person to capture his personality.

Anyway, as you can read in the link above, there were a handful of photographers at Megan Morgan’s studio and they were all going to be there just to take furry friends pictures.

Of the people that were there two have uploaded their pictures and Toby is in them!

First, Megan Morgan’s blog: Weekend Workshop

Then, Holly McCaig’s blog: Dogs Everywhere

They all captured some great pictures and I can’t wait to get my hands on them so that I …

Winter Wonderland

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

I need to hide that cord against the fireplace but I haven't done that yet...
My 1/2 bath
A new accent piece for this year... Love the Mistletoe scent...
Oh and in the midst of decorating, I made beer bread and two loafs of banana bread. YUMMY!

Happy Holidays and happy decorating, if you are into that sort of thing....

And now for the rest of the story....

Ta Da: The family picture...

All of the grocery items needed to create my portion of the meal.
The fridge packed including the mop bucket with the turkey, on top.

All the veggies that were included in the roaster. Yum!
The bird getting ready to be put in the oven at about 9:30am.
My husband helping me with some last minute things...
The pre-dinner snacks.

The table all set and ready for the meal to start.

The bird. Isn't it pretty? Nice and golden brown... The table ready for everyone to dig in... And the desserts that weren't eaten until an hour after dinner. We had a great time and it was nice to have our families together. The most popular comment I get when telling people about my thanksgiving is, "so you have your parents and your in-laws in the same house together and they get along?" My response, "Yes, every year. We rotate houses and we try to always include all families. It really works out nicely!"

Now onto putting up the tree....

my new etsy love...

The nest girls had a christmas party that I couldn't attend and I was super bummed about BUT... I saw the pictures and there was a hat that was really an eye catcher at the party and I must have it!

Well, I sent the seller a message, she posted one this morning and I bought it!

Here's her site: Christina Bee

And, here's my new hat!!!!!

Here's how it went down...

The Night Before Thanksgiving.... Here's me with the Turkey in a brine, in a mop bucket but not our real mop bucket. Or is it?!? Table was cleaned and the placemats/cards were set.

How does it look? Then, in efforts to follow the tradition of drinking on the day/night before Thanksgiving... we went to my parents house for a steak dinner, helped with the tree, attempted a family picture (the final draft will be revealed in the next post) and then headed off to the bars...

Next up... Thanksgiving prep on the day of and the meal.... While preparing for Thanksgiving dinner the night before, I decided that it was necessary to reorganize my cabinets. The small one that you have to wedge yourself into to get anything out and then the large one that is really open and easily accessed.