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So Saturday I decided, after a lot of pushing from my husband that I need to get out and do something physical. The whole sitting-on-my-arse-all-day-thing has really started to widen my rump. So Saturday I joined the YMCA and so far it's pretty enjoyable. I do not have a full membership, just a land aerobics classes only.

I'm doing Yoga, Kickboxing, Abworks, Cycling, and Zumba. For those of you haven't done Zumba it's pretty entertaining. It's Latin/African inspired dance steps. It's a great work out and I would recommend it!

Check out this zumba link and maybe you'll find that you really enjoy it too!

It was nice to get out and work out. I have a lot of anger and sadness for Kim and her family that I need to work through today.


Today I received a call from my cousin Shanna (also a former Pampered Chef teammate) and was told that my former PC Director, Kim had gone in for a scheduled hysterectomy. A few days later ended up back in the hospital with a hemorrhage in the brain, emergency surgery and a coma. I just got the news of this at about 12:30pm or so. Just shortly after receiving the phone call, I received a forward email that stated that Kim had passed away.

I'm am filled with such sadness because Kim was such an empowering person, so full of life and had a positive outlook on everything. I spent a lot of time talking to her on the phone, receiving encouragement, strength, motivation, and many other just funny moments. She had such a great sense of humor and such a way with words that it was so funny to me. She was my teacher and director through Pampered Chef but most of all she was a friend that I really enjoyed having in my life.

A few weeks ago I sent Kim this email and it stirred up some emails th…

catch phrase...

Have you ever played this game? Seriously, it might just be the best game ever invented! I'm not kidding.

We were at our neighbors house this weekend and we had an absolute blast playing it. I typically get stumped because, well to be honest, I can't read. But funny enough I'm not the only one out there... *cough cough* nimble, I mean nibble *cough cough* Mary! ha! Gosh that was hilarious!

So my neighbor had a word and these were her clues, see if you can get what word she's trying to get you to guess...

Neighbor: "_______ muffin", "Your a _______",(and I forget the last one. From those clues, can you guess what her word was? It was stud.)

The boys won 7 out of 10 games or something ridiculous! We'll have to have a rematch next time and hopefully we'll even that out a little!

If you don't have this game you should totally pick it up. This is the version that we played however this is the older version and I think there is a new one in the st…

unexplained infertility...

What does this mean? Why can't there be a rhyme or reason for us to not be pregnant by now? Is there anything that I can do?

These are the questions that I'm faced with and the answers are all a little difficult to deal with. They are just as vague.

Here's a little bit of research:

Chance for getting pregnant on own - without fertility treatment - for couples with unexplained infertility
The duration of infertility is important. The longer the infertility, the less likely the couple is to conceive on their own. After 5 years of infertility, a couple with unexplained infertility has less than a 10% chance for success on their own.
One study showed that for couples with unexplained infertility and over 3 years of trying on their own, the cumulative pregnancy rate after 24 months of attempting conception without any treatment was 28%. This number was found to be reduced by 10% for each year that the female is over 31.


Clomid and timed intercourse…


You must check out this blog. I ran across it this morning and can't seem to stay away from it!

Her "Works for me Wednesdays" are crazy and these people all have great tips!

Seriously, go there! You might learn something that you've been dying to know!

rocks in my dryer


Last night, a group of us went down to St. John's Arena and watched OSU vs. Cal in the NIT tournament. It was a sold out show and was really entertaining. OSU stomped on Cal and won 73 (OSU)- 56 (Cal).

"A sellout crowd of 13,276 attended the game in St. John Arena, which the Buckeyes have played in only three times since moving to Value City Arena in 1998. Value City Arena was booked with a concert by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band."

"It was loud. The crowd got us going out there," Butler said. "That's what players want to do, to play in environments like this. They gave us a little boost to get us going."

It was really great to experience this night and what a crowd! It really was a great game!

Go Bucks!

clomid round #2...

I am on day three of clomid. Again, so far so good. No major side effects.

Side Note: Our friends, Annie & Greg, just gave birth this morning at 3:30am to a little boy named Benjamin. They are all doing great and are all healthy! Congrats to them!!! We can't wait to meet little Ben!

Thinking positive thoughts for April...

Happy 4th Anniversary...

To my loving dh, for all of the ups and downs and inbetweens, I'm so happy that they were all spent with you! I wouldn't want it any other way! Too you and all of the years that we have yet to spend together!

oh and af showed up this am. i hate her. she showed up today, totally unwanted but she's here... loud and clear.


onto cycle 18.

shout out to may day girl....

i cannot believe you are finally pregnant. what a blessing!!! you bring such hope to so many girls who have similar issues with becoming pregnant. your video was so touching and literally made me cry. i'm so very happy for you...

check it out...

may day girl

"telling the family" - joy is the video

gross, gross, gross...

it has been raining for about 24 hours straight. i think that we had a break yesterday once or twice but other than that it's been going strong for about 24 or more hours! i don't think i would mind so much if i didn't have a dog but a wet smelly dog is not fun to have running through your house. this week we actually have two dogs and that's just double the fun! =)

a quick update too... i'm finally not feeling sore any longer. it's been since late yesterday that i finally didn't feel any pain in my bbs and i'm thankful. it was such a weird pain and just really uncomfortable. i did talk to a nurse about it and she said that it wasn't really a side effect of clomid. she said to wait and test around the 35th day but i don't think i'm going to wait that long!

my dh and i are celebrating our 4th year anniversary tomorrow and it would be a fun surprise to have that to tell him at dinner too! we'll see. i might test later today or mayb…


well my progesterone test came back today and it was at 21.3. that is 6 points higher than last time. she said that it looks really good and that's a great number.

my number last time was 15.3 and the time before that was 11 so we are increasing! =)

i'm hoping to test this week. maybe we'll know something the day of our anniversary on the 20th! we'll see!


