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my etsy love affair...

I have expressed my love and obsession with etsy before. However, my love for the artists, crafters and quilters on this site continues to grow daily! To show you just a few of my new favorite things found on etsy, I'm going to posting them here for your viewing pleasure (and giving the seller credit by posting their site/shop information too):

1. Garden Pouch with Amy Butler's Geisha in Olive fabric and Green Moon dot fabric: girl by Aileen

2. Toliet Seat "Sweet" Reminder: decal momograms

3. Amy Butler's Red Lotus Baby Quilt: Luna by Karina Potestio

4. Wicked Candle Shoppe with Witch: Palmer Falls

5. Casserole Cover in bright cheery fabric (can be customized):
Pretty in Purple

6. Wallet in Amy Butler fabric: The Pickled Pepper

7. Tissue box cover in (my favorite) Amy Butler's Red Lotus: Head to Toe 2007

8. Alphabet Soup wall decal:

9. Round Return (custom made) Address Labels: Bohtique Shop

10. Happy Birthday Fabric Banner made with Amy Butler fabrics: Meringue Designs

11. U is for Urchin Wall Art: JennSki

12. "Blessed" Maternity T-shirt (I very much look forward to the day when I can purchase this and wear it): Flaunt it Maternity

13. (A beautiful ring made with a)Swarovski Crystal wrapped in Gold Wire: Shining Stones

14. Felt Party Pastries: Just Felt Hungry

15. Burp Clothes with Amy Butler's Geisha in Olive & Moon Dots: Jody Row

16. Guitar childs tank top: Shop Poppy Seeds

17. (fabulous) Baby Wrap Carrier in Chocolate Kleo (one size fits all):

18. ID Badge Reel with Amy Butler's Geisha in Olive(I don't use these for work but some people do and I thought this was really cute!!!): A Window into Whimsy's Shop

19. A set of 4 coasters in Amy Butler fabrics: Imk Quilts

20. A Little Wallet in Amy Butler fabric: Jenny Hofer Designs

Please be aware that if you venture onto the etsy site that you (too) might acquire an addiction for this site as well.

Happy Shopping!!!!


jannypie said…
i have a wristlet in that geisha fabric from etsy, i love it!!
Quiet Oasis said…
thank you that you may have made me an addict in 0000.2 seconds reading this post. I will send you a bill sometime soon. :)
mrs.leah.maria said…
Wow, those are almost all to beautiful to take in at one sitting!

I WANT THAT TOILET SEAT DECAL! One of the men in the office thinks that because he's one of the bosses he can do as he pleases, including using the women's bathroom if the men's is full and he always leaves the seat up!
♥ The tissue box cover!
Emily said…
What cute stuff!! Now I'm addicted!!
Jill said…
Wow-I really like so many of these items. They are so cool! What a great website!

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