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my 100 scenes & things... Part I

I love the idea behind this and a new found friend did this to reflect on her life for her thirtieth birthday and I loved reading the list as it developed. Her list was inspired by Mighty Girl; what a great idea!!

I however am posting this to commemorate my 100th post on my blog. 100 posts! Can you believe it? I mean you have been reading my blog for a short time now and I'm already to my 100th post... so here goes...

For your enjoyment, here are my 100 scenes and things that I hope will flash before my eyes before my time here is done. Note: These are in random order as that will probably be how they present themselves.

Numbers 1 through 20:

1. My first time driving in the red lumina with my dad, going up South Section Line for ice cream and coming home.

2. Reminding my mom to breathe deeply after her surgery for the removal of her ovarian cancer.

3. Playing with the many train sets in my grandpa's basement.

4. Mr. Hope and I laying on the living room floor of completely empty and new house.

5. Taking pictures of my brother playing lacrosse.

6. Kure Beach. The roaring ocean waves crashing on the shore just outside of our patio doors. The many special moments that Mr. Hope and I shared there.

7. Always fighting over the center cinnamon roll with my brother & sister at breakfast.

8. Sunbury square's flea markets with the family on 4th of July & Memorial Day weekends.

9. Cruising in the Cadillac.

10. My 14th birthday party at Sports Unlimited, playing basketball with all my girl and guy friends.

11. Trying to maneuver a Toyota Celica out of the amphitheatre parking lot and we had some trouble. So, I popped the emergency brake on the convertible that was blocking our way, shifted it into neutral, gave it a push, put the brake back on and the car in gear.

12. Oscar (our cat that we lost on 8.29.07) sleeping upside down, on his back with me any chance he got.

13. Writing my own personal check for my first car. $300 for a '92 Mercury Cougar with 130,000 miles in 2003.

14. Singing girl scout camp fire songs at Marmon Valley Farms, in bunk beds, in the chicken coup, in the dead of summer.

15. Riding my bike with Toby (our brittany spaniel dog) along side running to the field to play fetch.

16. Falling asleep on the beach in San Diego and waking up with horrible tan lines.

17. Turning the corner and seeing Mr. Hope as I walked down the aisle.

18. Listening to my mom tell me that they had found a mass/tumor on her ovaries/colon and that she was going on for more testing.

19. Finding William (our tuxedo cat) in the parking lot of a bar and deciding that I was going to take him home.

20. Watching "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" with my sister and singing/saying EVERY WORD!


The Dunn Family said…
Hi! I'm here from NaComLeavMo. I love reading the first 20 things about you ... and I must admit, I LOVE "Girls just wanna have fun" ... I made my hubbie buy it on DVD for me ... such a great movie!
t.w.i.t. said…
I loved SJP in GJWHF. I also loved Helen Hunt, and how her school uniform was reversible to a leather skirt.

By the way, regarding #19, you might want to clarify who "William" is. A homeless man.
Tanya said…
It's all about the center cinnamon bun... and it must have raisins in it. I know that may be a contraversial stance but I'm sticking to it (unless it's store bought then I can let it slide)
Jen said…
Your first car was AWESOME! We could've had a cool car party - mine was an 88 Olds Cutlass Cierra.
Pretty badass.
Nit said…
Hola from NCLM! Thanks for stopping by :)

I love this blog....I'm going to make my own list of 100...very interesting :)

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