Have a green beer for me...


gosh i have been in such pain. i never knew that my bbs could hurt so bad. seriously it feels like they are just completely bruised. i have never felt anything like this. i guess i spoke too soon about not having any side effects because of the clomid or maybe i'm pregnant. either way, it's so uncomfortable. it hurts when wearing loose shirts or tight shirts, so i'm just s.o.l. when it comes to being comforatble at work today. ugh...

look how little...

i found these pictures of sean and i, so i though it would be fun to show them and see what you think our kids will look like?


if you refer to the "lingo", this means progesterone. i had this test done again this morning. apparently they are to do it on the 22 day of my cycle and that is today. i don't mind doing these test because they just pull blood but the fact that it doesn't show whether or not i'm pregnant is a little annoying. i wish i could just know! it's really annoying that they can't just do both tests at once.

i'll post when i know the results.

20 inches of snow...

"> This does have sound.

Toby had a great day Saturday in the snow! We allowed him to stay out with us while we were shoveling and he just loved it! By the time we were done running around and shoveling, we brough Toby in and he had 1 to 2 inche ice cube/snow balls on the pads of his feet! He spent about 20 minutes just chewing and breaking them off of his feet. He really does love the snow!

We were in a level 3 emergency level all day Saturday, and then it broke up on Sunday but I think we are still at a level 1 which school allows us to be out and about. Sean however is still home because most of the schools are still closed. A lot of the back roads and sidewalks still need A LOT of work and that makes it difficult for the buses to get around. All in all the main roads are good, it's just side roads that are really making it difficult!

Anyway, enjoy the video...
"> This does have sound.

level 3...

we are at a level 3 emergency and we aren't able to go anywhere! we have about 15 to 20 inches of snow on the ground and Sean and I have been shoveling like crazy! Sean has shoveled about 8 times and I have done about 3 times. the snow was light and moved pretty easily but there was just SO much of it that we thought we would never make it to our street. our street hasn't even been plowed yet so even if we had to go somewhere, there is a good chance we wouldn't even make it out of our street/neighborhood!

anyway, they are calling it the "blizzard of '08" and personally i'm hoping that we conceive during the "blizzard" because i think that would be a fun story to tell! =)

wish us luck!

my ovaries are alive!!!!!!!!!!

ovulation pains are amazing. whooo, i am told that because of the clomid my ovaries basically become more alive and boy am i experiencing this!!! it's very different than cramps or typical tummy aches. it's just the weirdest feeling. especially during my first morning urine. it's really achy and just uncomfortable. almost like little spasms... weird.

positive opk!!!!!

tonight when i tested i got a positive opk!!!! whooo hoo!

i have been testing since day ten and it's now day 15 and it was positive! that means for the next 24 to 36 hours i'm fertile! i was very happy to get the positive!!!!

i haven't had any test come back positive in a long time!!!!

snow, snow and more snow...

so it started about 9am at my office in grandview. the reports on the radio said closer to this afternoon that it would start but here we are...

it's now almost 12pm and we have about a 1/2 inch to an inch on all of the cars, roads, sidewalks, and grass. it's been pretty consistant since 9am and hasn't let up.

from what i understand there are supposed to be about 6 inches that come between today and tomorrow. who knows, we may not get all of it?? at this rate, that's pretty unlikely.

it's really going to suck going home but on the up side, it's really pretty white snow...

the news is already reporting over 19 closings just since this morning! yikes! hopefully getting home won't be too bad!!!!

first round...

i took clomid this cycle starting my 4th day through my 8th day. i'm currently on my 15 day of my cycle and i'm still waiting to ovulate. i've been doing ovulation predictors since day 10 of my cycle. i started on day 10 because according to my opk they said if your cycle is 28 days long that you need to start testing on Day 10. i have started there because lately my cycles have been different. i've had some really light cramping and i guess it's just my ovaries becoming more "alive". i know this is a good thing but man oh man is it uncomforatble.

hoping that tonights test shows a positive for my ovulation! come on!!!!

my list of 101 for 1001 days...

why do you really need 1001 days, right? well think about it, you are sitting on the couch watching a commercial of beautiful blue water and white sand and you think to yourself "i would love to go there someday"... well now is your chance to write it down and actually follow through. try it and see how far you get...

Check 'em out: 101 things to do in 1001 days

Numbers 1 through 1001 (updated 2.23.09):

1. get pregnant
2. get a new car
3. travel outside of the north america
4. buy an external hard drive
5. hang more pictures on the wall
6. finish all touch up paint - re-paint basement steps
7. start landscaping around the desk
8. buy trees and plant material
9. buy mirrors for master bathroom
10. start working out 3 to 4 times a week
11. tell me mom my true fears about her cancer and surgery
12. visit the herring family OR have them visit ohio
13. visit sinclair family in va - flight booked, not until june
14. print photos
15. get osu pictures framed and hung
16. take do…