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the low down...

I was back to work yesterday. I told my husband that I think I walked more yesterday (before 10am) than I had in the last 5 days. That was pretty painful. A lot of pulling on my incision, but I'm okay.

The surgery went well.

I was at Riverside at 7:05am, checked in and waiting in the surgery waiting area for an hour and 15 minutes. The worse part about waiting was hearing the people talk around me. There was a man there that looked like a nervous wreck. He was alone, had a purse and a bag with women's clothing in it. I just kept thinking that it looked like what my husband was going to look like while he was waiting on me. After about a 1/2 hour, the doctor comes down to talk to him and pulls him into a private room. About 10 minutes later, he comes out. He sits down and gets on his cell phone. He calls a few people to say that she (his wife) is okay. He then calls his dad and I hear the worse part. The doctor told him that she's okay, she lost a lot of blood but she had lost the baby. I'm sure at this point my mouth was hanging open, chin started to quiver, tears in eyes; the whole nine yards. He continues to talk and tell his dad that she was 13 weeks along. omg. omg. I just couldn't believe that I was sitting there hearing this. I, of course didn't say anything but I felt like I wanted to. I wanted to walk up to him and just hug him, but I didn't. I was already nervous and after hearing that, my nerves were just rocketed.

They call my name about 8:05am to take me to surgery prep, they weigh me, take a urine sample, had me change to a gown, drew blood, started the iv, gave me a warm blanket, and turned on the news. The iv & blood draw went well but started to cry both times. I hate needles and I just didn't like being there without my dh. He unfortunately had to just drop me off but was there waiting when I was done.

Shortly after watching the news for about 30 minutes, my dr comes in, asks if I have any questions, says that she'll call me Friday to check on me and tell me what they found and that it should be okay. I'm wheeled back, the nurse greets me and takes me into the surgery room. It was just what I expected except I wish that I would've been given some drugs at that point. I didn't like all the lights, screens, tools, people all looking at me when I was wheeled in, but what are you going to do....

I hopped from my bed that I was in, onto the surgery bed and before I knew it, I was in recovery. I had some nausea but you'll have that... I did end up throwing up in the car just as we pulled out of the hosp. Aside from that I was just tired.

The gas did rise and lodged in my shoulder for about 3 days. Seriously, this was the most painful part. At one point I was in tears because I was in my shoulder and traveling down my ribs. Every time I took a breath it hurt. It was SO so painful!

The results of the surgery was: it's all clear. There wasn't a lick of endometriosis. Nothing. Nothing. Can you believe it!?!?! I mean not a freaking spec of endo. NOTHING. Ugh.

My recovery at home was good. I slept a lot when I got home. My dh was a doll and waited on me hand and foot. He also helped take care of Toby (our dog) who was neutered and had his teeth cleaned (while he was under) the same day as my surgery. He was a little groggy but is doing really well. We only leave the cone on him for about 4 hours during the day. He hates it, but it's helping him heal. We also have him sleep with it on. My friends have joked that I should wear the cone so I don't lick myself but I don't think that I will be doing any of that... It is white and does match all of my outfits... but I'm still going to pass on the cone.

As for the next step, now I'm waiting for my 4 week post op appointment; from there and we talk about what we can do next. More waiting. Hopefully closer to an answer! We'll see... I will be starting to take Optivite PMT tonight. It's something that a friend of mine swears helps her get pregnant. It's not something that my doctor suggested, it's just something that I'm trying. I'm hoping (again) that when I go into the dr for the 4 week follow up that they will tell me I'm pregnant or maybe I'll just know before I go.

Thanks again for thinking of me and sending me positive vibes! I really appreciated the support, as always!!!!


jannypie said…
definitely i can do a blog header for you!
SAHW said…
I'm so glad all went well and nothing was found...I had started commenting on this post and the previous one when you first posted them and then I had a relapse with my eyes and never got to finish.

That's the worst thing about this stupid Clomid - that it hasn't worked yet!! I would happily take all this psychotic behavior if it were helping me get pregnant! I guess I can't say it hasn't worked though till I get through all three months of more month Clomid, that's it!

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