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more about you... less about me....

More questions since I'm trying to distract myself from the current 2ww...

Where are in life? Meaning...

Are you TTC?

Are you having TTTC?

Are you onto infertility treatments?

Are you not thinking about babies?

Do you have babies? Were you blessed with them naturally or with help or adoption?

What advise would you give to someone having issues or feeling down about the whole process?

Lastly (and random), what's your favorite color?

(Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to actually writing a post... maybe.)


hopeful #1 said…
We are TTC, however we are having issues. We are onto our 20 cycle, we have unexplained infertility and we are in the middle of our 2ww. It sucks.

No babies yet.

Advise: Blog. Let out the frustration. Find help. Read. Get a support system that actually understands how you are feeling. Talk about your issues. Be proactive, when you can. Realize that it doesn't get easier... it never gets easier. Involve your husband so he doesn't think you are crazy. Lastly, educate yourself.

Fav Color: Red.
Shinejil said…
My assvice: Indulge in a hobby or passion that's just about you, that you truly, deeply love. Get exercise, as much as you can stand. See a therapist and talk about your IF-related feelings. Know that it's not about you, that it's all random crap luck. Don't take a doc's word for gospel truth and listen to your own body and intuition. Take breaks when you need them. Expect people to have no clue why you're hurting and to say idiotic nonsense on a regular basis. Try to correct them kindly, if you can. If not, screw 'em. Never make yourself do anything (i.e. attend a baby shower) you emotionally can't handle. Protect yourself.

I don't have kids (yet) and we're likely moving on to IUI +FSH in August. I still don't really have a diagnosis, though my cycles have improved dramatically in the past two years thanks to Chinese and Western medicine combined.

Favorite color: Orange. Red. Certain blues...
Allison said…
We are TTC currently and in the 2ww of cycle #2. I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about this cycle for us, which stinks. I would love to go into this entire thing optimistic and relaxed, but I guess it's really not in my nature to relax!!

I think the only advice I could think to give would be to try to take yourself back to those first couple of cycles of trying and remember how optimistic you were. But since I haven't been where you are, I feel guilty giving advice, really.

Lastly (and random), what's your favorite color? Red. :)
Rachelle said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have two children, both conceived after months of trying and many rounds of fertility medications. As for feeling down about the process, that is totally normal. It sucks being in that position. Take time to mourn each failed cycle. Don't listen to stupid advice from people (like relax or adopt and you'll get pg). Don't be ashamed of what you can or cannot handle. If you can't handle baby showers, don't let anybody guilt you. If eating a quart of ice cream helps you deal, do it. Most of all, lean on each other, don't give up hope, and take it one day at a time.
Pepper said…
Thanks for the comment! 601-er ... Heh heh! :-D

My answers: I'm TTC and having TTTC therefore moving on to IVF. I do not have any baby(ies) [yet], but hope to in about ten months.

My advice to someone feeling down about this process is to avoid planning your life around TTC. Continue to go on vacations, keep up with friends, live your life as you did before (except maybe eat more healthfully). Make TTC fit into your life, but don't make your entire life about TTC. Easier said than done, but absolutely worth a try.

Best of luck to you!
Tanya said…
I have a 9 month old so no plans on TTC anytime soon... I'm hoping that within the next 3 years or so I will find out that I can afford a second child on my own. (Looks like the cost of childcare is going to be the deciding factor).

I chose to have my son on my own so I did undergo fertility treatments. It actually worked out to my advantage since during the standard testing my clinic required I found out that I had a blocked fallopian tube and uterine cysts. Had I been trying to get pregnant the "traditional" way not only would I have a harder time getting pregnant I also would have had an increased chance of miscarriage.

I was also looking into adoption at the same time(actually I started that process a few weeks before I asked my doctor for a referral to the clinic. I did go so far as to have been approved to adopt. It just turned out that having a baby wound up being the option that worked out first for me.
Kelly said…
We had MF infertility and used IVF. We have twin girls, born at 30 weeks gestation, but happy and healthy today at almost 4 years old.

advice: support groups, counselor/therapists, communicate openly with friends and family - if they cannot relate or be supportive at least you know, communicate and lean on your husband - help each other and educate each other too, research your options so you can advocate for yourself and so that you know if you doctor is working toward your best interest.

color: off-white (for some weird reason)

here from NCLM
Two Pretzels said…
(Love these.)

Are you TTC? - Yes

Are you having TTTC? - Well, it hasn't been easy.

Are you onto infertility treatments? - Our location makes treatments difficult, but we've visited one Dr., going to another in June. I have a standing clomid script, but haven't acted on it because of my location.

Are you not thinking about babies? I'm trying not to these days.

Do you have babies? Were you blessed with them naturally or with help or adoption? Don't have any.

What advise would you give to someone having issues or feeling down about the whole process?
Don't compare yourself to others - it's different for everyone. I'd also advise people to stop asking people who are TTC, "When are you going to have a baby." They have NO idea.

Lastly (and random), what's your favorite color? Orange.

(Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to actually writing a post... maybe.)

Good luck in this 2WW. I hope it goes really well for you!
DC said…
We've been TTC #1 for over three years. We're getting ready to embark on IVF attempt #4.

My favorite color is pink. :)
Betty M said…
I have two children from 2 separate IVF cycles, I also have a FET and a failed cycle to my name and two miscarriages (from the FET and a surprise natural pregnancy post all the treatment).

I wish I had known about blogs when I started.

I love red.

Thank you for stopping by my blog - it is much appreciated.
alicia said…
Here from NaComLeavMo

I like this post! cute idea!

I have been ttc for 2 years, no success. We have been going to the fertility clinic for 6 months now. We just finished our first IUI, after 3 failed months on CLomid, and are really hopeing it will work. I test on fathers day! We plan on doing another 2 IUI's and then doing IVF after we can afford it.

We are currently going through the adoption process too! We have always wanted to adopt and the TTTC kinda pushed us to do it faster! They say we will be matched by Christmas! So we are pretty excited!

Advice for someone feeling down about the whole thing....well IF sucks. It can consume you and rob you of the joys of life. It is unfair and unkind, but there isn't anything us choosen to suffer from it can do! So I am trying to focus on the things that I love that I may not be abel to do later in life. Like going to classes, doign art, trips and spending quality time with DH! My adivce would be to enjoy life as much as you can, because soon there will be a baby and life will be sooo different!

Purple!!! best color ever.

Thanks for the post! You rock!
SAHW said…
Great post idea! I'm returning a visit from NCLM. :)

We are TTC, and definitely having trouble. It's been more than a year of official TTC-ing, close to two years unofficially. I'm almost done with the preliminary tests and will meet for the follow-up at the fertility clinic next week to know where we're going next.

Advice: I'm a praying person, so prayer is the first thing I turn to. Other than that, I've found blogging to be really helpful. I like reading the spectrum of IF blogs - reading success stories gives me hope, reading loss stories helps me keep my perspective, and reading stories of those in the trenches helps me feel not alone.

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