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Gobble, Gobble...

However your Thanksgiving turns out, I hope it's enjoyable!

Friday recap...

Aunt Flow showed up.

I was up all night with cramps.

I didn't go into work.

Wore my pj's all day.

Watched about 6 episodes of Ellen that were still on my DVR.

Took over 12 midols (4 per dose, every 6 hours).

Caught up on some of my goolereader blogs.

Had the heating pad on belly.

Toby & William curled up with me all day. (lazy animals)

Slept on and off for about 6 hours.

Did 3 loads of laundry.

Ate tortilla chips and cheese around lunch and salad for dinner.

I still hate Aunt Flow but I'm learning to except the fact that she's regular!

42 - 7

thanksgiving food....

Ok, and here's the brine:

Brined and Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Brine Recipe

1 small onion, diced
1 stalk celery, diced
1 medium carrot, diced
3 garlic cloves, sliced
3 bay leaves
1 Tb. black peppercorns
3 sprigs each of rosemary, thyme and sage
6 sprigs Italian parsley
1/2 cup iodized salt
3 gallons of cold water

One day before baking turkey, prepare brine. Combine all brine ingredients. Place the turkey in a bucket or very large pot and pour brine over turkey to submerge. Refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours. Remove turkey from brine; dry off turkey with paper towels. Discard brine.

Turkey preparation

1 16-pound turkey (neck and giblets removed and discarded), brined using the directions at left
Salt and pepper to season turkey
In the bird:
2 carrots, roughly chopped
2 celery stalks, roughly chopped
1 apple, sliced into wedges
1 orange, sliced into wedges
4 garlic cloves, peeled, whole

Under the bird:

1 medium onion, diced
1 medium carrot, diced
1 stalk celery, diced
3 cloves garlic, whole
3 sprigs each of s…

found a deal...

Check out this website!!

It has all kinds of coupon codes for TONS of websites like Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Gap, Nordstrom, American Eagle, Jcrew, etc. The coupon codes they list are for free shipping, buy 1 get 1 free, %'s off and all kinds of stuff! I saved 50% on an item last night after coming across this site- I HIGHLY recommend checking it before purchasing anything online!

Enjoy! :)

Christmas decor...

As I have said before, music is something that I can always relate to no matter what. It stands behind me in trying times, it reminds me of some of my most favorite moments from the past and it can be very healing to me. There are so many great artists out there and I feel like I'm constantly hearing about another artist that I've yet to discover.

In a recent post from a local photographer, who posted about some of her favorite Christmas music cd's this year, I was automatically drawn to Mindy Smith's cd. I haven't heard of her before so immediately I went to google, googled her name as Mindy Smith (Holiday) and one of my most favorite long lost sites, Pandora, came up! I found her on their, created a "new station" with them and now I'm listening to Christmas music. Who knew?!? I thought that I was ready for this but I wasn't sure. Some people are changing their layouts of their blogs to reflect the holiday season that is quickly approaching and s…

I miss him but I'm glad to have him back for a little bit...


What a great character and so good for Izzy.

I miss his character on the show and I'm sad that he died but it's good to have him back temporarily.

yep, that looks about right...

Weight Watchers update...

Weight Watchers has been doing a great thing for me. It's allowed me to realize how poorly I was eating and to change my the way I look at food. Some days are better than others but that's the way it works. You have to let yourself fall to get back on the wagon. As long as you get back on you'll be good to go...

Anyway, for my update...

Starting weight: 176.4 (on 9.8.08)

Week 1: 177.0 (on 9.22.08) a gain of 0.6 pounds

Week 2: 171.2 (on 9.29.08) a loss of 5.8 pounds :)

Week 3: 170.4 (on 10.6.08) a loss of 1.2 pounds :)

Week 4: 171.6 (on 10.13.08) a gain of 0.8 pounds

Week 5: 168.4 (on 10.20.08) a loss of 3.2 pounds :)

Week 6: 169.0 (on 10.27.08) a gain of .6 pounds

Week 7: 170.6 (on 11.3.08) a gain of .8 pounds

Week 8: 168.4 (on 11.10.08) a loss of 2.2 pounds :)

We're in week 8 now and working up to our weigh in at the start of week 9... Wish me luck! :)

champagne & pomegranate

I have a new love, The Candle Lab, a candle shop where you pour your own scent or you buy just right off the shelf!

I went in there today to smell a couple of scents because my cousin is having a candle party at her house by a Candle Lab consultant. I ended up signing up for a lifetime member ship, pouring my own candle (that was included in the membership price) and I smelled about 30 different flavors.

My candle that I poured myself had champagne & pomegranate oils in it. I poured them into a shot glass until I liked what I smelled, shot it into a hot wax 8 oz. jar candle and stirred it. I'm leaving to pick it up in about 10 minutes! How great is that!?!

With my membership I get the candles at $11 each verses $15 each (regular store price) and they have different sizes with member pricing verses store pricing.

The other great thing about this place is you can have your VERY OWN candle pouring party! You bring the guests, food and drinks and after store hours you can pour unt…

poor, poor bambi...

So I was cruising along this morning after dropping my dog off at my parents house on Riverside drive, a four lane, 45 - 60 miles per hour road, and talking on my cell phone.

As we came around a big curve in the road, everyone was slowing down because there was a baby deer in the road trying to escape into woods. Unfortunately for Bambi him there was a large fence that was blocking him from running free into the woods. Of course we were all stopped watching him run into the fence multiple times trying to find his way over. After a few attempts he gave up and darted back across four lanes and got hit right next to me by a car traveling the other direction. Bambi skidded across to the side of the road and was able to pull him self up and run/ skip off into the woods.

Little did I know that he was not alone.

I've grown up in the country and I drive in the country a lot to get from our house to my parents house. With that said, I KNOW that deer ALWAYS travel in pairs. If one jumps …

So, have you done it yet?