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my list of 101 for 1001 days...

why do you really need 1001 days, right? well think about it, you are sitting on the couch watching a commercial of beautiful blue water and white sand and you think to yourself "i would love to go there someday"... well now is your chance to write it down and actually follow through. try it and see how far you get...

Check 'em out: 101 things to do in 1001 days

Numbers 1 through 1001 (updated 2.23.09):

1. get pregnant
2. get a new car
3. travel outside of the north america
4. buy an external hard drive
5. hang more pictures on the wall
6. finish all touch up paint - re-paint basement steps
7. start landscaping around the desk
8. buy trees and plant material
9. buy mirrors for master bathroom
10. start working out 3 to 4 times a week
11. tell me mom my true fears about her cancer and surgery
12. visit the herring family OR have them visit ohio
13. visit sinclair family in va - flight booked, not until june
14. print photos
15. get osu pictures framed and hung
16. take down easter decorations
17. buy a lawn mower
18. quote out a tile back splash in kitchen
19. finalize basement design
20. eat better
21. walk Toby more
22. find a new "home church"
23. hang out in town more
24. host a party/cookout
25. clean out/organize garage
26. clean out basement
27. put together the desk in the basement
28. go through my Pampered Chef stock/files/paperwork
29. finish cleaning out my closet at my parents house
30. come up with a nursery idea
31. blog every other day OR daily
32. write better
33. extend my vocabulary
34. read more
35. be more aware of money
36. loose weight
37. clean out closet of old crap
38. go to hocking hills
39. party like it's 1999
40. stop worrying about not becoming pregnant
41. figure out how to make the red couch and chair a bed
42. patch hole in green guest room near the c
43. figure out how to remove white-out from clothing
44. stay up past 9:30pm on a weekday
45. go to the movies with dh monthly
46. make better use of netflix
47. take better photographs
48. pack my lunch daily
49. don't drop my cell phone (use to be a daily occurrance)
50. travel to va to visit family
51. go to the pool
52. visit lake Michigan
53. go on a family vacation - like the whole fam
54. host a dinner party with friends monthly (do just girls count?)
55. drive more cautiously
56. stop wearing turtle necks so much(ha!)
57. make better use of our deck
58. stop being so forgetful
59. eat more chipotle
60. practice cornhole
61. drink more water
62. buy new couches for living room
63. get rid of old couch
64. buy a new mattress for master bedroom
65. make more friends in our town/neighborhood
66. come up with a great halloween costume
67. visit l. & n. in cincy
68. go to the IKEA in cincy!
69. buy new rugs for the kitchen
70. visit the mcd's in indy
71. buy a spring wreath
72. babysit more
73. look into going back to college to get my degree
74. put dry wall and cabinets up in the garage/ paint existing dry wall & organize
75. clean both cars
76. organize photos better on hard drive
77. nest at home more
78. visit uncle bruce and aunt carrie
79. buy male/female pictures for master bath (decided against this and just went with flowers)
80. buy more decor for 1/2 bath (frames from ikea)
81. paint stripes on 1/2 bath walls
82. re-finish deck
83. print more pictures for the house
84. find a cleaning lady (and fire a cleaning lady)
85. complete the list of potential baby names
86. frame childhood t-shirt with family tree
87. buy toliet bowl brush for each bathroom
88. supply each bathroom with cleaning supplies
89. participate in the neighborhood bunco group
90. start my own bunco group with the nest girls
91. try to attend more nest events, yearly
92. spend more time reading my favorite blogs
93. move forward (at a faster pace) with tests to find out why we aren't pregnant
94. attempt to become a runner, if not walker
95. branch out to new neighbors behind us
96. try to eat locally more often
97. attend classes at the apple store to learn how to use a mac
98. organize guest room closet
99. send birthday cards (and on time) - I'm going with emails. Cards are too hard...
100. excerise more regularly
101. buy better food to have in the house


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