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my four....

I saw this on another (nestie) blog and thought it looked fun... so here you go!

Four Jobs I'd Had In My Life
1. Babysitter.
2. Pool Consession/Front Desk Clerk.
3. Receptionist.
4. Office Manager.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1. That Thing You Do.
2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
3. Almost Famous.
4. You've Got Mail.

Four TV Shows I Like to Watch
1. Grey's Anatomy.
2. The Ellen Degeneres Show.
3. Family Guy.
4. Without a Trace.

Four Places I Have Vacationed
1. Hilton Head Island, SC.
2. Orlando, FL.
3. San Diego, CA.
4. Boston, MA.

Four Websites I Visit Daily/Weekly

Four of My Favorite Dishes
1. Fettucini Alfredo.
3. Kraft Mac 'n Cheese (I prefer the spirals).
4. Anything mexican

Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. In my bed.. cuddling with my husband & our animals.
2. Laying on the beach.
3. On a ship sailing around the Virgin Islands.
4. Anywhere warm.


this morning i had my hsg test. my nerves were through the roof. i had a knot in my stomach, i was quiet and really stressing out about the test. i followed a few instructions given by my doctors office, as well as a few suggestions by the girls on the nest. i think i was anticipating something much more than what it was. i did take 4 tylenol an hour before i went and i don't know if that helped in the end. if in the future you have to have this test done, it seriously is no big deal. it's literally like a pap examine just a little more discomfort but nothing you cannot handle.

my thoughts about the test... 1. it was so fast. 2. it was a little uncomfortable but i think i worked myself up so much that what it ended up being wasn't too bad at all. 3. literally it wasn't 1/4 as bad as a typical cramp that i get during my cycle. 4. all i felt afterward (7:30am) was a little bloated but by now (1:30pm) i'm fine. plus, the news of all is my tubes were clear and now even…

so the story begins...

sean & i met in 2001 through my friend nikki that i was good friends with all through college. sean was a friend of her older brother and just after a few meetings (at school, church, coffee) we decided to exchange numbers and start our courtship. we dated from january 2001 until july 14, 2003, when sean proposed on kure beach, nc while on a vacation with his family. his proposal was very sweet, with many kind words, a few nerves, the ocean and on bended knee. the location and emotions surrounding our moment in time, was perfect. we were engaged until march 20, 2004, when we got married. we have been married now for about 4 years and growing with everyday that we spend together.

our first addition to our family was oscar. he was a very loving cat that we rescued as a kitty from the local humane society. unfortunately this past august oscar passed away, it was a very tragic situation and we are still getting over the sites and scenes from that day. oscar has a brother toby whom he …